How To Start Blood And Wine DLC In The Witcher 3

If you are unsure on how to start the Blood and Wine DLC of The Witcher 3, allow us to explain the process

Blood and Wine is the final major story DLC that was released for The Witcher 3, taking players to an entirely new area and a new questline. If you are confused as to how you can get started with the Blood and Wine DLC for The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, allow us to explain the process.

With the next-gen update for The Witcher 3 out, you will probably already have the Blood and Wine DLC installed. But it can be difficult to figure out how to get started with the DLC itself, especially on an already existing save file of The Witcher 3.

During your playthrough, you will come across a full roster of new characters including a new romanceable character Syanna, dangerous monsters, the ability to craft Grandmaster gear sets, and a new deck of Gwent cards. Added to that, new mechanics, such as armor dyeing, were also introduced through the Blood and Wine DLC

How to start the Blood and Wine DLC for The Witcher 3

First, to be able to get into Toussaint, players are required to complete the quest A Poet Under Pressure and visit Mulbrydale notice boards in Velen after the successful completion of the quest. Here, you’ll be able to start the Envoys, Wineboys quest in The Witcher 3. This means you don’t actually have to finish the main story of base game in order to enjoy Blood and Wine DLC in TW3.

Make sure you complete the Envoys, Wineboys quest, but it is to be kept in mind that Geralt’s level needs to be at 34 to ensure its successful completion. Completing this quest will mark your entry to Toussaint, giving you full access to the Blood and Wine DLC in TW3 Wild Hunt. 

Another way to access the DLC is through the fresh start option. This option will allow players to restart their entire game with the DLC installed. If you select this option, the only thing you’ll be required to do is to complete the quest mentioned above, and the DLC will become available for you. 

However, this is not the only way to access the Blood and Wine DLC in The Witcher 3. Players can select the Blood and Wine only option from the main menu since it will provide them with a character already set at level 35. This character will be adequately equipped to handle the especially tough environment of Toussaint. 

Apart from that, the one thing you need to remember is that the Blood and Wine DLC is intended to be played at the end of the main storyline. Since by that point, players will already have reached level 34, considering the weakest enemies you’ll encounter here will be of level 34.

Therefore, if you think there is more Geralt needs to learn before taking on this quest, then it is better to keep it aside until you’re at a higher level. 

Blood and Wine DLC quests

This DLC will include a total of 90 new quests (main and side quests), 30 new weapons, and 20 new monsters that the players will have to fight against. Below you will find a complete list of all the new quests, wine wars, treasure hunts, contracts, and new world activities.

Beyond Hill and Dale branch

  • Blood Simple (optional)
  • Beyond Hill and Dale
  • Tesham Mutna or Burlap is the New Stripe
  • Pomp and Strange Circumstance

What Lies Unseen Branch

  • Blood Simple
  • What Lies Unseen
  • Tesham Mutna
  • Pomp and Strange Circumstance

Secondary quests

Blood and Wine DLC has many new secondary quests that you can also complete, the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. We have prepared a complete list of all the secondary quests in Blood and Wine DLC of The Witcher 3 and recommend levels for them.

  • Knight for Hire (Recommended Lvl: None)
  • There Can Be Only One (Recommended Lvl: None)
  • No Place Like Home (Recommended Lvl: None)
  • Turn and Face The Strange (Recommended Lvl: None)
  • The Warble of a Smitten Knight (Recommended Lvl: 35)
  • Paperchase (Recommended Lvl: 36)
  • Fists of Fury: Toussaint (Recommended Lvl: 36)
  • Raging Wolf (Recommended Lvl: 36)
  • Til Death Do You Part (Recommended Lvl: 36)
  • Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Granite (Recommended Lvl: 37)
  • Father Knows Worst (Recommended Lvl: 37)
  • Big Feet to Fill (Recommended Lvl: 37)
  • Master, Master, Master, Master (Recommended Lvl: 40)
  • Extreme Cosplay (Recommended Lvl: 40)
  • A Knight’s Tales (Recommended Lvl: 40)
  • The Hunger Game (Recommended Lvl: 41)
  • Mutual of Beauclair’s Wild Kingdom (Recommended Lvl: 46)
  • Equine Phantoms (Recommended Lvl: 44)
  • The Perks of Being a Jailbird (Recommended Lvl: 49)

Wine wars

The following are all the wine wars that you can find in the Blood and Wine DLC of TW3.

  • Wine Wars: Belgaard
  • Wine Wars: Vermentino
  • Wine Wars: Coronata
  • Wine Wars: Deus in the Machina
  • Wine Wars: Belgaard (Part Two)


These are all the witcher contracts in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Blood and Wine DLC.

  • Big Game Hunter (Recommended Lvl: 37)
  • Bovine Blues (Recommended Lvl: 38)
  • Feet as Cold as Ice (Recommended Lvl: 45)
  • The Tufo Monster (Recommended Lvl: 48)


Below are all the new gwent cards that you can find in the Blood and Wine DLC of the Witcher 3.

  • The Skellige deck
  • Gwent: Never Fear, Skellige’s Here
  • Collect ’em all with our guide to Gwent NPC locations.
  • Gwent: To Everything – Turn, Turn, Tournament
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