The Witcher 3 A Poet Under Pressure and Breakneck Speed Walkthrough

Dandelion might know where Ciri is so this The Witcher 3 guide for A Poet Under Pressure will help you free him from prison.

After Geralt has found Dudu in The Play’s The Thing, A Poet Under Pressure quest will start automatically in The Witcher 3. The objectives of this quest are to make and implement an ambush plan to stop the Caravan in order to free Dandelion while he is being shifted from the prison in Temple Isle to Oxenfurt.

While Geralt and Zoltan work up details of the ambush to save Dandelion, Dudu is tasked with sending a secret message once the caravan starts its journey.

Below we have gone over the complete walkthrough of A Poet Under Pressure quest in The Witcher 3 to help you rescue Dandelion. This quest is necessary in order to start the Blood and Wine expansion.

The Witcher 3 A Poet Under Pressure

Before you start the ambush, you will need some manpower, more than what Zoltan can provide. That is where Djikstra comes in as he has the muscle to help you free Dandelion.

Ask for help from Djikstra

Once the players have completed the “Count Reuven’s Treasure” quest and require assistance for the “A Poet Under Pressure” quest, they can locate Dijkstra at his bathhouse in Novigrad. Situated near the Vegelbud residence, in the southern part of the city.

Players can approach Dijkstra in the bathhouse to ask for his aid with the ongoing quest. He will be willing to lend you some of his men for the ambush. Initially, he agrees to give three of his men, but a bit more conversation will lead to 4.

Dijkstra will be willing to give six men, but for that, he would like to know what you are planning. You can either choose to tell him and gain 6 men for the ambush or keep the details of the mission a secret from him and continue with the 4 he promised earlier.

Once you have secured the manpower to free Dandelion in The Witcher 3, it is time to head to the ambush site which is located to the east of Seven Cats Inn.

The ambush

Make your way towards the marked area outside the city. Here you will see some men in the bushes. They are part of the ambush plan. Climb up the hill, and you will find Zoltan waiting there.

Geralt will converse with Zoltan; meanwhile, Priscilla will appear from the back of the hill. Geralt and Zoltan both will get surprised. She will deliver a message from Dudu that the convoy will leave at dawn.

She will ask Geralt if she could stay with them. You can choose to allow Priscilla to stay for the ambush or ask her to leave. Either choice will not have any effect on the quest. To pass the time, she offers to play a game of Gwent.

Once the prison caravan arrives, a fight will start as Djikstra’s men cut down a tree to block the path of the convoy. Geralt will see a rider carrying someone (Dandelion) on the horse, running away from the ambush site.

Here you have two choices: carry out the fight or leave it to Zoltan and his men and start following the horse. Leaving the site and following the horse is recommended here as it will lead you to Dandelion.

Track Dandelion

Mount on Roach and start following the hoof prints using Witcher Senses. While passing by the lake, you can also find Dandelion’s ring that can be returned after rescuing him in the TW3 Wild Hunt. You need to be focused as there are drowners nearby the ring.

Follow the hoof prints, and they will pass through Honeyfill Meadworks. You will find a couple of pages of Dandelion poetry on the way. Continue the pursuit, and you will reach a fork with a couple of peasants working there.

Here you can ask the blacksmith for the correct direction, but he will misguide you about taking the left path. Here you need to take the right path instead of the left and start following the scent trail.

Following the hoof prints and scent will lead you to a dead horse up the hill near some cabins. Here you will find three Halflings outside the cabin. They will confirm that a Witch Hunter kicked them out, and another man (Dandelion) is with him inside.

Enter the cabin and defeat the witch hunter

The Halflings provide you with the backdoor key for clearing their cabin in The Witcher 3. The back door will lead you to a basement connecting to the main cabin under the ground. Climb the ladder, and you hear the Witch hunter talking with Dandelion. 

Upon opening the door, a fight starts between Geralt and the Witch hunter. After defeating him, you need to untie Dandelion to set him free. Once that is done, Geralt and Dandelion will get outside to chat with Zoltan and Priscilla. 

Ciri’s Breakneck Speed quest

Upon inquiring about Ciri, Dandelion will start telling Ciri’s Story: Breakneck Speed quest. Dandelion begins to recount the events before his capture by the Temple Guard. He mentions involvement in a play called “The Doppler’s Salvation

He also narrates how he received a warning message from Dudu, a Doppler posing as him. Investigating the lead, he encounters witch hunters and narrowly escapes, only to be captured by the Temple Guard, triggering Geralt’s quest to find and rescue him.

 Once the flashback is over, the “A Poet Under Pressure” quest will be completed and you will earn 1000 XP as reward.

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