The Witcher 3 Wine Is Sacred Walkthrough

Someone has been stealing a special wine from under your nose in The Witcher 3 and Wine is Sacred quest has you finding out who is responsible

Wine is Sacred is another main quest in The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine expansion that players should take only once they have reached level 42. This is a challenging quest and needs some expertise from the player’s side to be completed.

As players reach level 42, they have already seen so much bloodshed in The Witcher 3. Now that you have dealt with more than half of the missions that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Blood and Wine, let’s talk about some of the more sacred things, like wine.

To begin this quest, players must first complete the Where Children Toil, Toys Waste Away quest. As soon as it is completed, players need to leave the house where that quest has ended and head towards the fast-travel spot that is located nearby.

Once there, players then need to run towards the Beauclair Palace. Here you’ll find steps leading upwards. Follow those steps, and in the end, you’ll find the Duchess. That is where the ‘Wine is Sacred’ quest begins.

The Witcher 3 Wine is Sacred

The Blood and Wine quest Wine is Sacred starts with Geralt traveling to the Beauclair Palace. Upon reaching the waypoint, you chat with the Duchess and Damien.

Here you have to inform the Duchess about the beast, Dettlaff, and what you learned from the toy store. The Duchess will be disappointed that Geralt was unable to kill the Beast of Beauclair. Eventually, you will tell The Duchess you intend to find the blackmailer in order to free the woman, Dettlaff’s lover, being held captive.

Here Geralt will show her a letter that belongs to the blackmailer. The letter will have wine spots on it. The Duchess Anna will now call Ducal Sommelier to inspect it. Without taking much time, Ducal Sommelier will say it is 1269 Sangreal. That is a special wine that is only made for the Ducal family in TW3 Wild Hunt.

Moreover, he will reveal that this wine is only made in the Castel Ravelo Vineyard. Listening to this, the Duchess will decide to visit the Vineyard herself, and you have to go with her.

After starting your journey, just keep an eye out for some panthers, as they will keep attacking the wagon. These panthers are weak against Beast Oil so make sure you craft some beast oil beforehand. This will buff your damage and make killing panthers easier.

After that, continue the journey, and you will get to the vineyard owner Fabricio. The owner is annoyed at the first meeting and only answers two questions, so Duchess decides to investigate herself.

Follow the Duchess to the cellar

The Duchess will take you to a vineyard’s cellar in Castel Ravelo with some loot, a ledger on the table, and so on. Collect them, including the hammer and the tap, before heading to the marker on the map.

In the cellar, you have to figure out which barrel contains the 1269 Sangreal. The ones you need to tap for the Duchess to taste are on the top floor, at the end of the walkway. Just tap any two barrels at the end and let Anna taste them. Once she does, you will find out that this wine isn’t the 1269 Sangreal at all and you have been lied to.

At this point, some bandits will enter the cellar and you need to defeat them. Keep in mind that you are in a wine cellar and the barrels can explode. So avoid using Igni or bombs as they can damage you too. Once the bandits are defeated, head outside.

Talk to Fabricio again

Outside the cellar you need to talk to Fabricio again and you will get to know that he sold wine to the Cintrian aristocraft. He further reveals that he is preparing one more barrel for shipment. This barrel needs to be delivered to Fort Astre Ruins. That is where you need to head next.

Now both Damien and you will decide to get an ambush ready at Fort Astre for the buyers. Once at the ruins, you will have to fight alongside the Ducal guards to defeat all the bandits in the area.

After the argument has ended, the ducal party will give you the option of staying or leaving. Even if you stay, you must meet Damien and the Duchess at Beauclair Port to complete the job. During the conversation, you both will decide to talk again at the Mandragora party in TW3.

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