The Witcher 3: Best Quest Order For Complete Game

Get your quest order right for the best storytelling experience and all rewards.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt features a deep and rich storyline that begins with you heading out in search of Ciri. Your search, however, will lead you to several regions, cities, hidden caves, and the seas where you will come to meet various characters with their own storylines.

You will quickly realize that there is no one way to complete a quest. The branching narrative of The Witcher 3 leaves it up to you to decide which quest to do first, which dialogues to choose, which characters to save, etc.

Hence, some quests will fail if you do not do them in order while other quests will become available if you meet their prerequisites.

This is where it is also important to know that there are several Witcher 3 endings to unlock. They all depend on the major decisions you make on your journey.

The following guide will recommend the best path to experience the complete storyline. This is the order in which you should complete every quest in Witcher 3 you get in your log.

Best quest order in the Prologue

The prologue acts like a tutorial to introduce you to the world of The Witcher 3. These quests are pretty much on rail and you do not have to worry too much about following any specific route.

Kaer MorhenMainKaer MorhenServes as a tutorial for the game. Characters are introduced and Geralt starts training Ciri – but it’s all a dream.
Lilac and GooseberriesMainWhite OrchardVesemir and Geralt try to find Yennefer. They eventually reunite with her and plan to leave for Vizima.
The Beast of White OrchardMainWhite Orchard – Nilfgaard InnGeralt is tasked to kill a Griffin to obtain information on Yennefer’s whereabouts.
Incident at White OrchardMainWhite Orchard – TavernGeralt and Vesemir kill a gang of bandits.
Imperial AudienceMainRoyal Palace of VizimaGeralt meets up with Emperor Emhyr in Velen and starts the search for Ciri.

Best quest order in The Witcher 3 Act 1

The first act of The Witcher 3 will take you from Velen to Novigrad to Skellige. Each region has its own fair share of several quests. These also include secondary quests that need to be completed in a specific order to not only save some important characters but also to experience the complete story.

Each quest in the Witcher 3 has a level requirement which is visible in the quest menu. Generally, you want to be at the level of the quest or one or two levels above it before you can start completing it because if you’re under-leveled it can prove to be quite difficult. 


The Nilfgaardian ConnectionMainHeathertonGeralt travels to the Inn at the crossroads to find info on Ciri from Hendrik. Unfortunately, he is found dead, so Geralt finds a few clues of his own.
Bloody BaronMainCrow’s PerchAfter acquiring the clues, Geralt meets with Bloody Baron. The man informs Geralt that Ciri indeed came to him, but demands a price for more info on her.
Ciri’s Story: The King of the WolvesMainLindenvaleCiri and a girl kill a werewolf that threatened a villager. As thanks, he took them to Crow’s Perch – to Baron.
Ciri’s RoomSecondary/SideCrow’s PerchGeralt searches Ciri’s room, but all he manages to find is that she left in a hurry.
Family MattersMainCrow’s PerchBaron tasks Geralt to find his wife and daughter. Upon completion of the task, he reveals that Ciri had used her powers, and hence had to flee from the Wild Hunt to Novigrad.
A Princess in DistressMainBlackboughGeralt helps the pellar find the Princess in exchange for information on Baron’s wife and daughter
Ciri’s Story: The RaceMainVelenCiri and Baron race to a tower on horseback, but are attacked by a basilisk.
Ciri’s Story: Out of the ShadowsMainAbandoned TowerCiri kills the basilisk, but sadly uses her powers. She then has to flee Crow’s Perch in case the Wild Hunt arrives.
Hunting a WitchMainMidcopseGeralt finds Keira Metz, the ‘witch’ that supposedly knew Ciri’s whereabouts. She takes Geralt to a mage that’s looking for Ciri as well.
Wandering in the DarkMainBywaysAt the mage’s place, Geralt, and Keira face Nithral of the Wild Hunt. They defeat Nithral, but only find clues about Ciri.
An invitation from Keira MetzSecondary/SideMidcopseGeralt meets with Keira, who asks him a favor to lift the curse on Fyke Isle.
A Towerful of MiceSecondary/SideFyke IsleGeralt lifts the curse of Fyke Isle.
A Favor for a FriendSecondary/SideMidcopseKeira tasks Geralt to find a few items. Later, she invites Geralt to dinner.
For the Advancement of LearningSecondary/SideFyke IsleKeira informs Geralt that she plans to give Alexander’s notes to Radovid. Geralt either has to let her go, kill her, or seek refuge in Kaer Morhen.
Ladies of the WoodMainCrookback bogGeralt finds out that Keira was not the ‘witch’ that knew of Ciri. He later finds out that the three Cones Hendrick mentioned meant to hand Ciri over to Imlerith of the Wild Hunt.
The Whispering HillockMainAncient OakGeralt finds a trapped Spirit. He can either free or kill it.
Ciri’s Story: Fleeing the BogMainCrookback bogCiri escapes from the grasp of the Crones, but Imlerith is onto her, and she has to flee to the swamp.
Return to Crookback BogSecondary/SideCrookback bogGeralt finds Baron’s wife and daughter. Hey may try to save his wife, but fails in every way.


