Elden Ring Sanguine Noble Boss Guide

Sanguine Noble is a minor Elden Ring boss skilled in Blood Magic and astute in the arts of assassination. This...

Sanguine Noble is a minor Elden Ring boss skilled in Blood Magic and astute in the arts of assassination. This boss is renowned for his assassinations and serves the Lord of Blood. This guide will show you his location and give you a rundown on how to defeat Sanguine Noble in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Sanguine Noble Location

The Sanguine Noble boss can be found in the Writheblood Ruins.

Elden Ring Sanguine Noble Location

Locate the Erdtree-Gazing Hill Site of Grace and head northeast towards it. This Erdtree will help you keep on track. Look for the wreckage of a bridge slightly northwest of the Erdtree.

You must now locate a spirit spring at the back end of the wreckage. It will assist you in reaching the top of the bridge to gain access to everything on the cliff. Following the cliff, progress northwards along the bridge until you come across a few tombstones. Use these tombstones to hop down to the next cliff level.

If you look south at this point, you should be able to see the Writheblood Ruins on the horizon. Pass the carriage convoy and enter the ruins. Afterward, find a staircase leading downwards.

When you descend, you’ll see a yellow mist barrier ahead. Behind this barrier, the boss, Sanguine Noble, awaits you. Proceed inside to settle the score with him once and for all.

Sanguine Noble Recommended Level and Weaknesses

You can take on Sanguine Noble as soon as you get to Altus Plateau, although the following is the recommended level and weakness.

Recommended Level: Level 50+

Weaknesses: Physical Attacks / Slashes

Sanguine Noble Attacks and Counters

Sanguine Noble has a total of four attacks, details of which are as follows.

Blood Puddles: Creates puddles of blood on the ground, which will build up your bleed meter upon contact. They can be avoided by not stepping on them.

Dagger Parry: Sanguine Noble will raise the dagger in its left hand and, upon parrying, will attack you with a frontal stab which you will not be able to avoid. The best counter is to maintain a distance when you see the dagger raise or notice a change in his stance.

Dagger Throw: Sanguine Noble will throw a dagger in your direction, which can simply be avoided by rolling away in the opposite direction.

Leaping Thrust: The boss will leap in your direction quickly, closing the distance between him and the player. The leap is followed by a sword thrust and can be followed up by another surprise attack. The best way to counter is by dodge rolling backward, and maintaining a distance.


Yes, the attacks are parriabale, but it is not advised to parry the Dagger Parry attack because that will backfire and will not do any good.

How to Defeat Sanguine Noble in Elden Ring

The boss, Sanguine Noble, is one of the easier bosses to outsmart in Elden Ring. However, you shouldn’t take him lightly because he employs a Bloody Helice, and owing to this fact, if you take a blow, he can cause significant blood damage.

First and foremost, you need to get the hang of his timings. After that, you can start risking your skin by throwing in your attacks.

To make things simpler, you can always use some spirit summons to keep the boss occupied while dealing damage to bring him to the brink of death.

The Sanguine Noble boss’s arsenal of attacks consists primarily of thrust moves. These moves will cause him to take a few seconds to recover, and you can use this golden opportunity to whittle down his HP.

Sanguine Noble boss also employs a dagger for short but quick slashes. However, these will not cause too much trouble because the boss will likely stumble after performing these slashes, leaving an opening for you.

You can capitalize on these openings to reach behind the boss and land a critical hit. Finally, the boss has a lethal attack, the Broad Bleed Attack up his sleeves.

The Broad Bleed attack is coming if you see Sanguine Noble raising his sword across his chest. Back off as quickly as possible and keep a safe distance to avoid this attack.

Now to put an end to the Sanguine Noble boss, use the aforementioned information and avoid his attacks and counter when you see an opening. Keep it up and eventually, the boss will fall.

Sanguine Noble Drops

You will receive 8800 runes as a reward for defeating the Sanguine Noble boss. But wait, there’s more! Now with the boss out of the picture, investigate the room at the back of the arena. Open the door to find a chest inside.

The chest holds a mighty weapon, the Bloody Helice. It is a lethal weapon that scales with 16 strength, 19 dexterity, and 17 arcane and can cause hefty blood damage.

How to Cheese Sanguine Noble

There are several ways to defeat the Sanguine Noble Boss in Elden Ring, but there is a very simple and easy way to bring this boss down on its knees.

For this method, you will need Uchigatana +7. As soon as you come face to face with the boss, if the boss has not yet spawned completely, make use of this opportunity to get behind him and do a visceral attack.

Since it is weak against slashes, this will stagger him for a few moments, and you can deal as much damage as possible. As soon as the boss gets on its feet, this is when you will summon your spirit ashes.

When the Sanguine Noble’s attention is towards your spirit ash, get behind it and do a visceral attack. Rinse and repeat. This method, if done properly, will kill the boss before you lose even a single point of HP.

Sanguine Noble Disappeared / Not Invading

Sometimes, you will not find the boss at the specified location when you visit the location. There could be a few reasons for this, including a glitch that can be fixed by either restarting the game or fast traveling to another location and returning.

Another reason for this can be that you have already defeated the bigger boss in the area, which triggers a case that automatically sets the minor boss as defeated

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