The Witcher 3 La Cage Au Fou Quest Guide

Deal with a wight's curse to find Dettlaff.

La Cage au Fou is part of the main story quest of Blood and Wine and is where you finally get to know that The Beast of Toussaint is none other than Dettlaff, the mysterious man who’s a friend of Regis’.

Tracking down a higher vampire is not going to be easy. You will need to craft a special concoction called Resonance to find where Dettlaff is hiding. However, finding the right ingredients is going to prove a challenge.

You will need to kill a Spotted Wight, a unique and powerful variant of a Wight that nearly drove the Witchers to extinction in the lore. There is also going to be an optional objective to get the Tesham Mutna armor set, a special heavy armor exclusive to Blood and Wine.

La Cage Au Fou quest in TW3 will begin right after you complete Blood Run. Regis will ask you to find him at his hideout in Mère-Lachaiselongue Cemetery, which lies east of the Beauclair Harbor and north of Francollarts. You can also take a walk from the Belgaard Vineyard to reach the cemetery.

Something important to note is that La Cage au Fou has several objectives with several different rewards. It is highly recommended to complete all of these objectives on your first visit to save time. You are also recommended to complete this quest before hitting level 43, or else your rewards will decrease in level.

Find another way to enter Regis’ hideout

When you reach the cemetery, the first thing you need to do is clear out all of the enemies over there. The only door to the crypt here is going to be locked, so you will need to find another way to enter Regis’ hideout.

Explore the cemetery a bit more to discover an open tomb. Drop down the hole, and you will reach a fork where you can either go left or right. Both lead to the crypt.

Apart from that, you will encounter enemies such as Kikimores there, so destroy them and then target their eggs. These creatures are weak to fire attacks, so use Igni to burn them, and you will receive 100 Experience Points.

If you take the left path

Going down the left path will meet a dead end. However, this is only an illusion. If you have The Eye of Nehaleni, you can remove the illusionary wall to loot the Casus Foederis silver sword from a sarcophagus.

Notice the left path in the room. Take that to enter the crypt.

If you take the right path

Going down the right path will meet some debris in your path that can be removed by using Aard. Continue on, and you will enter the crypt.


Both path choices are valid to help you reach Regis in La Cage Au Fou. However, because of the loot, I think the best choice would be to take the left path.

Speak with Regis

Your meeting with Regis will reveal that a Resonance potion can help track down Dettlaff. However, the potion requires some extremely rare ingredients, such as a Spotted Wight. Regis will tell you where you can find one. Wait until the cutscene is over, and then it is time to hunt down a Spotted Wight.

However, before you embark on hunting down this specific monster, you should check all the info about the Spotted Wight in the bestiary entry. Since this creature had nearly gone extinct thanks to the Witchers, finding a Spotted Wight is not going to be an easy task. Lastly, you will earn 100 Experience points for using the bestiary for info on the Spotted Wight.

Go to the Trastamara Estate Ruins

Travel west from the cemetery toward a creepy-looking manor on a hilltop. Follow the waypoint on your minimap to lead you straight toward it.

You’ll need to take out the Barghests that you encounter along the way. You’ll also find spoons everywhere in the area. Head toward the doorway to trigger a cutscene. Geralt will read the inscribed curse on the walls.

You will require some spotted wight saliva for the potion. There are two ways to get it: one involves killing the wight, and the other will have you lifting its curse.


I would recommend lifting the curse in La Cage Au Fou in The Witcher 3 as not only is it a nicer choice, but you also get your desired item, so there is no need to kill.

To lift the Wight’s curse, you must thoroughly search the area using your Witcher Senses. Items marked in red hue will tell you more about Wight’s Curse and her obsessions.

The items that you find related to the curse include a

  • Soiled letter on the bench
  • Stained diary in the oven
  • Decaying letters on the table next to the skeletons
  • Book lying around in the cellar

A recurring item that you will find here is Spoons, so be sure to examine them. Enter the farthest right room and search for a spoon-shaped key. This spoon key is necessary for starting the Spoontaneous Profits! secondary treasure hunt in The Witcher 3, so remember to pick it up.

Look to your right from where you found the key and head down the staircase. Now, take another right to enter the Wight’s Lair, where you will see a table and cauldron in front of you. 

