Elden Ring The Shaded Castle Walkthrough

The Shaded Castle is one of the many dungeons in the Altus Plateau region of Elden Ring. It is one...

The Shaded Castle is one of the many dungeons in the Altus Plateau region of Elden Ring. It is one of the biggest optional locations home to a few valuable treasures and a boss – Elemer of The Briar. This Elden Ring The Shaded Castle walkthrough will help you effortlessly clear this dungeon.

How To Get to The Shaded Castle in Elden Ring

The Shaded Castle is located in the northern region of the Altus Plateau. Head north through the valley between the Altus Plateau and Mt. Gelmir. Eventually, you’ll reach a tunnel. Head north from there, and the Shaded Castle will be in front of your eyes shortly.

Elden Ring The Shaded Castle Walkthrough

The Shaded Castle is surrounded by the poisonous swamps infested with slugs. However, you will see a rock slightly extending out of the ground around the eastern side. That rock will allow you to jump on the rampart to make your way through the swamp safely.

On your left, you will find a zombie guarding 4 Poisonbloom. Up the steps, you will reach your first site of grace. Head north from there. Fight off zombies and perfumers that you will encounter on your way.

You will find a rock poking out of the bog below you, as well as two corpses in the water, one with Glass Shard and one with Poisonbone x5. You can choose to drop down and collect the items while fighting off the enemies that will appear along with the slugs.

In the northern corner, you will find wooden stairs, head into the structure from there to collect the Champion’s Song. Make your way back to the site of grace and drop down into the central courtyard. Beware of multiple enemies patrolling the area.

If you go up the steps towards the northwest, you will find a corpse holding a Smithing Stone. Go around the corner toward the southeast in the damaged building you’ll see two Basilisks.

Kill them, and you’ll get a chance to loot the three corpses in the area. Looting them will reward you a Golden Rune, a Smithing Stone, and a Drawstring Fire Grease.

You’ll encounter a perfumer on top of a roof in the main courtyard. To the left, along the ramparts, you’ll face off four zombies. Fight them and loot the area for a Smithing Stone.

Go back to the starting point in the courtyard and make your way towards the north. You’ll find Beast Blood in the area filled with zombies and slugs.

Around the back of the tree, you’ll find a corpse with Somber Smithing Stone. A Royal Revenant will also appear in that area, so be ready for a fight.

Now start making your way back to the rampart by jumping onto the roofs. Once you get there, head south, and you’ll find a corpse with the Neutralizing Boluses.

Head north from there while fighting zombies, you’ll find a corpse holding a Smithing Stone, guarded by poisonous vapor excreting Miranda Sprouts.

Again, go back to the courtyard and head up the wooden ladder. To the north, there will be multiple zombies, Glass Shard x2, a Cleanrot Knight defending a room with a chest holding Valkyrie’s Prosthesis.

To the east, you will again encounter multiple zombies. Towards the end of the path, you will find a wooden platform with a large zombie. Dropping down, you will face multiple hooded enemies.

You will find a Poisonbloom plant and a Smithing Stone upon heading further east. Next, go up the ladder and find the Perfume Bottle. Then, head back down from the ladder and go in the other direction to find a smithing stone.

Head west from the bottom of the ladder and find a golden rune of a corpse hanging with a tombstone. Going further north, you will find more enemies. Defeat the enemies and loot the Rot Grease x3.

Towards the west, you’ll find a ladder, and by going to the top, you will find a golden rune and your second site of grace. Behind the site of grace will be a demon dog, a spirit you can talk to.

You will find a ladder towards the left. Go to the top, again fight the dogs, and head inside the room with the undead soldiers. Kill the soldier, head up the ladder again, and you’ll find Perfumer’s Cookbook.

Head back down and towards the door to the east. Fight the dog and get Hefty Beast Bone x4. Moving forward, you will again encounter a Cleanrot Knight. An undead soldier and a page will be in the room across the bridge. You’ll also find another golden rune.

You’ll find more dogs and another Cleanrot Knight on the upper floor. In the northwest corner, you’ll find a Smithing Stone. Kick down a ladder in the southwest corner to open a shortcut.

Head into the room, ride up the lift and stand in front of a mist wall. Beyond the mist wall lies the boss – Elemer of the Briar.

How to Defeat Elemer of the Briar at The Shaded Castle

Elemer of the Briar is a human-like enemy using the Marais Executioner’s Sword and Briar Greatshield. The special quality about this sword is that once Elemer activates the special ability, the sword can move around freely on its own within the arena.

The attacks are mostly basic such as swipes, slashes, or lunges, which can be avoided by rolling. The boss is quick and can move around instantly; thus, ranged attacks are not viable.

Another one of Elemer’s attacks is his grab. Elemer will light up red and slowly move towards you. It will grab and slam you onto the ground twice, dealing heavy damage. Be sure to keep a distance when he tries to grab you.

Elemer can also hit you with its shield that lies on its back. The best way to fight Elemer is by summoning a Spirt Ash such as Lone Wolf Spirit. This will take the aggression off you.

You can take advantage of this opportunity, get behind Elemer and start attacking.  As he is a human, he is weak to Bleed damage. Ashes of War like Bloody Slash will help you a lot.

Defeating the boss will reward you:

  • Marias Executioner’s Sword
  • Briar Greatshield

Check out our detailed guide if you want to acquire the Briar Armor Set.

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