How to Stop Walking Mausoleum in Elden Ring, Duplicate Remembrance

Walking Mausoleums in Elden Ring are special locations that appear as huge turtle-like creatures. Not only can you stop these creatures, but there are also ways to enter them. This guide will show you where to find Walking Mausoleums in Elden Ring and enter them to duplicate remembrances.

How to Stop and Enter Walking Mausoleum in Elden Ring

Mausoleums are found throughout the Lands Between, and they can be heard from far away thanks to the bells attached to their legs.

To access these Mausoleums, you must attack their legs. Below we have mentioned steps that can be followed to stop these Mausoleums.

To stop these creatures, you need to attack the gray matter that is growing on their bodies. This material grows around them on their feet and bodies.

Now, if you find this matter growing on their feet, do not attempt to strike it while you’re on foot because that might get you squished under their feet. Instead, strike the feet while you’re riding on a horse.

Once the matter has been destroyed, the Mausoleum will come crashing down, and you will be able to enter it using a door.

How to Duplicate Remembrances in Elden Ring

Once you’re inside the Mausoleums, you can reuse the boss remembrances of demi-gods in Elden Ring to get their additional rewards.

Each Mausoleum can only be used once, so discovering more and more of them will grant you more rewards.

To Duplicate these remembrances, place your boss remembrance at the altar to duplicate it. This will allow you to gain Remembrance Weapons and magic.

Walking Mausoleum Locations

Though these creatures are significantly large and hard to miss when nearby, they are rare to find. Let’s talk about the various locations where these Mausoleums can be found.

Weeping Peninsula Walking Mausoleum

One of these creatures is found in the Weeping Peninsula region. Once you’re at the Isolated Merchant’s Shack site of grace, head to the east direction until you hear the sound of a Walking Mausoleum’s bell.

Follow this sound, and you’ll come across the first Mausoleum.

Lake Liurnia Walking Mausoleum

At the top of Lake Liurnia, right below the broken bridge that connects the Raya Lucaria’s Castle with the mainland, you’ll find a walking Mausoleum.

Liurnia Highway Walking Mausoleum

Make your way to the middle highway, here you’ll find two Mausoleums. They are at a very close range to each other, so you’ll be easily able to find the other one if you manage to locate one.

One of them is in the pond, close to the Ruined Labyrinth site of grace, slightly towards the north side. The other one is on the cliff above, which is accessible from the pond.

Deeproot Depths Walking Mausoleum

Just near the “The Nameless Eternal City” area, climb up the roots, and below you, there will be a Mausoleum which can be jumped on.

Mountaintop of the Giants Walking Mausoleum

Move to the North-west direction from Ordina, right next to the Apostate Derelict Grace, you’ll find one Mausoleum. In the same area, just outside Castle Sol, you’ll find another one.

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