The Witcher 3: The Last Wish Quest Guide

Ready to see if your love for Yennefer is true?

The Last Wish is basically a secondary romance quest with Geralt’s love interest Yennifer in The Witcher 3. This is one of those quests in which you will not be getting a reward at the end, but the loot you will come across will make the Last Wish Quest a nice side adventure for you to pursue during your playthrough.

Moreover, the Last Wish quest will automatically initiate at Skellige Isles once you complete a quest called The Calm Before the Storm in The Witcher 3. Apart from that, the required level for undertaking this quest will be Level 15.

The Last Wish quest will also improve your relationship with Yennifer as you help her find the Djinn. However, this particular quest will involve a lot of swimming and searching, so it will keep you quite busy.

If you are interested in acquiring a ton of loot and successfully romancing Yennifer, then you can learn all the details in this quest guide for the last Wish Quest in The Witcher 3.

The Last Wish Quest walkthrough

At the end of the Quest The Calm before the Storm Yennifer will mention to Geralt about Ciri’s return through Emhyr’s intel. Geralt will bid her farewell but Yennifer will tell him to wait and take your time as she investigates a matter in Larvik. Yennifer will express her interest in a personal matter at Larvik and will ask you to meet her there so this will initiate the Last Wish quest for you in The Witcher 3.

Keep in mind that there is also a scenario in which the Last Wish Quest will be considered amongst your other failed quests. This will only come to pass if you pursue the secondary quest called Ugly Baby before you embark on The Last Wish as you will be saving Uma from Crow’s Perch in The Witcher 3.

Meet with Yennifer at Larvik


You can either accompany Yennifer to her meeting place at Larvik or simply head there to meet yourself. You will find her in a bar marked on the map above. Once you enter it you will see Yennifer bickering with two other men, and then she will move to the table on the right side. You can go to Yennifer and inquire about the matter.

Moreover, she will mention a mage, Amos var Ypsis, who was a specialist on Djinns. However, this mage set off for Skellige, and his ship was last seen off the coast of Hindarsfjall in The Witcher 3. According to the locals, a large storm broke off, causing his ship to sink, due to which the mage drowned.

Yennifer will express interest in finding his djinn and ask you to help her with this task. She will also state that there will be no reward for helping her with this task, so it is up to you if you want to help her in The Witcher 3. Geralt will agree, much to Yennifer’s surprise, and she will tell you that she had prepared for this scenario and that a boat awaits both of you at the harbor.


You will also have the option to refuse to help Yennifer, and if you select that option, The Last Wish quest will be considered a failed quest in The Witcher 3.

Get to Larvik’s harbor with Yennifer


You can follow Yennifer and make your way to the Larvik harbor. Since she is not sure of the exact location where the mage’s ship sunk, therefore Yennifer will cast a spell on the boat to pinpoint any shipwrecks that come your way. She will take the helm, and you will need to sit on the opposite end of the boat.

on the boat with yennefer

Once you are ready to sail, Yennifer will row you into the open waters, and Geralt will mention capturing the Djinn before as well with Yennifer and Dandelion. This will come as a funny reference to both The Witcher 3 and the Witcher TV show, where the Bard Dandelion lost his voice. At that moment, Geralt had made his last wish to be together with Yennifer to dispel the Djinn.

The spell that Yennifer cast on your boat will signal the shipwrecks on the seabed, so once you approach the first shipwrecks, it will be your turn to search it and confirm that it is the Mage’s ship in The Witcher 3. However, the sea level is too deep, so Yennifer will cast a spell on you to slow down your heart rate so that you can submerge longer to check the shipwreck.

Searching the first shipwreck

You will need to take an icy dive down to reach the bottom of the bay using your Witcher senses and search the wreckage in The Witcher 3. Along the way you will encounter some downers who will attack you so use your crossbow to deal with them.


