Elden Ring Regal Ancestor Spirit Boss Guide

In this guide, we will tell you complete details about finding the Regal Ancestor Spirit in Elden Ring and how to defeat him as well.

Regal Ancestor Spirit is another optional boss that you are going to find in Nokron, Eternal City. In this guide, we will tell you complete details about finding the Regal Ancestor Spirit in Elden Ring and how to defeat him as well. The Regal Ancestor Spirit and Ancestor Spirit bosses in Elden Ring can get confusing as both of these bosses are in the same region and have similarities. The simple Ancestor Spirit can be found early in the Siofra River region while the upgraded, Regal Ancestor Spirit (which we will cover in this guide) is found deeper in the Nokron, The Eternal City, in Northern Hallowhorn Grounds.

While the Ancestor Spirit requires 8 braziers to be lit, Regal Ancestor Spirit needs only 6 flame pillars or braziers.

Elden Ring Regal Ancestor Spirit Location

Before we get to the actual Regal Ancestor boss fight itself, we need to light a few fires to summon it first.

As we have already told you that you are going to find this boss in Upper Nokron, Eternal City. But before you can get there you have to light all 6 flames by the stairs of the Hallowhorn Grounds. This can be done by interacting with the six pillars there.

Elden Ring Regal Ancestor Spirit Boss Location

You can start from the location shown on the map above.

Pillar #1

The first one is close to the broken bridge. Close to the edge of the cliff, you will find the pillar.

Pillar #2

This one is close to the first one. Move forward on the road and you will find it by the road.

Pillar #3

This one is next to a singing Ancestral Follower on the ledge close to the road.

Pillar #4

Northwest from Pillar #3 behind a big rock you will find this pillar.

Pillar #5

Head north from the previous location and you will find this pillar on the edge of a cliff. It is guarded by some giant rats.

Pillar #6

This one is beside the Hallowhorn Grounds in a ruin close to the deer carcass.

Once you have lighted all six flames you can go to the Hallowhorn Grounds and interact with glowing deer carcass there to teleport to the boss area.

Regal Ancestor Spirit Recommended Level and Weaknesses

The recommended level to fight Regal Ancestor Spirit Boss is level 60. Some of the strengths and weaknesses of the boss are as follows:


  • Hemorrhage
  • Scarlet Rot
  • Poison
  • Frostbite
  • Magic


  • Fire
  • Holy
  • Phy Slash

Regal Ancestor Spirit Boss Attack and Counters

Antler Uppercut Attack: With this attack, this Regal Ancestor Spirit performs an uppercut charged up after glowing for some time. Its pretty telegraphed and a well-timed dodge should allow you to avoid it.

Jumping Hoof Attack: Regal Ancestor Spirit jumps in the air two times and then hits the ground quite hard. This is similar to most ground attacks in the game, but the second one can catch players off guard.  Make sure to cover lots of distance to avoid this attack.

Hoof Stomp Attack: The Regal Spirit stands straight using its legs and then quickly hits the ground with its legs. You can judge this attack by noticing the downward movement of its back legs.

Glowing Charge: The boss glows and then charges at you from a distance. Move closer to it as it charges forward and then perform a timely dodge to get away.

Antler Sweep: This sweeping attack is quite deadly but is easily avoidable. The only way to avoid this attack is to roll through it every time the boss makes a sweeping attempt.

Ethereal Flame: The Regal Ancestor Spirit will toss flames your way. The range of this attack isn’t too large, so you can easily avoid this attack by moving away from the boss.

Heal: Periodically, the Regal Ancestor spirit will heal using the spirit creatures around it. Each heal adds a new move to its arsenal on top of healing it. There’s not much you can do to stop it, but you can get some damage to it while it heals from range.

Teleport: This boss has the ability to teleport away from you to some other area. Players cannot stop this move, but by predicting where it goes, you can get some damage in..

How to Defeat Regal Ancestor Spirit Boss in Elden Ring

The fight with this boss is pretty much identical to the Ancestor Spirit you fought before in Siofra River. As you enter the boss arena the boss will run towards you and start attacking you.

The Regal Ancestor Spirit boss can run in the air as well so watch out for that. It would be great if you could summon some allies to fight alongside you.

If you are playing with a melee build you can simply get under him as he can’t do any damage there. This especially nullifies its antler attacks on your character. But stay away from his back legs as he can use them to attack you. Melee players should prefer to attack him from under his body due to this reason.

Once under him, you can attack him with your most powerful attacks and after a few hits, he will vanish from there. He will again respawn from a light emitting from the ground and attack you again.

He will continue doing this and you must follow the same strategy of getting under him and landing some serious hits. Even if you are playing with a ranged build, you can follow this strategy for dealing heavy damage.

While you can’t stop the heal, you can damage him enough during the heal to mitigate it. To do so, you need to deal heavy damage to the boss which can be achieved by placing Magic Grease on your weapon. Continue doing this and eventually, the boss will fall.

For the Ranged users, heavy damage spells should be the preference. Considering the long time for attack animations to take place and teleporting abilities of this boss, Loretta’s Greatbow and Comet Azur will be the best option. So, players will have enough time to charge up before this boss approaches you again.

Ranged users can also make use of spells to reduce the effect of healing. Night Maiden’s Mist can be a good option for the players to deal a heavy amount of damage due to the immobility of this boss.

Regal Ancestor Spirit Drops

You will be rewarded with the Remembrance of the Regal Ancestor and 24000 Runes for defeating the Regal Ancestor Spirit boss in Elden Ring. This Remembrance of the Regal Ancestor is what you need for the talisman.

Simply take the Remembrance of the Regal Ancestor to Enia at Roundtable Hold where it can be exchanged for Ancestral Spirit’s Horn talisman. The talisman restores 3 FP whenever you kill an enemy so it can be highly useful to regen your FP without needing flasks.

How to Cheese Regal Ancestor Spirit

To cheese the Regal Ancestor Spirit, you can actually prevent it from taking action at all with the Comet Azur build.

Enter the boss arena and start attacking the boss immediately with Comet Azur constantly before and after the moment when he jumps on you. Now, you will have dealt huge amount of damage to the boss.

The boss will then teleport. Now, you can spam Loretta’s Greatbow or use Comet Azur again to deal loads more damage.

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