Elden Ring Patches Questline Guide

Patches is a multi-role character in Elden Ring with a questline for you to complete. This guide will tell you complete details about finding Patches and completing his questline in Elden Ring.

How to Start Patches Questline in Elden Ring?

The questline for Patches requires you to go to different locations across the massive map of Elden Ring. We have briefly covered all of those steps in our guide.

Go to Murkwater Cave

First of all, you will need to go to the Murkwater Cave and head to the end of the cave until you spot a chest. Once you open that chest, Patches will drop down and start attacking you.

He will surrender once his health falls below 40%, so don’t kill him. After that, you have to select the option of forgiving him for continuing the questline.

Now, you can rest at the Site of Grace there and enter the room again after that. He will start selling you items from now on, and after you spend some Runes, you can ask him about the Bandits and chest.

Rest at the Site of Grace and return to him again. After talking to him, you have to open the chest again and fall into a teleporter trap that will take you to East Limgrave.

Get Back to Patches at Murkwater Cave

After that, you have to travel back to Murkwater Cave to talk to him again to get the Calm Down Gesture. He will move to Scenic Island after that.

Go to Scenic Island in Liurnia

You have to go to Scenic Island in Liurnia where you will find him as a merchant. He will be sitting next to a fire. Spend some Runes, and after that, he will again move to a new location.

Find Patches at Mt. Gelmir

You have to go halfway up Mt. Gelmir to reach Patches. The location can be seen on the map above as well.

Here you will find him sitting between some bushes. Talk to him, and he will ask you to see something at the mountain’s edge.

Go there so he can push you off the mountain. He will ask you to stay away from Volcano Manor.

Join the Volcano Manor

Go to Volcano Manor and talk to Tanith. She will praise you and, in the end, ask you to join the Manor.

You have to Join the Volcano Manor and go towards the main door of the Manor. Here, Patches sits next to the wall on the right side.

Talk to him, and after that, you have to complete the first Volcano Manor Request.

Complete The First Volcano Manor Request

You have to collect a letter from the second room on the left side. The letter will be on a dining table there. Take that letter back to Tanith, and the first Volcano manor request will be completed.

Get a Request from Patches

After that, again go to Patches, and this time he will give you a personal request, A Letter to Patches. To complete it, you will need to travel to Ruin-Strewn Precipice.

Go to Ruin-Strewn Precipice

For entering the Ruin-Strewn Precipice, you have to go to the location shown on the map above. Then, you will see a Lift that will take you down to the Ruins. Examine the red sign on the ground and invade Great Horned Tragoth.

Defeat him and collect your reward, including the Bull-Goat Armor set.

Go Back to Patches at Volcano Manor

Afterward, return to Patches at Volcano Manor and tell him that you have defeated Great Horned Tragoth.

After that, rest at the Site of Grace and again get back to him and ask for your reward. He will give you the Magma Whip Candlestick.

Defeat Rykard and Talk to Patches Again

Now it’s time to defeat Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, and after that, you have to go to Volcano Manor again.

Rest at the Site of Grace there and head back to Patches. He will now move to the Shaded Castle.

Go to the Shaded Castle

Head to Shaded Castle and use the lift to go up. On the wooden platform, you will find Patches sitting between statues. Talk to him, and he will give you the Dancer’s Castanets.

Give Dancer’s Castanets to Tanith

Go to Rykard’s location shown on the map above, and you will find Tanith there. Give her the Dancer’s Castanets, and it will complete the Patches questline.

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