Then you will discover a shipwreck and a cavern so you can look inside and after a thorough search using your Witcher senses you will find a Clan Drummond figurehead. Yennifer will state that it’s not the right ship and tell you to come back to the boat. Apart from this discovery, you will be able to salvage the following items including:

  • Florens
  • Lunar shards
  • Thread
  • Crowns
  • Buckhorn

Once you return to the boat, Yennifer will control the helm and the boat will start moving in the direction of the second shipwreck in the Witcher 2.

Searching for the second shipwreck

Your boat will signal the second shipwreck, so Geralt will need to take another dive into the sea and search the remains to identify the right ship wreckage. This time you will come across some sirens so use your crossbow to kill them first and continue on with your search in The Witcher 3.

After some deep diving and searching Geralt will remark that this second wreckage has nice craftsmanship, a war horn which will be bearing Clan Heymaey symbols. Moreover, you will also find an old chest, and Yennifer will ask you to find a way to open it in The Witcher 3. You can swim toward it and open it to receive the following items:

  • Crowns
  • Blunt Axe
  • Cidarian Cavalry Armor
  • Est Est

Furthermore, you can swim around to find some of the following items which will include:

  • Diamond dust
  • Nails
  • Crowns
  • Pig hide
  • Cotton
  • Crystalized essence
  • Twine
  • Thread

Since the Djinn isn’t present inside the chest, Yennifer will tell you to return to the boat so that you can resume your search to find the mage’s ship in The Witcher 3.

Searching for the third shipwreck


You will need to jump into the water again to follow the third lead, so make sure to keep your Witcher senses active at all times during this search. You will also encounter 2 sirens near the wreckage, so it would be best to use your crossbow to kill them before you resume your underwater search in The Witcher 3.

This time around Geralt will remark observing a huge crater as if a meteorite landed in that seabed area. Yennifer will cast another spell to see this shipwreck through your eyes and confirm it to be the effect of teleportation. This will confirm her suspicions that these ships’ remains belong to the Mage’s ship that Yen has been looking for in The Witcher 3.

You can swim around and use your senses to discover a broken seal which will pique Yennifer’s interest in this item being related to the Djinn. Once you collect it, she will tell you to return back to the ship. Apart from this find you will also get to loot other items at the shipwreck site which will include:

  • Hardened Leather
  • Tableware
  • Florens
  • Oil

Speak with Yennifer at the boat


You can then swim back to the ship and hand over the broken seal to Yennifer in The Witcher 3. She will use it to locate the other half of that specific seal and then teleport you through a portal to that location.

Since Yen is fixated on finding this Djinn it will prompt Geralt to question her motives and how she plans to use it. She will mention that something draws her near Geralt, and she is unsure whether it’s a true feeling or if she is being forced to head your way because of the Last Wish that Geralt made earlier. As you asked the Djinn to bind you to Yennifer, she will want to get hold of the mage’s Djinn and use her wish to basically nullify Geralt’s wish that he made earlier with another Djinn. This way both Yennifer and Geralt can learn if their feelings are true for each other in The Witcher 3.

Search Amos Ship to find the second broken seal

broken seal

You will come across the mage Amos shipwreck, which will have been teleported to the mountain by the Djinn. After searching the upper portion, you can go down to the lower deck of the ship in The Witcher 3. Using your Witcher sense, you will observe some shoes lying near the end of the right corner and some blood trails, which will lead you to believe that someone was dragged by something.

Furthermore, you will also notice a large bookcase that will be collapsed near the shoes you discovered earlier. You can lift this bookcase, and Geralt will call out Yennifer to check out the dead body of the mage Amos. By searching the dead mage’s body, Geralt will also find the other half of the broken seal in The Witcher 3. He will hand it to Yennifer, who will tell you to come to the deck of the ship as she has another idea.

