Elden Ring Deeproot Depths Walkthrough

This Elden Ring Deeproot Depths Walkthrough will help you clear the area, loot everything and defeat all of the bosses.

This Elden Ring Deeproot Depths Walkthrough will help you loot and clear the area quickly. You can get to it after defeating Valiant Gargoyle in Siofra Aqueduct. Here, you’ll fight bosses like Fia’s Champion, Crucible Knight Siluria, and Lichdragon Fortissax.

How to Get to Deeproot Depths in Elden Ring

You can start from the Ancestral Woods site of grace and continue to head towards the north. There you will reach the edge of the mountain. If you look below, you will see a ledge. The location of this can be seen on the map below as well.

Once there, you will see a cave. Enter the cave and continue to move forward. You will see a circular structure below when you get out from the other end of the cave.

Use the beam connected with the mountain to get inside the Siofra Aqueduct. Here you will encounter the Valiant Gargoyle. Defeat him, and after that, you can move forward.

Go upstairs and turn right to enter the hallway with water. Move forward towards the end, where you can see water falling on the floor. Go towards the balcony on the right side and head upstairs.

Now you have reached the waterfall with the coffin that you can use for resting and reaching the top of the waterfall. The coffin is right under the waterfall.

Once you have reached the top of the waterfall, head west, and at the edge, you will see some roots connected to the cliff in front.

Use these roots to get to the other end and continue moving forward on the west side till you reach a site of grace at the cliff’s edge. Rest at the site of grace, and you will reach the Deeproot Depths.

Elden Ring Deeproot Depths Walkthrough

From the site of grace shown above, you have to move toward the west, and you will encounter the Erdtree Avatar. Once defeated, it will drop the Staff of the Avatar. Explore that area for collecting the Ghost Glovewort.

A Teardrop Scarab is also here that will drop the Ash of War: Golden Land. After that, follow the roots toward the west. While crossing the roots, look towards the northwest and spot a cave.

Get inside the cave and go all the way to the end. There you will find the Elden Stars Incantation. After that, get back to the roots and cross them.

Deeproot Depths Site of Grace

Once you reach the land after crossing the roots, move a little ahead, and you will find the giant flying ants guarding some bodies. You will collect the Smithing Stone, Golden Rune, and Warming Stones from here. There is a Ghost Glovewort close to them as well.

After that, head west and find the Deeproot Depth Site of Grace and a Palm Reader. After that, continue to head forward in the north direction to find the Ruin filled with Rune Arc, Smithing Stones, and Basilisks.

Continue to head toward the north to find an even bigger ruin structure. There you will find the gazebo. If you continue to move forward, you will find the Ghost Glovewort, Hefty Beast bones, and gazebo.

After that, you can continue to head in the east direction towards the waterfall. Once you reach that, get behind the waterfall and find a cave there. Inside that cave is the Runebear that you can defeat for getting the Prince of Death’s Cyst.

You can get back toward the big Ruin and find a Ghost Glovewort on the way. After reaching the ruins, enter the room there, and you will find the Ash of War: Vacuum Slice.

If you head towards the western side of the Ruin, you will encounter a Teardrop Scarab. Defeat it for getting the Somber Smithing Stone.

The Nameless City Site of Grace

From the Ruin, go towards the southwest side, and you will get to The Nameless City Site of Grace.

Head west from the site of grace to collect the Golden Rune, Clarifying Boluses, Nascent Butterfly, and Human Bone Shards from the Ruin.

If you go towards the edge of the waterfall on the western side, you will find a coffin in which you can rest. This coffin will teleport you to the Ainsel River Main.

From the site of grace there, you can teleport back to The Nameless City Site of Grace. Take out the Mausoleum Knights and Mausoleum Soldiers from the area so you can explore it properly.

In the northern section of the Deeproot Depths, you have to move forward by climbing the roots. You will also find Spiritsprings here to help you jump to buildings’ roofs or get higher to some cliff.

From the Walking Mausoleum, you can head southwest to find the Somber Smithing Stone. If you go forward in the southwest, by the side of the cliff, you will find the Ghost Glovewort. You can also use the Spiritspring there for getting to the roof of the building for collecting the Stonesword Key.

How to Defeat Crucible Knight Siluria

You can use the roots going up to the cliff and turn west. Here you will find Crucible Knight Siluria.

It is one of the very few normal-sized bosses in Elden Ring. This boss is quite quick in dealing with damage but has a small health pool.

Crucible Knight Siluria uses attacks like Forward Thrust, Siluria’s Woe, Explosive Stomp, etc. You can take out this boss in both melee and ranged battle.

While fighting with this boss in a melee battle, you can stay close to him and dodge his attack by rolling around. After every dodge, you will do the counter-attack and deal damage to this boss.

In this way, you can take out this boss. If you are using a ranged build, you can use your mount to move quickly and deal damage to this boss.

His attacks are very powerful and deal heavy damage, but you have to take advantage of his short health pool. Use your heavy attacks right after dodging his attack.

His health pool goes down quickly with every successful attack. A few critical hits, and this boss will be down. Once the boss is down, you can collect the Siluria’s Tree.

After that, you can move forward toward the entrance the boss was protecting. Inside this, you will see a chest. Open the chest to find the Crucible Tree Armor Set.

Now head east by staying on the higher edge and following the roots. You can jump on a ruined building from the tip of one of the roots. From there, you can collect the Somber Smithing Stone.

Drop down from there and head east past the Mausoleum. There you will find the Mausoleum Soldier Ashes.

Go to Walking Mausoleum

Again get back to the Walking Mausoleum, and a little south from there is a cave. Inside that cave, you will find a Runebear along with the Golden Rune and Somber Smithing Stone.

Now you can head back south and go uphill. Here on one of the buildings, you will also find the Prince of Death’s Staff. From here, get on the roots and head east to reach the Across the Roots Site of Grace.

How to Defeat Fia’s Champions

If you are progressing through the Fia’s questline, then move forward, and you will encounter the Fia’s Champions. This boss has 3 waves of enemies.

In the first wave, you will encounter a single enemy, and the strategy you will follow depends upon which enemy is spawned. But the dodging and attacking strategy is most suitable and worked against most enemies.

After clearing the first wave, the second wave came, just like the first wave. Once you have cleared this wave, the third and the final wave will start.

In the third wave, you will be attacked by 3 enemies at a time. It is best to summon some spirit to help you out here. Take out the enemy who is using ranged magic attacks first.

Take out the other two after that, and once all three are down, you will get the Fia’s Mist sorcery, and a site of grace will appear. Here Fia will be sitting right under the corpse, waiting for you.

Speak to her and give her the Cursemark of Death, and you will be able to face the Lichdragon Fortissax boss to complete her questline.

How to Defeat Lichdragon Fortissax

This dragon boss in Elden Ring has some great swipe attacks. He has fire-throwing attacks as well, along with slamming on the ground.

This boss will start the fight by gathering the small lightning strikes that leave the Death inflicting vapor behind. These will make it difficult for you to move around the area. So do some heavy damage to him while trying to perform that attack.

You can stay close to his legs and continue to attack them for staggering him. You can dodge his foot stomps attack by rolling away. Watch out for his attacks and continue to damage him, and eventually, he will fall.

After defeating him, you can collect the Remembrance of the Lichdragon, which you can take back to the Fia body for collecting the Mending Rune of the Death Prince.

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