Elden Ring Ancient Dragon Lansseax Boss Guide

The large Ancient Dragon Lansseax is an optional boss in Elden Ring. However, defeating the mighty four-winged dragon will net...

The large Ancient Dragon Lansseax is an optional boss in Elden Ring. However, defeating the mighty four-winged dragon will net you some useful items and runes to aid on your journey in the game. The following guide will show you how to find and defeat the Ancient Dragon Lansseax boss in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Ancient Dragon Lansseax Location

Ancient Dragon Lansseax is a legend-type boss that can be encountered on the way up the hill from the Abandoned Coffin Site of Grace in Altus Plateau.

Once you have dealt it a certain amount of damage, Lansseax will fly off to the hill south of the Rampartside Path Site of Grace. This will be the place where you get to kill the beast because it won’t be flying off anywhere from here.

Ancient Dragon Lansseax Recommended Level and Weaknesses

Ancient Dragon Lansseax is a powerful behemoth of a boss that will not go down easily. It is strongly recommended to be at least level 100 before venturing out to take on this boss. Make sure to have high Vigor as well. That will come in mighty handy.

Like all the other dragons in the game, Ancient Dragon Lansseax is especially weak to physical attacks. Weapons like thrust swords will be an excellent choice for this fight. Consider bringing Rogier’s Rapier as its damage is the highest among its league.

Make a point of never staying under the boss for too long. Doing so will leave you open to damage-heavy spells that the boss will be casting.

Furthermore, you can use poison, scarlet rot, bleed, and frost on Ancient Dragon Lansseax. Consider Zamor Ice Storm for Frost, Bloodflame Blade incantation for Bleed, Scarlet Aeonia and Flame Cleanse Me for poison.

Ancient Dragon Lansseax Attacks and Counters

Aerial Glaive

Ancient Dragon Lansseax leaps into the air to charge a lightning bolt in her left hand. She then sweeps that bolt of lightning vertically downwards beneath her and in front of her before coming back to the ground.

Immediately rush diagonally towards the dragon and target her head when she gets back to the ground.

Red Thunderstorm

This attack is only used once at the start of the fight when she strikes lightning on the ground.

Rush towards the dragon’s right claw. Just wait until she lowers her head. When she does, attack her snout which will give you bonus damage.

Double Bite

Ancient Dragon Lansseax goes up in the air and arches her neck to the right, getting ready to come forward and bite you. Then she arches her neck to the left for the second bite. If you get caught, you will lose a lot of health.

Just roll backwards to avoid her first bite. When you dodge her first bite, hit her on the head. After her second bite repeat the same steps for confirmed damage.

Forward Firebreath

The dragon usually uses this attack when the opponent is far away. She arches her neck and exhales a long stream of fire towards her enemy.

Just roll diagonally to your right. This attack doesn’t follow the location of the player. So better not to worry about getting hit.

Lightning Slam

Ancient Dragon Lansseax goes airborne and after a few seconds, slams back to the ground to create massive shock waves. If you’re caught, you’ll take a large amount of damage.

Make sure to not be beneath the boss as she starts lifting herself into the air. Once the shock waves are dodged, quickly reposition yourself to charge a heavy attack.

How to Defeat Ancient Dragon Lansseax in Elden Ring

The best place to stand in this fight is under the feet of the dragon. This will prevent you from the long-ranged Lansseax’s lightning and claw attacks.

The dragon will still be able to damage you, but you will be in charge of the situation and would be able to cast your attacks with enough time in hand.

The fight is divided into two phases and after dealing enough damage at the first location where the dragon is found it disappears and goes to the aforementioned location. Below are the strategies for each phase.

Lansseax breathes fire out of her mouth and her period of this fire is usually longer than other dragons in Elden Ring. Therefore, players are advised to use coffins in the first half to hide from this devastating fire attack.

There is a chance that you may get her stuck in the space between some of the coffins. This will be a good chance to use your ranged and magic attacks fearlessly. After you’ve done the required damage, the second phase of the fight will start.

The second phase takes place in an open plain and is difficult as compared to the first phase. In this phase, the dragon will make use of her lightning attacks frequently. A Boltrake Talisman is required in such a situation and is recommended to be used here if you’ve got one.

If you are getting close to her, do keep an eye on her hop back move. Another attack to be aware of is the lightning spear attack. When she starts charging her attack by drawing back, run forward or dodge the spears in time.

How to Cheese Ancient Dragon Lansseax

There is a way to cheese Ancient Dragon Lansseax in the game. When you face this boss, just run towards her. This will activate her, causing her to leave her position and come to you.

You, however, are not to stop running. Keep going past her until you are far away from her back. Make sure to have poison mist as we have told you this dragon is weak to poison. Wait for a while until she returns to her normal position. She’ll think you have disappeared.

Return to her back and quietly just sit right next to her tail. Now start casting your poison spell. This will gradually start taking her long HP bar.

Ancient Dragon Lansseax Disappeared / Flew Away / Not Showing Up

There are mainly two reasons the dragons in Elden ring disappear.

The first reason could be you running out of the fighting arena. You have a specific vicinity of fighting a dragon boss. So when you use a horse or somehow get too far from the dragon, they disappear. But you don’t need to worry as they will show up when you get to the arena again and they will have the same health bar which you left them.

The second reason could be that the disappearing dragon is simply scripted in the game.

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