How To Cure Madness In Elden Ring

Similar to curing poison, there are several different ways in which you can cure madness in Elden Ring before taking damage.

The Madness status effect is a deadly ailment you might have already encountered while exploring the Frenzied Village in the northeastern region of Liurnia in Elden Ring.

There are several ways to inflict Madness in Elden Ring, including spells, skills, and weapons. You will suffer from Paralyzing Blast once the Madness meter fills, making you unable to use or cast any kind of spells. Additionally, you are going to suffer health loss from the blast in Elden Ring.

The main reason behind the failure of casting ability is the reduction in your Focus Points due to the Madness effect. So it is imperative to understand how we can cure Madenss in Elden Ring to stand a better chance of winning every combat against any type of enemy.

How to cure Madness in Elden Ring

Similar to curing poison, there are several different ways in which you can cure madness in Elden Ring.

Invest in your Focus Attribute

From all the attributes, you need to invest a good amount of skill points in your Focus attribute. The higher the focus attribute value, the less susceptible you will be to Madness in Elden Ring.

However, you cannot build your entire character on Focus if you are not looking for a build that revolves around summoning spirits or using Magic in Elden Ring.

So the better method to cure Madness is to find the set of the right items in Elden Ring.

Craft Clarifying Boluses

The Clarifying Boluses are rare items to come across in the world of Elden Ring. You might get your hands on them during the mid to late-game phases. So it is better to get the ingredients and craft the Clarifying Boluses yourself in Elden Ring.

Firstly, you need to get a hold of the Frenzied’s Cookbook (1) found at the start of the Frenzied Village.

Frenzied's Cookbook map location in Elden Ring

You must enter the Village from the broken wall area through the eastern side. There will be a house in front of you containing a corpse, and you will find some people sitting outside a place next to the corpse area. You need to get the item from the body to start preparing the Clarifying Boluses in Elden Ring.

The Clarifying Boluses recipe is pretty simple, and you can easily find the ingredients required to craft it.

  • 2x Dewkissed Herba
  • 1x Crystal Cave Moss
  • 1x Eye of Yelough

Use these ingredients and Frenzied’s Cookbook (1) to craft Clarifying Boluses to get the much-needed immunity against the Madness status effect in Elden Ring. However, apart from this consumable item, you can use some spells to cure yourself of Madness completely.

Use the Lucidity spell

After progressing enough in Ranni’s questline, you can get the Lucidity Spell that takes you to several parts of Elden Ring. Preceptor Miriam drops the spell once you defeat the boss in the Carian Study Hall.

Additionally, you can face this enemy before the Hall upside down, but you need some excellent upgraded weapons and a high-level character build. Your enemy is going to hit hard, so it’s better to come prepared.

The Lucidity spell is fantastic; it completely removes the Madness effect from your character. However, you need a Staff to use this spell, and each usage costs you 14 FP in Elden Ring. It is also essential to use this spell before your Madness meter fills, as it takes a few seconds to cast a Lucidity spell.

How to be immune to Madness in Elden Ring

You can use several items to increase your resistance to Madness. However, you cannot be completely immune to Madness in Elden Ring.

You can only reduce the chances of being inflicted by Madness by equipping the right items such as the Clarifying Horn Charm or the Immunizing Horn Charm, both of which offer high resistance against Madness.

There is also the Mottled Necklace found in the Eternal City that can improve your resistance against Madness in Elden Ring.

The best way to stop Madness in Elden Ring, though, is to just stay away from areas that induce this ailment in Elden Ring.

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