How To Get Stranded Graveyard Items In Elden Ring

What many players might not be aware of though is that the Stranded Graveyard has a few items to loot in Elden Ring.

The Stranded Graveyard is basically a tutorial area for Elden Ring. It is also known as the Cave of Knowledge and is where you learn about basic gameplay mechanics.

What many players might not be aware of though is that the Stranded Graveyard has a few items to loot in Elden Ring. If you manage to find all of them on your first attempt, you will venture forth with several items to aid you on your journey.

That being said, you have the option to return to the Stranded Graveyard at any point in the game.

Stranded Graveyard location in Elden Ring

As you create your own personal Tarnished and fire up a fresh game of Elden Ring, you will find yourself in an unknown place, not knowing what to do except to explore.

This place is the Chapel of Anticipation, where you can anticipate a classic FromSoftware game opening – an impossible boss battle. Here, you face Grafted Scion, a large spider that tears you to pieces.

After your unfortunate encounter with the Grafted Scion, you are bound to enter the Stranded Graveyard regardless of whether you win the fight or not.

Something important to note is that you can return to the Stranded Graveyard location any time you want in Elden Ring by simply fast-traveling to its Site of Grace. Hence, the first time you come here, you are free to skip the tutorial and items found here.

You will find the Stranded Graveyard Site of Grace in Limgrave, right to the west of the Dragon-Burnt Ruins and directly south of the Church of Elleh Site of Grace.

How to get all items in the Stranded Graveyard

Once you enter the Chapel of Anticipation, you will be given three Crimson Tear Flasks and one Cerulean Flask to restore your HHP and FP respectively.

You will always carry these flasks in a ratio of 3 to 1 unless you change it at any given Site of Grace. Sites of Grace serve as resting spots and can be found in numerous locations across the Lands Between.

Not only can you change the ratio of the flask you have and restore them here, but you can also regain your vitals by resting, which will also make all of the enemies respawn.

The first item you must obtain is the Tarnished’s Wizened Finger. This item can be used to write notes on the ground which other players can see. You can find this item in the Chapel of Anticipation, on the door right next to a corpse.

Moving on to the Stranded Graveyard and the Cave of Knowledge in Elden Ring, there are four different items that you must find here and one locked area which you can unlock later on.

The Haligdrake Talisman is the so-called secret item that is seemingly impossible to reach, located on top of a ledge. As for you can get that hidden item in Elden Ring, we will discuss that later.

Do note that if you managed to defeat the Grafted Scion in Elden Ring though, you will receive an Ornamental Straight Sword and a Beast Crest Shield.

We will collect the items in the order mentioned above, so you can acquire them efficiently.

Strength! Gesture

The first item we must obtain is Strength! Gesture. You can find this item all the way across the Cave of Knowledge, which serves as the main tutorial area for the game.

Drop down into the pit, landing onto ledges so you don’t take any fall damage. Ahead of you will stretch a linear path, with undead soldiers scattered from point to point.

You must follow the tutorials and defeat the undead soldiers as you come across them, which shouldn’t pose much trouble. If you do manage to die, you will start back at the same point.

At the end of the tutorial section, you will be faced with a boss fight against the Soldier of Godrick. This boss fight will serve as a test for what you have learned in the tutorials previously. If you managed to pick up the skills, the boss fight shouldn’t be that much of a problem.

Once you have defeated the boss, continue ahead and you will come onto a perch overlooking the area where you started at. Right on the edge of this perch, you will be able to see a corpse hanging. You must loot this corpse to obtain the Strength! Gesture. You can then drop down to reach the area beside where you started and finish the tutorial.

The Finger Severer and the Tarnished’s Furled Finger

After collecting the Strength! Gesture and dropping down from the ledge, you must head west until you reach the Stranded Graveyard Site of Grace in Elden Ring. West of this site of grace, you will come across a corpse.

You must loot this corpse to obtain both the Finger Severer and the Tarnished’s Furled Finger. These items will mainly be useful for multiplayer. The former item lets you disconnect from multiplayer servers while the latter allows you to place summon signs.

After collecting both of the aforementioned items, you must walk across the archway in front of you to reach a lift that will help you reach the top and escape the area, finally entering Limgrave and coming across the “The First Step” Site of Grace.

To the north of this site of grace is the Gatefront Site of Grace, where you acquire the Torrent necessary to obtain the Haligdrake Talisman, the secret item.

Haligdrake Talisman (hidden item)

Now for the inaccessible item on the ledge, you must have first obtained the Torrent and the Gatefront Site of Grace mentioned previously. You can see this item from back in the Stranded Graveyard in Elden Ring but have no way to reach the ledge.

There is a special way you can reach this item, but that will require you to hop onto your stead and get ready for a ride.

Make your way to the southeastern side of the First Step Site of Grace until you come across the Seaside Ruins Site of Grace. From this Site of Grace, you must head south toward the Land Octopuses while sticking to the cliffs.

You must then take a peek below the ledge until you find a Spirit Spring. You must aim for this Spring and jump onto it with your horse.

Once you land safely below, you must make your way northwest, crossing an archway lit with fire. You will eventually arrive at a cave entrance within the cliff. Enter the cave and take the shorter path leading to a ledge with a corpse at the edge of it.

You must loot this corpse to obtain the Haligdrake Talisman. This Talisman allows you to resist Holy damage by 13%.

Fringefolk Hero’s Grave

Back in the Stranded Graveyard, you must have come across an Imp Statue guarding a mist door sealed with a magic barrier. Beyond this sealed archway is the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave.

This area is a whole new dungeon that contains a few more secret useful items. To unlock this area, you must get your hands on two Stonesword Keys scattered across the Lands Between.

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