Pyres of NovigradMainNovigradGeralt heads to Novigrad and tries to find Triss Merigold, who can help him find Ciri.
Novigrad DreamingMainNovigradGeralt seeks help from Corinne, a dreamer who can help track Ciri.
Broken FlowersMainNovigradGeralt goes to the Rosemary and Thyme inn to find Dandelion, whom Ciri had contacted – but to no avail.
Get JuniorMainNovigradGeralt finds Whoreson Junior, who apparently knew of Dandelion. In the end, he has to decide Junior’s fate.
An Eye For an EyeMainTemerian HideoutGeralt and Roche help Ves in her fight with the Nilfgaardians.
Ciri’s Story: Visiting JuniorSecondary/Side Ciri frees her friend, Dudu, from Whoreson Junior’s captivity.
Count Reuven’s TreasureMainNovigradGeralt and Djikstra try to find Dandelion and set out to find clues from the robbery that he was known to be a part of.
A Favor for RadovidMainOxenfort HarborGeralt heads off to meet Radovid, who asks him to find Phillipa Eilhart.
Redania’s Most WantedMainEst TayiarGeralt learns about Phillipa and informs Radovid.
A Matter of Life and DeathSecondary/SideThe BitsGeralt helps Triss evacuate Albert Vegelbud from the mansion.
Now or NeverSecondary/SideNovigradGeralt helps Triss evacuate the mages of Novigrad.
A Deadly PlotSecondary/SidePa’sifloraGeralt helps find Thaler and frees him from the trolls.
The Play’s the ThingMainNovigradGeralt lures out Dudu and talks to him.
A Poet Under PressureMainNovigradGeralt finds and frees Dandelion from the witch hunters’ captivity,
Ciri’s Story: A Breakneck SpeedMainNovigradCiri escapes Temple Isle and teleports away when surrounded by the Temple Guard.
A Dangerous GameSecondary/SideRosemary and ThymeGeralt helps Zoltan get his Gwent cards back.
CabaretSecondary/SideRosemary and ThymeGeralt helps Dandelion get his capital for upgrading the Rosemary and Thyme.
Carnal SinsSecondary/SideVilmerius HospitalGeralt tracks down Priscilla’s attacker and decides his fate.


Destination: SkelligeMainNovigradGeralt makes his way to Skellige and docks at Kaer Trolde Harbor.
The King is Dead – Long Live the KingMainKaer TroldeGeralt and Yennefer attend King Bran’s farewell feast. He later on helps Yen steal the mask of Uroboros.
The Lord of UndvikSecondary/SideUndvikGeralt helps Hjalmar in proving his worth to become king by killing the Ice Giant that took over Undvik.
PossessionSecondary/SideSpikeroogGeralt finds Crach’s daughter, Cerys, and defeats a Hym that she found.
King’s GambitSecondary/SideKaer TroldeCrach invited Geralt to a feast for the an Craits. However, there is an attack at the feast and Geralt has to choose one of them to help prove their innocence.
CoronationSecondary/SideGedyneithGeralt attends the new ruler’s coronation.
Echoes of the PastMainDruid’s CampGeralt and Yennefer use the mask of Uroboros to find clues on Ciri’s whereabouts. This will reveal your next stop to be Hindarsfjall.
Missing PersonsMainLofotenYen and Geralt head over to Hindarsfjall to locate Ciri. They come to know that Craven may have an idea about her, but was at Freya’s Garden.
NamelessMainFreya’s GardenGeralt finds Craven, but he is dead. Yennefer then revives him with the Garden’s power.
Ciri’s Story: The Calm Before the StormMainLofotenCiri arrives at Skellige, but is later found by the Wild Hunt so has to flee once again.
The Last WishSecondary/SideLarvikGeralt meets with Yennefer and has to choose whether to help her find a djinn or not.

Best quest order in The Witcher 3 Act 2

The second-act quest order in The Witcher 3 is pretty straightforward. You will mostly be exploring the home of Geralt in Kaer Morhen. However, for a couple of quests, you will need to return to Velen and Skellige.

