Elden Ring Gelmir Hero’s Grave Walkthrough

Gelmir Hero's Grave is one of the many minor dungeons in the Mt. Gelmir region in Elden Ring. It houses...

Gelmir Hero’s Grave is one of the many minor dungeons in the Mt. Gelmir region in Elden Ring. It houses many valuable treasures and has one mini-boss – Red Wolf of The Champion. This walkthrough will discuss everything there is to know about Gelmir Hero’s Grave in Elden Ring.

How To Get to Gelmir Hero’s Grave in Elden Ring

The Gelmir Hero’s Grave is found in Mt. Gelmir, high above the region’s center. Players can get to the entrance of these catacombs by heading northwest from the Bridge of Iniquity site of grace, climbing up the rope ladder to the First Mt. Gelmir Campsite site of grace, and heading around the west.

Upon reaching the location, you will see a lift that will take you down to a room where you will find your first site of grace.

Elden Ring Gelmir Hero’s Grave Walkthrough

Moving forward from the site of the grace, do down the stairs on your left side, and upon going down two flights of stairs, you will encounter a slope with lave on both sides. At the very bottom of the slope, a deadly chariot will move up and down the slope as soon as you step on it.

Run and hide into either of the alcoves before the chariot reaches you. Beware of the skeletons in these alcoves, as they might kill you or push you onto the slope. Once the chariot goes past you and in the upward direction, sprint and hide in the next alcove before the chariot comes back down.


Continue to do this until you reach a passage on your left side. Quickly get in there before you get run over by the chariot. Then, head inside the room and head up the stairs in front of you.

You will have to face a fire erupting column at the end of the hallway. Sprint and hit the column once to lower it into the ground.

Go straight from there, and you will again be face to face with a slope and a chariot going up and down the path. Sprint, hide in the alcoves and repeat until you reach the bottom of the path

As soon as you reach the bottom, drop down on the ledge toward the right side of the slope and grab the Smoldering Butterfly. Turn right into the hallway at the end of the ledge and then turn right again to go straight into the room. There will be a bloodhound knight in the room.

Defeating the knight will give you Bloodhound Knight Helm, Bloodhound Knight Armor, Bloodhound Knight Gauntlets, and Bloodhound Knight Greaves.

Jump through the small window and balance on the beams. Go at the very center and wait for the chariot to come. As soon as the chariot comes, drop on top of it.

It will take you to the bottom, where you can get off and go in the small space with a ladder. Use this ladder to climb on top of the platform.

On that platform will be a door that you can manually open. Next, head down the stairs, and there you will find a mist wall beyond which lies the boss – Red Wolf of The Champion.

How To Defeat Red Wolf of The Champion at Gelmir Hero’s Grave

Red Wolf of Dragon has very similar moves as Red Wolf of Dragon. This wolf is very quick and can do both ranged and close-combat attacks. It is continuously switching between both types of attacks.

You need to be careful of the magical sword it summons and uses with its mouth. This sword is big and has massive reach. But, on top of its reach, it is surprisingly quick and deals lots of damage.

It’s best to avoid these attacks. The sword attacks include the basic swing and slash. These attacks are as clear as day and can be countered if played wisely. However, the wolf also does bite and swipe attacks, mostly in a combo, so be careful.

Whenever the wolf retreats, it will summon magical swords, either one or a group of three. They are relatively slow and can be dodged with proper timings. After firing the swords at you, the wolf tends to close the distance between you and himself.

The best way to defeat the wolf is by summoning a Spirit Ash to allow you to get behind the creature and launch an all-out attack easily, but always be sure to get away after attacking quickly.

Rinse and repeat, and you shall be a victor. Upon defeating the Red Wolf of Champion, you will receive Bloodhound Knight Floh Ashes

There is also a chest at the back of the room that holds the Deathroot.

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