The Witcher 3 A Towerful Of Mice Quest Walkthrough

In your attempt to romance Keira, you will have to complete A Towerful of Mice in The Witcher 3. Allow us to explain how to do that.

In The Witcher 3, right after completing An Invitation From Keira Metz quest, you will get your hands on a side quest called A Towerful of Mice. As part of A Towerful of Mice quest, your main job is to lift the curse from the Fyke Isle, but you have to complete different objectives before that.

A Towerful of Mice is an essential quest for Geralt if you wish to romance Keira Metz in The Witcher 3 so you don’t want to miss that. One more important thing to note is you must complete this quest before starting The Isle of Mists quest. Because if you haven’t finished it before, it will fail right when you begin the Isle of Mists quest in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt.

To make you complete this quest quickly, we have prepared a complete walkthrough of the A Towerful of Mice in The Witcher 3 Wild hunt. 

The Witcher 3 A Towerful of Mice walkthrough

The quest begins right after you complete the An Invitation From Keira Metz quest in The Witcher 3. In this quest, you have different objectives and choices to make, affecting its ending.

Below you will find all the objectives and choices you can make during A Towerful of Mice in TW3 Wild Hunt and their consequences.

Use Keira’s boat to reach Fyke Isle

After starting the quest, your first objective is to use the Keira boat to get to Fyke Isle. So get into the boat and head towards the Island. Right after reaching the Island, you will find Rotfiends, Drowners, and Ghouls. Take them out and head towards the tower marked on the map.

Use the magic lamp to find ghosts (Optional)

There is also an optional objective that you can complete before heading toward the tower of mice. You have to use magic lamps in different places to find the ghosts and earn extra XP. The various places where you can use the magic lamps in TW3 Wild Hunt are given below. Unfortunately the magic lamp only works in A Towerful of Mice quest and can’t be used on ghosts outside Fyke Isle.

  • Basement near the Fast Travel point
  • The southern edge of the Yellow marker
  • Main building’s northeast side
  • All floors of the tower except third

Head toward the tower and start exploring it

Your next objective after that is to enter the Tower and start its exploration. In the tower, you will see that area is full of rats, and by using the lamp, you can see the recently killed peasant’s last moments.

Here you will also notice a new body, and after investigating it, Keira will direct you to the mage lab. 

Find the mage Alexander’s laboratory

Head to the top of the tower to enter the mage lab. The lab is hidden, so Geralt has to pull two levers to open the entryway. One lever is next to the bookshelves, and the other is next to the window.

Pull the levers down, and the door of the Alexander laboratory will open. After that, you must use Keira’s lamp to investigate Alexander’s laboratory.

Use the magic lamp to contact Anabelle

After investigating the laboratory, you can use the mage Lamp to meet the daughter of the former lord, Anabelle. She will reveal other details to you about mage Alexander’s experiments. Anabelle told Geralt about a potion that Alexander gave her. She said to him that the rats eat her alive because of that potion.

Anabelle also told Geralt about her lover Graham who left her on the Isle to die. Here Geralt explains to her that the curse is centered around her, and to break it, she has to forgive Graham because only love can break it.

Anabelle listens to you and gives you an option saying that she will forgive him if you take her bones to Graham to bury. Here Geralt has two options to choose from. He can either trust the wraith and agree or refuse the request of Anabelle.

If you help Anabelle

If you decide to help, take the bones from Anabelle and go to the nearby village to find Graham’s hut. Graham will tell you his side of the story, and after that, you leave his hut. But after moving a little forward, you will hear and scream from Graham’s hut. 

When you go back to check, you will find Graham dead and find out that Anabella is a Plague maiden and she has killed Graham.

This will lift the curse as the bones are off Fyke Island. But because of choosing this option, a pesta is free to roam and spread plague in the world. You will get your 300 Crowns reward as the Island is free from the curse.

If you refuse Anabelle’s request

On the other hand, if you don’t trust her and refuse to take her bones to Graham, she will ask you to talk to Graham and take him to her. She will reveal herself and attack you if you don’t trust her. You can fight her but obviously can only defeat her once the curse is lifted.

Now Keira again advises you to talk to Graham and ask him to come with you and prove his love to lift the curse from the Island. After you head back to the Island with Graham, both of you are attacked by Curse Victims.

Take them out and head to the tower’s top, where Graham will explain to Anabelle that he still loves her and didn’t mean to leave her. Here Anabelle will ask Graham to kiss her to prove his love.

When Graham kisses her, he will die and unite with her in death. This will lift the curse from the Island. You will get 500 Crowns for refusing Anabelle’s request in The Witcher 3.

Tell Keira you’ve lifted the curse on Fyke Isle

After that, you must return to Keira and tell her that you have successfully lifted the curse. This will complete A Towerful of Mice side quest in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, and you will get the next quest called A Favor for a Friend.

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