Ugly BabyMainCrow’s PerchGeralt takes hold of Uma and lifts the curse laid upon him.
DisturbanceMainKaer MorhenGeralt helps Yennefer set up her megascope by removing the magical disturbance.
To Bait a Forktail…MainKaer MorhenAs tasked by Yennefer, Geralt sets out to find Eskel and help him kill a forktail.  They kill it and acquire Yennefer’s required ingredients from it.
The Final TrialMainKaer MorhenEskel and Geralt set out to find the Circle of Elements to fill up the phylactery.
No Place Like HomeMainKaer MorhenVesemir decides to try and lift the curse set upon Uma. Geralt has the choice to spend the evening with his friends or go to sleep.
Va Fail, ElaineMainKaer MorhenGeralt brews some potions that help lift the curse off of Uma. This reveals Avallac’h, who leads Gelt into the Isle of Mists – to Ciri.
The Isle of MistsMainSkelligeGeralt goes to the Isle of Mists and finds Ciri. Once she wakes, the Wild Hunt appears, and they both have to flee back to Kaer Morhen.
The Battle of Kaer MorhenMainKaer MorhenThe Wild Hunt arrives at Kaer Morhen and starts wreaking Havoc. Vesemir is killed, but Ciri saves the rest of her friends and wounds the Hunt, causing them to retreat.
Blood on the BattlefieldMainKaer MorhenGeralt tries to calm Ciri down after the battle. Later, they both head off to Emhyr, and then to face Imlerith.

Best quest order in Act 3 of The Witcher 3

The final act of The Witcher 3 takes place in mostly Novigrad. Most players make the mistake of completing Reason of State late, which disturbs the entire quest order of The Witcher 3.

Bald MountainMainBald MountainCiri and Geralt arrive at the top of the Bald Mountain. Geralt faces Imlerith and kills him.
Final PreparationsMainNovigradGeralt and Ciri head off to Novigrad to meet with their friends, who recruit allies for the final battle.
Blindingly ObviousMainNovigradGeralt helps Triss free Philippa – who had turned into an owl – from Dijkstra’s captivity and asked for her help in turn.
Reason of StateSecondary/SideNovigradGeralt, along with Roach and others, kill Radovid. Later, Geralt has to decide the fate of his friends and Dijkstra.
The Great EscapeMainNovigradOne of the Lodge of Sorceress’s potential allies, Margarita, is captured by witch hunters. Geralt helps Yennefer find Margarita and free her.
PaybackMainNovigradGeralt and Ciri head off to meet some enemies and friends in Novigrad – Whoreson Junior and Bea, respectively. Later, Geralt is given the choice to steal some horses.
Through Time and SpaceMainNovigradAccording to Avallac’h(‘s) plan, he, and Geralt, with the help of Corinne, travel to Aen Elle to convince Ge’els of the Wild Hunt to help them.
Battle PreparationsMainNovigradGeralt talks to Avallac’h after finding the Sunstone Elven artifact and then travels to Undvik.
The SunstoneMainSkelligeGeralt finds the Sunstone after solving a puzzle.
Veni Vidi VigoMainSkelligeGeralt sneaks onto Emhyr’s ship at night and convinces him to free Fringilla, so she can help them in the fight against the Wild Hunt.
Child of the Elder BloodMainSkelligeGeralt and Ciri discover Avallac’h’s secret lair – and the truth behind Ciri’s Elder nature.
Skjall’s GraveMainHindarsfjallGeralt and Ciri head back to Skellige and find Skjall’s body. They then give him a proper burial.
On Thin IceMainUndvikThe heroes use the Sunstone and summon the Wild Hunt. They eventually defeated the king of the Wild Hun, Eredin, but he informed Geralt of Avallac’h’s potential betrayal.
Ted Deireadh, The Final AgeMainUndvikGeralt makes haste to find out about Avallac’h’s plans, but it is too late. Ciri heads off with Avallac’h to defeat the White Frost.
Something Ends, Something BeginsMainWhite OrchardGeralt reunites with Ciri, and gives her the Witcher title, concluding the game’s main story.

After you’ve completed the main story you can choose to end the game right there. If you want to continue Geralt’s journey and witness a more conclusive end to the trilogy, you can move on directly to the game’s two DLCs: Hearts of Stone and Blood & Wine.

Both DLCs in the Witcher 3 feature just as robust storytelling and spectacular character moments. While you can play both DLCs during the course of the main game, it is better to save them until after you’ve completed the main quest with ‘Something Ends, Something Begins’.

Not only does this provide a more streamlined experience but it also means that you reach a more natural ending to Geralt’s journey. The Hearts of Stone DLC should be played before Blood and Wine

Best order to complete quests in Hearts of Stone

The Hearts of Stone storyline takes place in the Novigrad region but features all new characters, abilities, and Gwent Cards.

