The Witcher 3: Get Junior Quest Guide

Learn what each dialogue choice does in the Get Junior quest of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt because every decision impacts your next quests.

Get Junior is a main quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. After the quest Broken Flowers, your search for Dandelion continues as you find out that a crime boss, Cyprian Wiley, also known as Whoreson Junior, may know about his whereabouts. Geralt sets out on the hunt to find Junior and inquire about Dandelion. This guide will tell you all you need to know and how to complete Witcher 3 Get Junior easily and ultimately make the best decision.

Visiting the Bathhouse

To begin the quest, you shall first visit Sigismund’s Bathhouse which is located to the north of the city. You will not be allowed to enter the bathhouse at first, but eventually, will escort you into a private section of the bathhouse, where you will meet Dijkstra, Francis Bedlam, Carlo Varese and Count Reuven. They will show their hate towards Junior, and then the bathhouse will be raided by the Whoreson bandits. Fight them off and then talk to Dijkstra in private, who will then give you 3 locations where you can find Junior.

locations to find junior

It does not matter in what order you visit the 3 locations, but remember that commotion in one place will cause a little disturbance in the other places. That means asking about Junior or killing people. From Count Reuven, you can also receive the quest, “Count Reuven’s Treasure,” which is an important quest as well. You can choose to do the quest right after you receive it or you can complete it after Get Juinior quest.

The Casino

Make your way into the Casino. You can enter by force or peacefully. Entering by force will lock the secret passage of the casino. Going in peacefully will result in less violence. If you have Delusion level 2 or higher, use the Axii dialogue to get inside or pay him 200 crowns. Once inside, head over to the first floor and play 2 or 3 games of Gwent with the players on the tables. Doing so will have the ‘dealer’ approach you and take you to a high-stakes room which will be on the second floor. Once inside, he will try to kill you and in response, a fight will occur.

After the fight, talk to the beaten-up halfling tied to a chair in the investigation room.

He will tell you that Junior is working with the Redanians. He will also say that you will be rewarded for sparing his life and you will unlock the side quest ‘Honor Amongst Thieves’. You can report this to Dijkstra or complete the other locations first.


To escape the battle in the Casino and keep your identity hidden for the secret passage, make a deal with the dwarves through Carlo Varese at the bathhouse. His men will be stationed outside the Casino a little far waiting for your signal. When you are taken into the interrogation room, kill the dealer, talk to the halfling but do not let him go, and then run outside the casino. Talk to the dwarves and they will go into the casino and fight Junior’s men.


Now, head on over to the Hideout. In the hideout, all you have to do is interact with 3 different clues. When you arrive at the hideout, the dwarves will have already looted the place. Use the Witcher sense to detect the 3 clues, which will glow read. Two are on the ground floor, and one is on the first floor.



The arena is the more lively location of the 3. You can either go in by force or with peace. You will first have to use Axii dialogue or 100 crowns to get into the arena. Once inside, you will head down towards the area where all the people are gathered and talk to Igor. You will tell him that you wish to become a bodyguard and hence, he shall test your skill by putting you in the arena. You shall have to win every battle in the arena, which includes men, dogs, and a bear in succession. Once you win all battles, Junior will appear on a balcony of the throne room in front of you, but before you can properly talk to him, the dwarves will raid the arena, and Junior will order his men to kill you.

Kill his men, including Igor. Loot his body to find a key and make your way into the throne room where you will unfortunately not find Junior, but will find loot and a box that requires the key. Inside the box are letters

In one of the letters is a path to the secret stash inside the arena. Follow the path and head to the chamber below the throne room. On the wall to your left, use Witcher Sense to see that the wall is a trap door.

secret stash door

Interact with the lamp on the right to open the door and enter the stash room. Loot everything and make your way out of the arena.

Report to Dijkstra

Once you have visited all 3 locations, meet up with Dijkstra where the marker leads you. Tell him about your recent discovery that Junior is working with Redania. He will then direct you to Vernon Roche. Veron has contacts within the Redanians and will ask you to meet him at the Oxenfurt Chess Club.

At the chess club, you will discover that the contact is not here, and instead, you will meet Radovid. Radovid will give you the location of Junior and his current hideout.

Confronting Whoreson Junior

Travel to the hideout location. You will come across two guards at the entrance of the hideout. Talk to them, and if you have not caused any trouble at the casino and arena, you will tell them that you have brought whores, and they will guide you toward the secret passage. But if you have caused any trouble, they will immediately recognize you and attack you. Fight them and loot the front door key from their dead bodies.

You will have to face some more of Junior’s men, kill them all, and find Junior upstairs. Talk to him and find out about Ciri. Once the conversation and Ciri flashback are finished, you have a choice to either kill him or spare him. There isn’t much difference to the story, whether you kill him or not, but your objective is to kill him, so it is better to kill Junior on the spot. SPARING Junior will only have him on the streets in the future as a beggar.

How can you take the Secret Passage?

When you tell the guards that you brought whores, a house will be marked for you to use as an entry. It will be on the southern side of the town. Enter the house, head to the basement, and go down into the passage.

secret passage

While going through the passage, you will encounter a split. Take the right side and move forward till you reach a brick wall. Use Witcher Sense to detect a loose brick and use Aard to knock it down. Enemies will be waiting for you in the basement that you have just entered. Kill them and make your way upstairs, where you will meet more enemies. Kill them all and on the second floor, you will find Whoreson Junior.

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