How To Get To Mt. Gelmir In Elden Ring

Mt. Gelmir is actually a sub-region and falls under the Altus Plateau and is home to Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, a major Elden Ring boss.

Mt. Gelmir is a large mountainous region with an active volcano and rivers of lava in Elden Ring. This is one of the main regions that you have to explore to beat the game.

Mt. Gelmir is actually a sub-region and falls under the Altus Plateau and is home to Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, a major Elden Ring boss who rules the region from his Volcano Manor.

There are several enemies to beat here and valuables to loot. There are also a few secrets to uncover while exploring the surrounding volcanic sites.

If you are wondering how to get to Mt. Gelmir in Elden Ring, keep reading.

How to reach Mt. Gelmir in Elden Ring

Mt. Gelmir can be found all the way north of Liurnia or southwest of the great Altus Plateau in Elden Ring.

This lava-filled location can be reached in multiple ways. It all depends on you and your character, and how much time you want to spend.

While new players are likely going to opt for the longer but easier way, some of you might want to consider going with the shorter but harder way.

From Altus Plateau

After reaching the Altus Plateau, you can move toward the northern part of this region. Keep moving through the valley toward a wooden bridge, and you will find a Spiritspring right next to it. 

You need to make use of this to reach the top of the cliff. From here, you must move toward the area’s western side to find the Bridge of Iniquity Site of Grace. Keep moving west after resting at the site while staying close to the cliffs.

After moving for a while, you will find a rope ladder taking you toward the first Site of Grace in Mt. Gelmir in Elden Ring.

Complete Rya’s questline

Rya is an NPC found in the region of the Liurnia of Lakes. You need to move toward the Scenic Isle Site of Grace to converse with this character, and she will assign you the task of bringing back her stolen necklace. 

This will begin the Rya’s questline, and you must move toward the Boilprawn Shack Site of Grace to meet with an NPC that will offer you the necklace for a sum of 1,000 runes. If you are not feeling generous, then just kill off the person to get back the necklace. 

You need to return to Rya and offer her the necklace. She will, in return, provides you with an invitation that will lead you toward the Volcano Manor situated in Mt. Gelmir.

However, this does not end here, as, after the invitation, you still have to find Rya by going to the Grand Lift of Dectus

Rya will take you to the Volcano Manor, and you just have to leave the area through the main entrance to reach Mt.Gelmir in Elden Ring.

Get abducted by the Abductor Virgin

This is a secret way to reach Mt. Gelmir in Elden Ring. It requires you to suffer a devastating defeat at the hands of the Abductor Virgin in the area of Raya Lucaria. You must ensure you get swallowed by her at the end of the fight.

After the defeat, you will respawn, but surprisingly that will be in the area right next to Volcano Manor. Now you will get the chance to take your revenge on the boss.

You must defeat Abductor Virgins here to unlock Mt. Gelmir and the Altus Plateau region. This method is a little tricky, so using the other two mentioned earlier is better to reach Mt. Gelmir in Elden Ring.

Mt. Gelmir map fragment location

After reaching the First Site of Grace in Mt. Gelmir, move past the Full-Grown Fallingstar by turning right toward the sharp cliff. You do not have to defeat this boss now, so continue moving toward the Mt. Felmir map fragment location as marked on the image below.

Mt. Gelmir map fragment in Elden Ring

After traveling west, you will reach the Monolith which provides you with the Mt. Getlmir map fragment in Elden Ring. You can also discover a lost grace site right next to the Monolith, and it will become available on your map by the name of Road of Iniquity. This path is perfect if you start coming from Atlus Plateau.

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