The Witcher 3: Through Time And Space Quest Guide

Defeating Imlerith on Bald Mountain ignited a ray of hope for you and your allies against the Wild Hunt in The Witcher 3. In the main quest, Through Time and Space, Avallac’h will ask you to accompany him to his home world where they can chalk up a plan to defeat Eredin and his remaining generals.

Through Time and Space is one of the four quests that you need to complete before Final Preparations, the grand showdown against the Wild Hunt at Kaer Morhen.

This is a relatively straightforward quest without any major decisions to make in the game. The following guide will nonetheless walk you through the Through Time and Space quest of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

How to start the quest

The quest can be started by visiting Dandelion’s Inn in Novigrad. Head inside the VIP apartment on the Inn’s top floor and begin your conversation with Avallac’h.

You have the option to start the quest after your conversation concludes, or you can meet him after preparing for your long journey. You will need a lot of supplies, so gather items like Elementa oil, Dimeritium Bomb, and other essential potions to get through the journey.

Gather the items and meet Avallac’h again on the street that is on the north side of the Inn. You will enter the same house where you met Tilly and Sarah while exploring the region with Triss during the Novigrad Dreaming quest.


Head to the basement and break down the wall. You will see a portal, and Avallac’h will activate it. Travel through the portal to another world to start Through Time and Space in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Through Time and Space walkthrough

You will teleport to a desert along with Avallac’h. You need to follow Avallac’h to reach your next destination. He will converse about how this desert used to be an ocean. Additionally, there are tree stumps on the side of the track that you can loot during your walk.

You will arrive at the next portal with Avallac’h, but you have to wait for a minute or so to use it. A few Sandcrabs will spawn during this time, and you have to eliminate them. Using Insectoid Oil on your sword is preferred as you can deal extra damage this way.

Do not wait to kill all the Sandcrabs, as they keep spawning every time you kill them. After eliminating the first wave, use the portal as it becomes active to travel to a world full of poison.

Move across the Valley of Poison

Your journey across the poisonous valley is going to be alone. Finding the next portal is solely your responsibility from here onward.

Head down the stairs from your starting position, and a cutscene will start indicating the teleport area along with an Aard Place of Power. You need to reach both places, as you will not get the chance again in the game.

The whole valley will be surrounded by poisonous fumes, inflicting severe damage to your health. The trick to getting past all these deadly fumes is running. You need to run through the fields as quickly as possible and take advantage of the higher grounds to catch your breath.

Remember, the lower grounds always inflict damage, while higher grounds are your safe points. After crossing two poisonous fields, turn right to reach the Place of Power. Gain 1 Aard ability point from the place and turn north to reach the portal.

Your direction will be opposite to the portal, but do not worry, as you have to use safe areas. These areas are scattered in a maze-like pattern. You have to take several routes to reach your destination.

Head down to the lower ground and cross another poisoned field. Make a left turn, and you will see some rock-like pillars. Be ready to sprint again as you cross another deadly field and climb up to the higher ground.

You are on the right path if you see massive skeletons lying in the next field. Just run again through the next field and get to the safer spot. Now all you have to do is cross one last field by running through it and reaching the portal.

You need to open the portal and travel to the underwater world.

Cross the Underwater World

You will be surprised as, from the deadly world of poison, you will reach the elven ruins that now lie under the water. You do not have to do much here as the portal is very close. There are four minor loot containers that you can loot. You should carry Killer Whale potion to acquire all these loots easily.

You can find one loot container right behind where you spawned after teleporting. Move toward the left side from your spawn to gain the other two containers and get the last one by moving close to the portal, as it’s right next to that place.

Open the portal and travel to the world that sends chills through every part of the body.

Travel the World of Ice

Your arrival at this place initiates a remark from Geralt that shows how cold the site is. Take a short walk to come across a wall. You can break the wall using your sword.

This place might remind you of the valley of poison you traveled to, as you take constant damage while being open in the area. You cannot even eat food or use Swallow to recover your health as the Snowstorm status effect makes your walk miserable.

The only way to overcome this continuous damage is to take cover. Run from one cover to another and use sources of flames, such as campfires, stoves, etc., to recover your health.

You cannot rely on your signs as Quen only offers protection for one or two seconds, and that too when you are not freezing. You should keep Ekhinda decoction with yourself before starting this journey.

The potion is perfect for this situation as it allows you to recover vitality by performing stamina-using actions. It means you can jump after every few seconds to gain back vitality. This will make your exploration of the area very easy but do not go toward the edges of the town. You will instantly get killed as the snowstorm there is more intense.

After moving from one cover to another, you will get out in the open, and the situation will feel like getting out of hand. However, you will slide down through some distance to start a cutscene.

The scene shows Geralt leaving a house. You will see the same cutscene even if you reach the front of the house from any other direction.

You can see a lighthouse from the top of the house, and that’s where Avallac’h might be waiting for you. Loot all the stuff from the house before leaving for the lighthouse. Head toward the lighthouse, and you might encounter several notes put down by the travelers, including Anna’s notes along with Ervyl’s diary. Additionally, you can also get random loot from containers.

While heading toward the lighthouse, you might have to fight some Hounds of the Wild Hunt. Two are inside a building that looks like a barn, and three more exist on the southwest side of the lighthouse.

Use Elementa Oil on your silver sword before initiating the fight, as these creatures take extra damage from this. Additionally, these creatures are very weak against your Igni and Axii signs. Having Dimeritium Bomb in your inventory allows you to hold the hounds back as they cannot use their annoying abilities.

Head to the chamber below the lighthouse by taking the entrance situated in the southwest corner of the stone that holds the entire structure of the lighthouse. Head inside, and you will find Avallac’h sitting beside the fire, warming himself.

Avallac’h reveals that the current world is the same where Geralt fought against Eredin’s reflection. After talking about several things with him, end the conversation and take the portal that appears to reach your final destination of the quest.

Meet with Ge’els

After traveling through different worlds, you finally reach Tir na Lia to meet with Ge’els. You just have to follow Avallac’h as he leads you toward Ge’els. You can also pick a report while walking from the bench that explains how the White Frost is expanding in the world of The Witcher 3.

Ge’els will be painting an elf girl as you arrive with Avallac’h. A small conversation takes place between all the members, and Avallac’h tries to convince Ge’els to help them against Eredin.

Ge’els agrees to move with you and witness the dream through an oneiromancer. This shows that all your troubles were worth it from the start until the end.

You will return to Novigrad, and Ciri will be alongside you. Tilly will help you facilitate the dream for Ge’els. After seeing the dream, Ge’els asks you to use Sunstone to lure Eredin.

He agrees to keep his forces stationed meaning there will be no reinforcement for the Naglfar during the battle. Avallac’h will facilitate Ge’els travel back to Tir na Lia, and the Through Time and Space quest will complete in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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