The Witcher 3 Bald Mountain Quest Guide

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s missions will lead you all across the world, including Bald Mountain. Bald Mountain is one of the main locations you must visit to progress in the main story and one of the crucial missions. Unfortunately, the path to Bald Mountain in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is locked, and you have no other way of getting into the Mountain other than the locked path. 

You will find the Key to Bald Mountain in the quest “Bald Mountain,” where you are actually supposed to go to the Bald Mountain, but it’s not so clear where you find the Key. Here we will help you learn how to get into Bald Mountain in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

How to get the key to Bald Mountain

As we said, the Key to Bald Mountain is found during the “Bald Mountain” quest in The Witcher 3. The quest has you out to seek revenge from Imlerith and Crones, both of which are conveniently on Bald Mountain. 

In this quest, other than Imlerith and Crones, you also face Fugas as a boss. Fugas, although not a significant boss, deserves special attention in this case. Fugas drop the Bald Mountain Key for the door at the Road to Bald Mountain, in the caves below the mountain.

After the fight with Fugas, players gain control of Ciri before picking up the Key. Once players regain control of Geralt after playing as Ciri, go back to the caves where you defeated Fugas and loot the road to bald mountain key.

The Witcher 3 Bald Mountain walkthrough

As you start the Bald Mountain mission in TW3, you do not have a passageway to Bald Mountain. As you head to the Mountain, you meet a couple of townsfolk, and they tell you of a woman who knows the way into Bald Mountain. It’s your job to visit this older woman and get the woman to grant you passage. 

Visit Johnny, and he will guide you to where the old woman can be found. Follow the marker, and visit Thecla. Thecla only allows human sacrifices up the Mountain.

Ciri is immediately selected as a good-looking sacrifice for Thecla to present. For Geralt, he has to prove himself worthy enough by completing Thecla’s test successfully. 

Thecla’s test

Thecla will take Geralt to a lake and throw in a coin. Your task is simple. All you need to do is go down and retrieve the coin from the bottom of the lake. 

While in the lake, you will be ganked by drowners. Use your crossbow to kill them, and look for the coin at the Bottom of the lake. At the bottom, the coin will be glowing red, making it easier to spot.

Get the coin and reach the top. Climb the cliff and meet up with Thecla and her assistant with the coin. Thecla will accept that you are worthy, and her assistant will lead you to the entrance of the Mountain. 

As you follow the assistant, make sure you grab all supplies that you might find. This is important as you are heading to the Fugas boss fight.

Fugas Boss Fight

As you reach the mountain entrance, Fugas looks upon you. He, like Thecla, approves Ciri to pass through, while Geralt is deemed unworthy. On revealing the coin, he announces that the red coin is a death sentence and attacks, starting the boss fight. 

Fugas is a slow boss. You can dodge most of the Fugas’s attacks easily, and the only thing you have to look out for is Fugas’s stomp, which can stun Geralt and leave him open for a spell.

Fugas is weak to fire, and since he is absurdly slow, you can blast him with fireballs. The fight against Fugas is straightforward, and you can kill him without taking any damage at all.

After Fugas falls, Ciri and Geralt decide to split up and go for the Crones and Imlerith at once. Geralt goes after Imlerith, and Ciri goes after Crones. After the cutscene, Geralt scales the Mountain without bothering with the actual passage and climbs the Mountain to get to Imlerith.

On the other hand, you gain control of Ciri and go after the Ladies of the Woods, the Crones. Since the game instantly switches to Ciri, you don’t get a chance to loot Fugas for the key to bald mountain. Thankfully, once you regain control of Geralt after the boss fight against the Crones, you can go back to the area where you fought Fugas and loot the key as Geralt to open the door at Bald Mountain.

Crones Boss Fight

Ciri has some serious beef with the Crones, who have been tormenting her for a long time. As you progress, Ciri will catch up to the Crones, and you have to fight a three-on-one battle against all three Crones at once. 

One of Crone’s abilities is to turn into a flock of birds and teleport around the arena. Although the Crones are slow for the most part, this teleporting ability allows them excellent maneuverability.

It can be a massive problem if you are not maintaining your distance from the Crones or are going in too much for attacking. Lastly, the flock of birds these Crones turn into WILL damage you if it hits you. So even if you see a Crone teleporting, it’s best to get out of their way. 

Although old women, Crones can pack a punch, and we do not recommend trying to block or dodge their attacks, as it will only do you any good. For this same reason, you want to ensure you don’t engage multiple Crones simultaneously.

Try to make sure that you separate the Crones before you engage them, and it will be much easier for you to deal with them since all three Crones have different speeds at which they are more dangerous. You can easily separate the Crone and work on each of them separately. 

One of the three Crones escapes the encounter with Ciri, and you must defeat all three Crones to end the fight. After the battle, one of the three Crones, Weavess, gets up and escapes.

Imlerith Boss Fight

Imlerith is a deceptive boss. However, he seems slow, with all his armor and the shield he carries. During most of the fight, you will find Imlerith constantly teleporting around the arena and flanking you, so make sure you are always ready to dodge an attack.

Every time Imlerith teleports, a barrier of ice surrounds him. You need to use fire attacks to melt it off before you can do any damage. Due to this, you need to switch between Quen and Igni for this fight constantly. 

Don’t get greedy in the Imlerith fight. Dodge one of Imlerith’s attacks and get in a few hits of your own from behind him. After that, back away and get ready for him to teleport again and repeat.

After you have depleted almost all of Imlerith’s health, you see him die in one of the most satisfying cutscenes in the game. From here, Geralt will head off the Mountain and meet up with Yennefer and Triss.

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