How To Get To Fort Faroth In Elden Ring

Fort Faroth is an abandoned castle in Caelid that was once inhabited by the guardians of the region in Elden Ring.

Fort Faroth is an abandoned castle in Caelid that was once inhabited by the guardians of the region.

This is not a very daunting location and contains no merchants or NPCs. However, visiting this fort is mandatory to access the Altus Plateau through its medallion.

This forsaken castle is not very rich in loot either, but you can acquire a useful talisman here. A field boss known as the Elder Dragon Greyoll lives in the confines of this fort and can be defeated for farming Runes.

Fort Faroth location in Elden Ring

Fort Faroth can be found in Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow which lies in the northern section of Caelid.

Fort Faroth map location in Elden Ring

Taking Limgrave as a starting point, you need to head east until you reach Caelid. Keep following the eastern path and you will reach Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow in Elden Ring, just south of the Minor Erdtree.

What to do in Fort Faroth?

Fort Faroth is an interesting location to explore but there are only three important things that you need to do here. They are as follows:


Get the right piece of the Dectus Medallion

Dectus Medallion is an important artifact in Elden Ring that is used to unlock the Grand Lift of Dectus which serves as an entryway to the Altus Plateau. This medallion is in two pieces, the Right one is found in Fort Faroth and the left one is hidden in Fort Haight.

The right piece of the medallion is located at the top of Fort Faroth’s Tower in a chest. To get to this chest, enter the fort and make your way to its back room but watch out for the enemies you will encounter on the way.

You will come across the Giant Bat, a hostile Wildlife Creature that can attack you with its claws. Another Humanoid enemy known as the Chanted Winged Dame will also be present here.

Now, climb the ladder at the end of the room and look for the chest upon reaching the top of the tower. It will be next to a broken barrel.

Loot the Ragadon’s Soreseal from a corpse

Ragadon’s Soreseal is a talisman found on a dead body in Fort Faroth that can be used to increase various attributes.

After getting the right piece of Dectus Medallion from the tower, drop down on the main roof and you will see two openings in the floor. Use the latter one to drop down and you will reach a platform with 2 rat enemies.

You need to fight these rodent creatures and drop down a ladder to reach the corpse. Once you have found the corpse, loot it for the talisman.

Defeat Elder Dragon Greyoll

Also known as the Sleeping Dragon, Elder Dragon Greyoll is a massive optional dragon boss found in the western fields of Fort Faroth surrounded by her five children. She is the mother of all dragons and is an important boss for rune farming.

Greyoll does not put up much of a fight and won’t even attack you. She is an easier boss to deal with and can be killed by any weapon with a few simple attacks on her tail. You can also kill her 5 children which will make her pass away too.  

She will give off 50000 Runes upon defeat and if you take down her children, you can also earn 3470 Runes per little dragon.

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