Apart from this mission objective to find the other half of the broken seal, you can look into the shipwreck to find a ton of lootable items such as

  • Dark iron ore
  • Meteorite ingot
  • Cotton, Coal
  • Horse hide
  • Deer hide
  • Dark iron ingot
  • Steel ingot
  • Lesser Glyph of Aard
  • White Wolf hide
  • Racing horse blinders
  • Vicovaro blade
  • Dimeritium ingot
  • Lesser Glyph of Igni
  • Mystery of Mysteries (book)
  • Manuscript page: Enhanced relict oil (new alchemy formula)
  • Crowns

Follow Yennifer to the Ship deck


Once you reach the top deck, Yennifer will tell you to step back while she mends the broken seal to summon the Djinn in The Witcher 3. Once both pieces of the seal combine together with her spell a large thunderstorm will start to brew, and you will notice a large white cloud that will lash out wildly. Yennifer will then ask you to weaken the Djinn while she tries to capture it by drawing it into the sphere. 

Fighting the Djinn

It is quite essential for you to remember that before you engage in a fight with the Djinn you should save your progress. Moving onto the fighting part, you will need to figure out how to weaken the Djinn. You will need to learn the attack pattern for the Djinn ranged attacks first and avoid getting hit by them at cost.

Djinn will use powerful attacks like showering lighting bolts at you and teleport to other areas of the ship so that it can target you from other angles. All you will need to do is keep dodging the lighting strikes and take cover behind the ship’s mast to avoid getting hit by the Djinn attacks in The  Witcher 3.

How to defeat the Djinn?

In order to defeat the Djinn you can use items such as a Thunderbolt potion for stamina regeneration and lace your weapon (silver sword i.e. Deithwein) with the Enhanced Elementa Oil to increase your attack power. Apart from that, you can also drink Griffin decoction and Arachas decoction to improve your chances of surviving the Djinn boss fight. You also need to keep your Quen (shield) active at all times during this battle, as it will increase your chances of survival against the fight with the Djinn in The Witcher 3.


To defeat the Djinn you will need to come up with an effective attacking strategy. For that, you will need to wait for the Djinn to spew its lightning attack, and as soon as it ends, you need to hit the Djinn with 2-3 powerful sword strikes and then move back. Repeat this attacking pattern, and after a while, you will be able to bring down the Djinn’s health to under 50 percent.

Once the Djinn’s health falls below 50 percent, it will enrage this creature further, and it will emit a large shock pulse attack along with targeting you with a projectile attack in the form of ship debris. You can dodge the incoming attacks and hit him back with your sword attacks. It will be a long fight, and it will take some time and multiple tries for you to weaken the Djinn, but eventually, you will get it done in The Witcher 3.

After defeating the Djinn, Yennifer will trap it successfully into the sphere but she won’t be able to hold it in for much longer. Yen will tell Djinn that the last wish was not made by the Mage Amos as he died so she will make it instead, and if Djinn fulfills it she will release it.

The Djinn won’t be happy, but it will agree, and Yennifer will ask it to remove the spell that binds her to Geralt. Since this spell was placed by another Djinn earlier as Geralt’s last wish therefore Djinn will be able to remove it in The Witcher 3.

How to successfully romance Yennifer in The Witcher 3

After the Djinn does that, Yennifer will free it, and you can speak with her and ask her if she feels any better after the spell binding her to you has broken. You can go with the right dialogue choices to seal the deal and romance Yennifer successfully in The Witcher 3.

Once Yennifer thanks you for aiding her in the Last Wish quest, you can select dialogue options like “Couldn’t have refused” to woo her. Geralt can ask her if she feels anything different, but Yen will reply that she doesn’t and still has feelings for you. Then you can select the dialogue I still love you, too, and this will strengthen your love relationship with her.

Geralt and Yen will kiss and enjoy the view, and then she will port you back to her place at Kaer Trolde in The Witcher 3. Geralt will bid her farewell and tell her to join him at Kaer Morhen, and this will conclude the quest The Last Wish.

On the other hand, if you don’t wish to romance Yennifer and want to be with someone else, suppose Triss, then you can select the other dialogue choice. This option will be “Sorry, but I don’t want to be with you anymore.” It will come as a shock to Yen, who still harbors affectionate feelings for you, but she will understand, and both of you will return to her place. This relationship will come to an end for both of you in The Witcher 3.

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