Evil’s First Soft TouchesMainOxenfurtGeralt investigates a contract relating to a monster lurking in the Oxenfurt sewers.
Rose on a Red FieldSecondary/SideGarin Estate BowdonGeralt investigates a tip from Adela which leads him to a bandit camp
Dead Man’s PartyMainBrunwichGeralt is asked to show Olgierd von Everec’s brother the time of his life.
A Midnight ClearSecondary/SideBrunwhich Millers LakeGeralt can choose to romance Shani during Dead Man’s party.
Open Sesame!MainBorsofi Brothers’ Auction HouseGeralt arrives at the  Borsodi Brothers’ Auction House and plans a heist
Open Sesame: Witcher SeasoningsMainOxenfurtGeralt tries to convince the garrison’s cook to add something extra to the food to incapacitate the guards to pull off the heist.
Open Sesame: The SafecrackerMainOxenfurtGeralt and his accomplices pull off the heist
The Taxman ComethSecondary/SideOxenfurtGeralt receives a good taxpayer diploma for answering a few questions
Scenes from a MarriageMainPainted WorldGeralt discovers a thief searching for his partner. The appearance of a shadowy figure quickly chases him away and Geralt begins his investigation
Whatsoever a Man SowethMainPuzzle WorldGeralt makes his way to the Alchemy Inn to be confronted by Gaunter O’Dimm

Best order to complete quests in Blood and Wine

The Blood and Wine DLC will be your final stop in The Witcher 3 DLC. Before going any further to check the quest order to finish The Witcher 3, make sure you complete all the quests and side quests listed above as the story of this DLC takes place in an entirely new are Toussaint with even more new characters and interesting stories to follow.

Envoys, WineboysMainStonecutters’ SettlementGeralt receives a request from Anna Henrietta to rid her lands of a monster
The Beast of ToussaintMainPalace Gardens, BeauclairGeralt receives a welcome party as he enters Toussaint and fights Golyat
Blood RunMainPalace Gardens, BeauclairGeralt chases after Milton and finds him dead. A fight ensues between him and the beast that killed Milton.
A Knight’s TalesSecondary/SideCastel Ravello VineyardGeralt helps lift a curse
La Cage au FouMainTesham Mutna RuinsGeralt breaks into a crypt. His investigation leads him to yet another monster
Where Children Toil, Toys Waste AwayMainBeauclair PortGeralt locates the Bootblack that appeared in his vision and defends him
Fists of Fury: ToussaintSecondary/SideHenris Gras SquareGeralt takes on a new opponent in Toussaint
Raging WolfSecondary/SideBeauclair PortGeralt defeats Maestro in a fistfight
Wine is SacredMainFort Astre RuinsGeralt reports to the duchess with his plans to hunt the beast
PaperchaseSecondary/SideThe Gran’placeGeralt goes to the bank to retrieve what is rightfully his.
The Man from CintraMainBeauclairGeralt investigates clues at a soiree to find out what happened
Capture the CastleMainCount de la Croix’s MillGeralt searches for Syanna and Rhena and defeats Roderick and his men
The Night of Long FangsMainBeauclairGeralt kills a Vampire and tracks down Damien and Orianna.
A Portrait Of The Witcher As An Old ManSecondary/SideDuchaton CrestGeralt approaches a painter and gives him the necessary materials to complete his portrait
Equine PhantomsSecondary/SideMont Crane CemeteryGeralt uses his Witcher senses to help a hermit
Beyond Hill and Dale…MainLand of a Thousand FablesGeralt investigates what happened to Syanna
Blood SimpleMainLa Compassion Orphanage(Optional depending on your choice to whether go after Syanna or not) Geralt searches for Syanna across Toussaint
There Can Be Only OneSecondary/SideLac CélavyGeralt completes a number of trials to acquire the Aerondight sword
Tesham MutnaMainTesham Mutna RuinsGeralt tracks down and defeats Dettlaff.
Mutual Of Beauclair’s Wild KingdomSecondary/SideVenin RocksGeralt finds and kills a Basilisk
The Warble Of A Smitten KnightSecondary/SideRosetree HillGeralt trains with Guillaume and uncovers a secret
Pomp and Strange CircumstanceMainMère-Lachaiselongue CemeteryGeralt helps Regis find and defeat the vampires
Burlap is the New StripeMainBeauclairGeralt spends time in prison before his final contract
Be It Ever So Humble…MainCorvo BiancoYou go home to find your final romantic partner, dependent on your choices in the base game

The final main quest of the Blood and Wine DLC wraps up Geralt’s journey and depending on who you decide to pursue in the base game, they become your partner in the end. It is important to note that romancing Syanna does not affect the outcome of this quest.

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