Elden Ring Sellia Hideaway Dungeon Walkthrough

This walkthrough will discuss the Sellia Hideaway Dungeon in Elden Ring and go over the reward you receive from the...

This walkthrough will discuss the Sellia Hideaway Dungeon in Elden Ring and go over the reward you receive from the dungeon, the enemies you will face, and the final boss fight. In this Minor Dungeon, you will fight the Putrid Crystalian Boss. You will also find loot like the Crystal Spear, Crystal Torrent Spell Crystalian Ashes, etc., in the Sellia Hideaway dungeon.

Finding the entrance to Sellia Hideaway is somewhat tricky. However, more tricky than the entrance, there is a Sealed Wall in the dungeon that players might struggle to unlock. In this walkthrough, we will discuss all the secrets related to Sellia Hideaway as well.

Sellia Hideaway Dungeon Location in Elden Ring

The Sellia Hideaway dungeon is located on the eastern side of the Caelid Region and towards the north of the Church of Plague.

The dungeon is hidden in an area with lots of tombstones and a sorcerer. You need to reveal the dungeon by going behind the largest tombstone and hitting an illusory wall. It will reveal the path leading into the dungeon.

sellia hideaway location illusory wall

Elden Ring Sellia Hideaway Dungeon Walkthrough

Before you enter the dungeon, make sure you have a Torch so you can light up the path and be able to spot your enemies from afar.

When you go inside, you will come across a Site of Grace. First, interact with it, and then keep going until you come across two paths, one going left and the other going straight.

The left path will have a Sorcerer Miner at the end of it that you can kill and loot. However, you will also come across another Sorcerer Miner on the straight path, and the path will be closed.

Hit the wall at the end of the straight path to reveal another path. Follow straight, and you will find another dead end. Hit the illusory wall again to reveal the path further.

sellia hideaway another illusory wall

You will come across giant crystal quartz that you can walk on to reach the next area. Jump on the crystal on your left and go inside the path. You will find a Sorcerer Miner enemy and a corpse which you can loot for Golden Rune.

Go back and jump on the crystal underneath. Below will be a Royal Revenant that will attack you on sight. Kill it and loot the corpses to find Lost Ashes of War and Golden Runes. Then, jump over the rocks from where you looted the corpses and go straight toward the end of the path.

Kill the Sorcerer protecting the door and examine it to open it. You will need to talk with Sorceress Sellen to get a key (The Seal Breaker) that will unlock this door. You can meet Sorceress Sellen for the first time in Waypoint Ruins, in the western part of Limgrave. Behind the door will be Lusat, who will give you Stars of Ruin when you talk to him.

Backtrack to the room where you killed the Royal Revenant and follow the other path that will take you right back to the top with giant crystals. Hug the left wall and keep going straight. You will come across two more Sorcerer Miners.

Kill the Miners and jump across. From here, it will be a straight path to the boss room with a bunch of Crystal Slugs on the way.

How to Defeat Putrid Crystalian at Sellia Hideaway Dungeon

You will now be fighting against three variations of the Putrid Crystalion boss simultaneously. One of them will be holding a staff that does magic attacks, one will be holding a spear, and the last one will be holding a ring.

Using a Summon for this fight is recommended so that at least one of the three bosses is not targeting you. The main boss to look out for is the Putrid Crystalian (Staff) that will constantly cast spells on you from a distance.

All three bosses will inflict Scarlet Rot on you if you get hit by their attacks. Once the Scarlet Rot meter builds up, you will keep getting damage from the poison.

It is also recommended that you use a blunt weapon that deals with striking attacks. A few blunt attacks will make the boss fall on its knees, and you can inflict critical damage from behind. This can easily take away half of their health.

Once all three of them have been defeated, you will get the Crystal Torrent Spell as a reward.