How To Duplicate Weapons In Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, there are ways to not only duplicate the best weapons you find but also dupe weapons in the same process.

While you may have a whole list of weapons to choose from in Elden Ring, you can only obtain most of them once per playthrough.

Something important to understand is that items and weapons received as a random drop from enemies can be farmed for multiple copies. However, special weapons that are obtained from specific locations or defeating certain bosses only yield a single copy of a particular weapon.

That being said, there are a few ways we can work around that by duplicating said weapons in Elden Ring. This is true for any sort of weapon, whether they are common or special weapons – but you have to have them in your inventory before you can duplicate it.

How to duplicate weapons in Elden Ring

In order to get two of the same weapons in Elden Ring, you have to exploit duplication methods, which may be considered glitches or bugs. There are several methods to do this – one requires co-op, while the other can be done solo.

Remember that for the co-op methods, you must have the help of a friend willing to drop your weapon for you. This can be done with any weapon in the game.

The solo method, on the other hand, can only be used to duplicate boss weapons that you can get from boss Remembrances. This method isn’t really an exploit or a cheat, but an actual in-game mechanism.

Duplicating normal weapons in Elden Ring

Duplicating normal weapons in Elden Ring will require the help of a friend. This method mainly means your friend can give you his weapon, which will help you get two of them if you already have one on you. The catch here is that once they do that, the weapon will be completely removed from your friend’s world, and they’ll have to complete the playthrough for a chance to get it again.

The first step to this method is to summon your friend into your world. Remember that this friend must have the weapon you want in his inventory. Once your friend hops into the world, they must drop a said weapon for you to pick up.

It is important that they choose the “Leave” option from the menu as they are dropping the weapon. Choosing the “Discard” option will destroy the weapon and completely remove it from the game.

Once your friend has dropped the weapon on the ground, you can pick it up to keep it for yourself. While you can obtain two of the same weapons for yourself in this way, your friend loses their copy.

There is one simple bug that we can exploit to work around that. Right before you pick up the item that your friend has dropped, you must tell him to turn off their console or PC. Once they have fully left the world, you can pick the weapon up.

This way, their game does not register that you have picked the weapon up, and hence is not removed. When your friend hops back into the game, they will have said weapon in their inventory. Congratulations, you have essentially “duplicated” your weapon.

Duplicating boss weapons in Elden Ring

While you needed the help of your friend to duplicate normal or special weapons, getting two of the same boss weapons in Elden Ring can be done solo. This method isn’t even a bug or a glitch, as it is an in-game mechanism that was meant to be used to duplicate these weapons.

To duplicate boss weapons, you have to find Walking Mausoleums in Elden Ring. Walking Mausoleums are large turtle-like creatures that have a mausoleum on top of it, which let you duplicate boss Remembrances.

Each time you defeat a main boss or a demi-god, you receive that particular boss’s Remembrance. Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, for example, drops the Remembrance of the Full Moon Queen.

These Remembrances can be traded in with Enia, the Finger Reader at the Roundtable Hold. The catch is that you can only choose one of the rewards from the set – a weapon is one of them in almost all of the Remembrances.

While you can only choose one weapon from a particular Remembrance, you can duplicate the Remembrance at the Walking Mausoleums and trade it in again for the same one to receive a copy of the same weapon.

You only have a total of seven different Walking Mausoleums in the game as of now (the first of which is located in the Weeping Peninsula), which means that you only have seven tries to duplicate a weapon and no more. Hence, you must choose wisely which weapon you want to duplicate.

Some of the Walking Mausoleums have a bell situated between their four legs. These can duplicate any Remembrance you have. The ones without a bell, on the other hand, only let you duplicate a few selected Remembrances.

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