The Witcher 3 The King Is Dead, Long Live The King Walkthrough

You have to sneak into a lab to complete The King is Dead, Long Live the King quest in The Witcher 3. We will show you how.

The King is Dead, Long Live the King is one of the main story quests in The Witcher 3 that takes place on Skellige. The quest automatically gets started once players reach Skellige and finish Destination: Skellige.

After the King’s funeral, you will have a conversation with Yennefer. Right after the conversation, “Cerys a Craite” will come to invite both of you to the King’s wake. In the quest, Geralt will help Yennefer get the Mask of Uroboros from Ermion’s workshop.

On a comparative scale, The King is Dead, Long Live the King quest is easier than the others and can be started at a low level below 20. Below we have provided a detailed walkthrough of the quest and the impact of any major choices.

The Witcher 3 The King is Dead, Long Live the King

As soon as the quest begins, the first thing that players need to do is to meet Yennefer. Before the meeting with Yennefer, you can wear formal attire, as this will get you 150 XP and her approval. Players need to enter Yennefer’s room to get this attire and loot the glowing chest for the clothes.

You will meet Yennefer outside Kaer Trolde where she will give her approval over your clothing choice or chastise you if you decided to wear something other than formal attire.

Head to the castle

Enter Kaer Trolde with her, and you will share a table with “Jarl’s Sons” and “Cerys an Craite.” During the conversations, Cerys will give you the option of a foot race. You can either accept or refuse it. Whether you let Cerys win the race or not is up to you as it has no impact on the game.

After a while, Yennefer will come up to you and ask you to come with her for a private conversation. You will meet “Jarl Donar” and “Jarl Madman” while going with her.

Madman will insult Yennefer, and there you”ll have to decide what to do:

  • Take strict action and make Madman learn a lesson.
  • Calm down the situation.

It’s better to fight as this will create an impression on Yennefer, and this will get you 150 XP.

Ermion’s Workshop

Once the issue with Jarl Madman is resolved, Yennefer will tell you precisely what she wants and why she came to the castle. Yennefer wants to steal the Mask of Uroboros from Ermion’s workshop in The Witcher 3.

Yennefer will lead you to Ermion’s workshop. As you follow her, you will see a big mysterious door. Open the door (here Geralt with get a cut on his hand) and enter the room. In the room you”ll have to kill all the animals. There’s nothing to worry about these animals as they deal a small amount of damage.

After killing animals, enter the next room where you”ll finally find Mead. It is easy to distinguish Mead from other items as it is on the table next to the bed.

Secret chamber

Take the Mead to the statue in the room and place it on its hand to open a hidden door. The mask you are looking for is in the next room, and to get it, you first have to take out the Earth Elemental.

Earth Elemental is no different than other enemies you have faced in The Witcher 3 so far. Players need to kill the Earth Elemental using the same dodge and hit strategy they have used so far in the Witcher 3 to kill other creatures. The good part of this fight is that you have Yennefer with you, who will help you in your fight.

Yennefer knows some magic spells that she will cast and distract the Earth Elemental from attacking you; however, when the Elemental hits, it hits hard and damages a lot; thus, players can use the Quen rune to protect themselves against the Earth Elemental.

The best way to kill the Earth Elemental is to blow heavy strikes on the Elemental when Yennefer has cast a spell. This way, it will get the most damage and won’t be able to dodge your attack.

Getting out of Ermion’s lab

Once you have killed the Earth Elemental, a poisonous gas will start spreading around the room. Pick up Mask of Uroboros and wait till the Yennefer teleport you and herself out of this trap.

Here Yennefer will ask you to think about something. The outcome of King is Dead, Long Live the King will be decided based on the next decision you make. Depending on your dialogue choice, you will be teleported to different areas of the castle.

We’re gonna choke and dieKing’s wake
Damn, I wanna kiss you, Yenn.Yenn’s room

If you chose the option that leads you to Yennefer’s room, you will see the famous unicorn sex scene and this will conclude the quest.

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