Elden Ring Castle Sol Location And Walkthrough

We will discuss how you can reach Castle Sol, its walkthrough and how you can defeat Commander Niall.

This Elden Ring Walkthrough will help you best Castle Sol and collect an essential item for Millicent’s Questline and other loot. Castle Sol is located in the Mountaintops of the Giants region in Elden Ring.  You will be facing Lion Guardians, Banished Knights, and then Commander Niall as the final boss of this Castle.

While you can run past most of the enemies to reach the Final Boss in Castle Niall, if you want to get the items this castle offers, you will need to fight a few of them. We will first discuss how you can get to Castle Sol in Mountaintops of the Giants. Then we will process with the Walkthrough Commander Niall Boss fight.

How to Get to Castle Sol in Elden Ring

Castle Sol is located in the top right of the Mountaintops of the Giants, which you can approach by traveling from Stargazer’s Ruins. You can see Castle Sol from afar due to its large size.

The location of Castle Sol is marked on the map. You will be able to enter Castle Sol from its main gate.

Elden Ring Castle Sol Walkthrough

Enter the Castle from the Main Gate, and two Lion Guardians will greet you. Take them out and loot them for Somber Smithing Stone, Old Fang, and Beast Blood. There is a Golden Rune 10 to the right side of the entry, so make sure to collect that as well. Now, go above the platforms using the staircase.

golden rune castle sol

As soon as you go up, a bird will look at you from the top. Defeat the bird and the two wolves roaming the area. Head straight and go through the door. Inside the room will be a staircase that you can use to go on top.

Once outside, you will face three soldiers, and one will shoot arrows from afar. Bait the soldiers into the room you came from to be safe from the arrows. Defeat them two and charge at the third soldier with the crossbow.

But as you reach the staircase, a mighty knight will spawn that will attack you. You can ignore the knight and enter the Church of the Eclipse before the staircase.

church of eclipse site of grace

Inside the church will be a Site of Grace on the left. Go back and straight to the room ahead. From there, take a left and keep going straight. Inside the room, you will find three Albinaurics that will crawl towards you to attack you.

Defeat them and go upstairs. In the upper room will be a hanging Albinauric who will scream and spawn Spectral Knights if it sees you. Take it down before it screams so you can go past without dealing with Spectral Knights.

Once outside, there will be a lift to your left with a lever and the Commander Niall Boss Room with yellow mist in front of it. Make sure you use the lever on the left to create a shortcut.

commander niall boss castle sol

How to Defeat Commander Niall at Castle Sol

Commander Niall can be a hard-to-fight boss because he spawns the Spectral Knights at the start. Since you will face three powerful enemies simultaneously, ensure you spawn a strong Spirit Ash on your side.

The Spirit Ash will keep the Spectral Knights busy while you handle the boss independently without any distractions. Also, ensure you have equipped a strong weapon with high stagger attacks.

One of the two Spectral Knights that spawn will carry a sword and shield, while the other will be equipped with two swords. The knight with the two swords will be the most aggressive of the two enemies and will charge at you.

Taking him out first is better before facing the other enemies. But you will have to keep an eye on the boss to see if it’s about to attack you or not.

The Spirit Ash might distract the boss from you, but it all depends on the positioning of your summon.

After you have defeated the two Spectral Knights, it is time to face the boss one-on-one. But, as you defeat Niall’s allies, it will power up immensely.

Commander Niall’s attacks inflict Frostbite damage, which will keep taking chunks of your health away if you get hit by them.

One of his moves is where he spins in a full circle and creates a whirlwind of Frostbite in a large area. The boss will keep chasing you throughout the attack and end it with a swipe of his staff.

He will also use electricity by slamming his staff into the ground and creating a shockwave in your direction. You can dodge this by rolling from one part of the arena to the other until the attack is finished.

Most of his attacks can be dodged by rolling in the other direction. When he dashes in a direction and starts charging toward you, dodge to the side and wait for the move to be finished. This move will tire him out, and you can use this opportunity to beat him to a pulp.

A good strategy to beat Commander Niall is to use Bewitching Branches to charm his Spectral Knights. When charmed, they will attack the boss and make the fight easier for you. You can either craft Bewitching Branches or get some from Nomadic Merchant in Liurnia of the Lakes.

A few strong attacks will take down Commander Niall in a second. Once he is defeated, you will get the Veteran’s Prosthesis (A key item needed for the Millicent Questline) and 90,000 Runes.