The Witcher 3 Ugly Baby Quest Guide

Lift the Ugly Baby's curse to find out where Ciri might be.

Your long journey of tracking down Ciri will finally come to an end in the Ugly Baby main quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It turns out that the world’s ugliest baby has a curse that needs to be lifted. That is how you get your final clue about Ciri’s location. However, to do this, you will need to complete several sub-quests that take you across all the main regions, including Kaer Morhen, which you will not be able to do until this point.

Ugly Baby is part of the main quest of The Witcher 3 as you search for Ciri. So, when you are done tracking Ciri down from Velen to Novigrad to Skellige, you will be able to automatically do Ugly Baby.

Ugly Baby begins as soon as you finish In Ciri’s Footsteps. Disturbance, To Bait a Forktail, The Final Trial, No Place Like Home, and Va Fail, Elaine are substeps of Ugly Baby, and once you finish those, this quest will also end.


Completing Ugly Baby triggers a cutoff point and will automatically make The Last Wish and Following the Thread unavailable because Yennefer and Lambert will travel to Kaer Morhen for the final battle against the Wild Hunt.

Get Uma from Crow’s Perch

Geralt will take Uma from Seargent Ardal after persuading Ardal for a while. He will ask you to meet the stablemaster and take Uma. Once you have Uma with you, you both start heading towards Kaer Morhen. Some Nilfgaardian soldiers will appear on the road to Kaer Morhen, taking you and Uma to meet Emhyr.

Geralt and Yennefer will both go to meet Emperor Emhyr. The emperor will show displeasure toward you but will give you half the promised crowns. He agrees to pay after hearing about all the details regarding Uma.


Emhyr’s dialogue choices have no impact on the outcome of Ugly Baby. However, picking choices like I don’t take orders from you or I don’t intend to bring her here can lead to you missing out on Ciri’s Empress ending.

After meeting with the Emperor, Geralt will hand over a quest item, Phylactery, to Yen. He then continues his journey with Uma toward Kaer Morhen. Upon reaching, he will be greeted by Vesemir, and he will talk about the things that happened in Kaer Morhen. You can now start the three subquests in TW3 Wild Hunt by exploring the area of Kaer Morhen.

Explore the region of Kaer Morhen

You need to find Lambert present in the keep, but before doing that, meet Yennefer in the northern wing of the area. She will set up the scene in a better manner, initiating the first step for the Disturbance subquest in The Witcher 3.


If you have romanced Triss or rejected Yennefer at the end of Last Wish, Yeneffer will get mad at you if you ask her about the bed. She will use her magic to create a portal and then throw you into the sky. You will land in a river present on the north side of the area. You can annoy her more by talking about the view from the top.

Now, you need to complete the first three subquests, starting with Disturbance. You need to help Yennefer find and remove the source of the disturbance. Yennefer will ask you to help fix a megascope. Check the stack of boxes next to Uma and then return to Yennefer to proceed with fixing the megascope in The Witcher 3.

Then, you must kill a forktail in the next quest, find Lambert, and move to the cave, lighting the area around the altar with torches.

Find the items

During the subquests, you need to find items that are valuable if used within the allocated time. Start by finding Triss’ earrings, and make your way toward the northeastern fortress area. Look for a broken bed and collect it from the top of it.

It is important to give these back to Triss after the Blindingly Obvious quest, completing the task before the main story of the game ends. You also need to collect Berengar’s notes present in the middle courtyard. Locate a cell-like room in the ruins of the courtyard. Reading the notes will initiate a secondary quest called Berengar’s Blade.

Celebrate before the Trial of Grasses

Everyone will gather after you complete the first three subquests. Vesemir will ask to take Uma away for one day, trying to lift the curse. You will have the time to have fun with fellow witchers during the No Place Like Home quest.

Yennefer will tell you about the Trial of the Grasses that must be performed to lift the curse of Uma. At this point, you have the option to stay with the other witchers and celebrate or go with Yennefer. If you wish to romance Yennefer, go with her. This will lead to an intimate scene between Geralt and Yennefer during the Ugly Baby quest and allows you to finalize your romance with Yennefer.

Brew the Decoction of the Grasses

To lift the curse of Uma during Va Fail, Elaine quest, you must brew the Decoction of the Grasses by using Yennefer’s formula. You must brew three decoctions: Speargrass Sap, Wildrye Juice, and Mother’s Tears.

Firstly, you need to acquire the following ingredients:

  • 1x Forktail spinal fluid
  • 1x Manticore poison gland
  • 1x Albino bruxa tongue
  • 1x Bryonia
  • 1x Ribleaf
  • 1x Mandrake

Use these ingredients to create the potion that will help Yennefer turn Uma back to normal in The Witcher 3.

Lift Uma’s curse

Vesemir will fail to lift Uma’s curse, and you must go with Yennefer’s plan. She will use the Decoction of the Grasses you brewed to lift the curse during the final subquest. The curse will be lifted, and Uma will reveal his true self as Avallac’h. He will go on to provide you with information on how to find Ciri in the world of The Witcher 3.

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