Elden Ring Gaol Cave Walkthrough

In Elden Ring, Gaol Cave is a Dungeon that you will find in the Caelid region. You will encounter some...

In Elden Ring, Gaol Cave is a Dungeon that you will find in the Caelid region. You will encounter some small enemies and a boss here called Frenzied Duelist. The notable loot that can collect from here includes Regalia of Eochaid, Putrid Corpse Ashes, Pillory Shield, and Wakizashi.

How to Get to Gaol Cave in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Gaol Cave Location

Gaol Cave can be found in the location shown on the map above. It is just a little northeast of Fort Gael.

Since you have to go through the rot to get to the entrance of the cave, use Torrent. At the entrance, you will need a Stonesword Key to open the cave. If you don’t have one, check our guide here to get some and use one at the cave entrance.

Elden Ring Gaol Cave Walkthrough

Enter the cave and head towards the Site of Grace. Rest there and after that open the chest to collect the Rune Arc and move forward.

Head forward and take out the enemies in your way and here you can collect the Golden Rune from a corpse next to a wooden pillar. Head further down into the cave using the left path and you will see a locked door in front of you.

Enter through the already opened door on the right side and move forward.

After moving a little forward, you will see that tunnel is blocked at the end, but you don’t have to worry. When you reach the end, the floor will fall and take you down.

Inside after moving a little forward, you will see a lot of cells with flaming Putrid corpses inside. Take out as many of them as you can. This is so you don’t have to face a lot of them when you’re pulling the lever and opening all doors.

After that continue to move forward and drop down from the end. Turn left and move forward and take the first right.

Continue to move forward and you will see a little curve on the left side. There you will find a Golden Rune and Turtle Neck Meat that is protected by a big rat and some smaller ones.

Take them all out and continue to move forward into the cave. Here you will enter an area with some cells and wooden drums.

There is a chest in the center cell that you can open to get the Somber Smithing Stone.

Go upstairs and right next to the books rack you will see a lever. Pull it to open the closed doors and drop down. Turn back enter the cell behind to get the Old Fang and Pillory Shield.

You can go into other cells as well to collect different items like Golden Runes.

In one of the cells there you will find the Stonesword Key and Wakizashi. From that cell you must turn left and continue to move forward.

You will reach an area there where you will find a Golden Rune and a corpse with Rainbow Stone.

Now you will see a path blocked by some wood pieces. Broke them and enter that path to move forward.

From there you have to drop down to the bottom of the cave using the extended rocks. Once down you will find the Frenzied Duelist boss inside.

How to Defeat Frenzied Duelist

Frenzied Duelist is a Humanoid boss with a large two-handed axe. You can take out this boss easily if you are using a good sorcery build. In close quarters, his axe can damage you severely along with his spinning attacks.

You are advised to use some strong ranged sorceries or strong weapon arts like Night-and-Flame Stance on the Sword of Night and flame to take out this boss quickly.

You should summon someone to help you out in taking out this boss so you can focus on hitting him with your special attacks.

Once the Frenzied Duelist boss is defeated, he will drop the Putrid Corpse Ashes.

You can move out of the cave by moving forward and enter the Limgrave area. There you will collect Regalia of Eochaid from a tomb. You can move forward on the left side along the edge to collect Glowstone from a corpse there.

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