How to Defeat Crucible Knight Siluria in Elden Ring

This detailed guide will cover everything on where to find and how to defeat Crucible Knight Siluria in Elden Ring.

Crucible Knight Siluria is an optional boss in Elden Ring. This boss performs really quick attacks that can deal heavy damage, making him quite dangerous. This guide will cover where to find and how to defeat Crucible Knight Siluria in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Crucible Knight Siluria Location

Crucible Knight Siluria can be found in the Deeproot Depths right before the great Erdtree.

The closest site of grace from this is The Nameless Eternal City. To find Crucible Knight Siluria in Elden Ring, get to the location shown on the map above to reach The Nameless Eternal City site of grace.

You can move forward in the northwest direction and jump down. Close to the end, you will see a Spiritspring. Use that Spiritspring to get to the mountain in front, and you will find the Crucible Knight Siluria there on the left side.

Crucible Knight Siluria Recommended Level and Weaknesses

Crucible Knight Siluria is found late into the game and is one of the strongest optional bosses you will possibly face. We recommend going in with a level of 60+ and with at least +5 or +6 weapon.

Like all other Crucible Knights, Crucible Knight Siluria has way too much poise and her defenses are over the roof. The only weakness you can exploit is Lightning and Fire.

Unlike most of the bosses, Crucible Knight Siluria is immune to Bleed and strong against Frost and Scarlet, making her extremely irritating.

Crucible Knight Siluria Attacks and Counters

Crucible Knight Siluria has all the basic attacks of the other Crucible Knights in the game.

She has a Forward Thrust where she runs towards you with her spear ready to impale you. The attack has tracking, so remember to dodge too early, or you will get hit and knocked back. Always dodge to the sides to avoid getting hit.

If you are in melee range of her spear, she will do a combo of multiple swings, that you can easily dodge to either side. The attack can also be safely blocked.

During one of her two AoE attacks, Crucible Knight Siluria will lift her foot and slam it on the ground to create an explosion. You need to run away when she is charging the attack to avoid getting hit.

During the second of her AoE, Crucible Knight Siluria will raise and charge her spear. When charged, the spear explodes and the attack is followed up by her throwing a spiraling energy spear at you. Roll into the attack to avoid getting hit as the attack has tremendous tracking.

The last three attacks in her arsenal are the common crucible Knight attacks. For the first, she will jump up, then fly towards you trying to impale you. The holy wings are a dead giveaway, telling you to get ready to dodge into the attack to avoid any damage.

Next is the Manifest Horns, where Crucible Knight Siluria does a small dash and impales you with horns coming out of her shoulder. The attack is only used at medium range and can be dodged by dodging into the attack, or tot eh either side.

The last attack is Horns Impalement. The attack is very similar to the last one, but this time, the horns emerge from her arm and she simply slaps you. The attack is only observed when you are very close to Crucible Knight Siluria.

How to Defeat Crucible Knight Siluria Boss in Elden Ring

It is one of the very few normal-sized bosses in Elden Ring. This boss is quite quick in dealing damage but has a small health pool.

Crucible Knight Siluria uses attacks like Forward Thrust, Siluria’s Woe, Explosive Stomp, etc. You can take out this boss in both melee and ranged battle.

While fighting with this boss in a melee battle, you can stay close to him and dodge his attack by rolling around. After every dodge, you will do the counter-attack and deal damage to this boss.

In this way, you can take out this boss. If you are using a ranged build, you can use your mount to move quickly and deal damage to this boss.

His attacks are very powerful and deal heavy damage, but you have to take advantage of his short health pool. Use your heavy attacks right after dodging his attack.

His health pool goes down quickly with every successful attack. A few critical hits, and this boss will be down.

Crucible Knight Siluria Drops

Once Crucible Knight Siluria has been defeated, you can collect the Siluria’s Tree Great Spear. After that, you can move forward toward the entrance the boss was protecting. Inside this, you will see a chest. Open the chest to find the Crucible Tree Armor Set.

How to Cheese Crucible Knight Siluria

In order to cheese Crucible Knight Siluria, you will need plenty of FP potions. We recommend using the Cerulean Tear and the Rejection Spell. Also, you need to have enough Faith to use, so respec your character if you need to.

What you want to do is as soon as you jump into the arena, run to the cliff on the right of the tree. Here, wait for Crucible Knight Siluria to follow you and then get her cornered with her back towards the cliff.

You can do this by simply dodging behind her, or bait one of her attacks so that she is repositioned such that her back is towards the cliff.

Now start spamming Rejection. The spell does no damage but will stun Crucible Knight Siluria, rendering her unable to attack whilst also pushing her back.

After a few hits, Crucible Knight Siluria will be stunned and open for a critical hit. Here, another Rejection spell will knock Crucible Knight Siluria off the cliff, marking her end.

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