How To Get Tesham Mutna Armor Set In The Witcher 3

Get your hands on the blackest of black armor sets in The Witcher 3.

The Tesham Mutna armor set is part of the Blood and Wine expansion pack and is categorized as a heavy armor set in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Except for its mask, all of the other pieces of the set need you to be at least level 39. This also means that the Tesham Mutna armor set is a late-game set to find.

In addition to its sleek, all-black appearance, the Tesham Mutna armor set features a highly useful passive ability that restores your health after killing enemies. This healing aspect during battles is why you should definitely consider getting the set.

The following guide will tell you how to get the Tesham Mutna armor set in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Where to find the Tesham Mutna armor set in The Witcher 3

Similar to the Undvik and Temerian armor sets, the Tesham Mutna armor set cannot be crafted. There are no diagrams to find in the game. You can directly get the entire armor set during the La Cage au Fou main quest, where you head out to find the higher vampire Dettlaff.

Follow through the main objectives until you reach the Tesham Mutna ruins.

Here, you need to head into the secret vampire lair, where you will come across a large treasure chest that contains the Tesham Mutna armor, trousers, and steel sword. There is no Tesham silver sword in this set.

For the rest of the set, which includes the Tesham Mutna mask and boots, you need to make your way deeper into the ruins. When you spot a stairway, turn left to find another chest for the two pieces.

The Tesham Mutna gauntlets are also in the ruins and will be the last to find. When you come across two skeletons, check the wooden shelf to complete your Tesham Mutna armor set.

If you don’t want to go through all the trouble of finding the Tesham Mutna gear set in The Witcher 3, you can always use console commands to add the armor and weapons to your inventory. Simply open the console commands window and type in the codes to receive each part of the Tesham Mutna armor set and weapons

ItemConsole Command
Tesham Mutna maskq702_vampire_mask
Tesham Mutna armorq702_vampire_armor
Tesham Mutna trousersq702_vampire_pants
Tesham Mutna bootsq702_vampire_boots
Tesham Mutna gauntletsq702_vampire_gloves
Tesham Mutna steel swordq702 vampire steel sword

How good is the Tesham Mutna armor set

The Tesham Mutna armor set provides excellent resistance against all sorts of damage. It has a combined armor rating of 230 with additional benefits in terms of +5 per starting level when you opt for New Game Plus.

While wearing the Tesham Mutna armor, trousers, boots, and gauntlets, you will get a total of +50 percent resistance to piercing damage along with +40 percent resistance to bludgeoning damage that you sustain.

Apart from these, you also get a combined +50 percent resistance against slashing damage and +40 percent resistance to damage from monsters, so overall, this armor set can change the tide of battle in your favor easily.

The only drawback of the Tesham Mutna armor set is that it eats up your stamina due to it being a heavy armor set. Therefore, your movements won’t be as flashy compared to the rest of the armor sets, but it balances the protection stats against the damage you take, so overall, it’s a good deal.

Apart from stats, the Tesham Mutna armor set gives you a vampiric aura that restores your maximum health during battles. More importantly, your healing will not be affected even if you get hit by an enemy.

Wearing three pieces will restore 3 percent of your health while all six pieces of the armor set will restore 6 percent of your health.

How to get the Hen Gaidth armor set

The Hen Gaidth armor set is another heavy armor that was introduced in the Blood and Wine expansion pack. The Hen Gaidth armor set is the same as the Tesham Mutna armor set. The only difference is that it comes in all red instead of black and that it offers more armor.

While the Tesham Mutna armor set is not missable since it is tied to a main quest, the Hen Gaidth armor set can be permanently missed. If you make a different choice in the main storyline, you will automatically fail the option of meeting with the Unseen Elder, which will lock you out of getting the Hen Gaidth armor set in The Witcher 3.

While playing the main quest The Night of Long Fangs, you have to choose to go meet the Unseen Elder instead of finding Syanna in the Beyond Hill and Dale quest. This will start Blood Simple and What Lies Unseen in which you can get the Hen Gaidth armor set.

Once you reach the entrance of the lair, you will find Regis outside and the entrance blocked. As you interact with it, it will open. Keep moving down the tunnel, and then you have to make your way under by diving into the water until you see an opening.

Once you get out of the water, then move left, and you will find a chest. It will contain the Hen Gaidth gauntlets and steel swords.

After that you will see a stairway in the middle, keep moving until you reach a waterfall.  Head left and midway take another left by climbing the rock. At the end of this path, you will see a chest that you can loot to receive the Hen Gaidth mask and trousers.

The final pieces will be found in the chest, which sits atop the castle-type wall blocks on the right side of the waterfall. Once you discover this chest and loot it, you will receive the Hen Gaidth armor and boots, which will complete the Hen Gaidth armor set.

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