If you have examined the items mentioned above, these will lift the curse in that place, and you will earn 300 Experience Points for lifting the curse in the La Cage Au Fou quest.

Wait till you are prompted to hide inside the cupboard. But before this, you must approach and examine the Wight’s cauldron.

This step is only needed if you want to lift the Wight’s curse. Skipping it will result in you being forced to fight the Wight and drive it away.


Once you are done dealing with the Wight, a door in the basement of Trastamara Estate will provide you with a shortcut to easily exit the ruins.

Lift the cures or kill the Wight

Stay inside to spy until the Wight notices. You’ll then be prompted to lift the Wight’s curse and be given three options: to eat dinner without spoons, with spoons, or by changing the spoons.

To lift the wight’s curse in La Cage Au Fou, you’ll need to eat without spoons. You will do so, after which you will pass out, but the Wight runs away. Wake up, take the saliva from the cauldron, and follow the stench of the brew to find the wight who has now transformed into an old woman.


If you go after the wight and kill it in the room littered with spoons you will get 650 Experience Points in The Witcher 3.

You will then take the woman, whose name is Marlene, to Corvo Bianco Vineyard. Talk to her later, and you can ask her to stay where she will work in the kitchen. By curing her, you can satisfy one of the conditions required in the quest There Can Be Only One.

You can also scare her where she runs away or, if you absolutely feel the need to, can kill her. Doing so will earn you several items, which include Greater Triglav runestone, a Green mutagen, a Monster liver and heart, a Wight saliva gland, Disgusting Wight Key, Wight Ear, Wight Trophy, Wight Hair, and a fork.

Fighting the Wight is very simple, just be ready to dodge as soon as she launches herself into a few spoons. She can grapple and stun you at this moment, so be ready.

However, Geralt has a personal code where he doesn’t fight sentient monsters and spares them. So, if you want to remain in character, curing her seems the better choice.

Go to the Tesham Mutna Ruins

Return to the Mere-Lachaiselongue Cemetery to talk to Regis. To find the remaining ingredient, the game will take you to Tesham Mutna. You have the option to either immediately head there or to wait until you are fully prepared.

As you enter Tesham Mutna Ruins during the events of the La Cage Au Fou Quest, the first room will have a few additional rewards that include pieces of the Tesham Mutna armor in The Witcher 3. Continue following Regis until you enter a room downstairs; you will find the remaining pieces of the Tesham Mutna armor set, including a sword, armor trousers, and some wall signs.

The final armor piece, the gauntlets, can be found in the hole to your left. Upon further exploration, you will be able to obtain the mask and boots for that specific armor set as well. Eventually, as you continue to head further along the hall, following Regis, you’ll trigger a cutscene.

Defeat the Necrophages

You are then handed Scavenger Bait for luring the monsters. Remove the debris, place the bait in each of the four tunnels, and return back to Regis.

The bait will attract monsters, and a fight will now commence where you’ll have to defeat a bunch of Necrophages and other enemies, including a Rotfiends, Scurvers, and a Katakan in The Witcher 3.

Use Quen to fend off exploding Rotfiends and Scurvers. For added damage on Nechrophages, use Nechrophage Oil on your swords. Furthermore, you can also use bombs such as Samum, Northern Wind, and Grapeshot bombs to deal with the incoming enemy in TW3.


You can use Superior Tawny Oil to increase your stamina regeneration so that you can keep using signs like Aard, and Quen more frequently to reinforce your defense in The Witcher 3.

You can also restrict the enemy movement temporarily by casting the Yrden sign to trap them and strike them with your heavy attacks. Lastly, make sure to lace your silver sword with Necrophage Oil to cut down as many Necrophages that come your way.

Keep on fighting the monsters and wait for Regis’s Bloodlust to build. It’ll take about 10 kills, after which Regis will transform. Grab the last ingredient, which will be his vampiric blood, and return to the cemetery to brew up the mixture.

After a little conversation, a cutscene will be triggered where you will observe Detlaff meeting with Count de la Croix. Moreover, the cutscene will end with the death of the Count de la Croix in The Witcher 3.

You can then speak with Regis, and after your conversation ends, you will have a new mission to follow Bootblack in TW3. This will conclude the La Cage Au Fou Quest for you, and you will receive 1000 Experience Points.

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