The Witcher 3 An Eye For An Eye Quest Guide

Help out your old friends from The Witcher 2.

An Eye for an Eye is the third secondary quest in the Assassins’ questline in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Completing all three quests will lead you to Reason of State, an important quest that impacts the ending of the game.

You should know beforehand that making the wrong choices in An Eye for an Eye will permanently lock out Reason of State. Secondly, if you do get to Reason of State, your decisions from before will determine the type of ending you unlock after beating the main storyline.

An Eye for an Eye takes place in the Novigrad region and involves Ves and Vernon Roche, two returning characters from The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

Geralt will learn about their disagreement, after which Ves has gone out to fight off Nilfgaardian soldiers alone. You will need to save her before she gets killed.

How to start An Eye For An Eye

To begin An Eye for an Eye quest in The Witcher 3, you need to meet Radovid at the chess club during the Get Junior main quest. Once you learn about Whoreson Junior’s location, you will then need to meet Roche back at his hideout on the northeast side of Oxenfurt.

Make your way to the Temerian Partisan hideout to meet him. He will explain that Ves has disobeyed him and went on her own to attack the Nilfgaardians. He asks Geralt for assistance, and the two then go to save Ves.

Meet up with Vernon Roche

You will meet Vernon at the start of the quest and learn about the troubles between him and Ves. Vernon will explain how Ves did not listen to his orders and went ahead with some soldiers to take on Nilfgaardian soldiers, helping the villagers.


In case Roche is missing at the location when you go for An Eye for an Eye quest, check if you have A Deadly Plot quest. Complete that quest, or at least to the point where you meet Djikstra at Passiflora. Afterward, you should be able to find Roche.

Roche explains that Ves disobeyed his orders to stay at the hideout and went rogue. And by doing so, she is now at risk of being killed by the Nilfgaardians. He asks you to help his soldiers and Ves against the Nilfgaardians.

You must accept to offer him help and go straight with him or team up with him later at the site of Hanged Man’s Tree located in the Velen region. To save time, it is better to just go with him.

Save Ves from Nilfgaardians

When you arrive, Geralt will have a short conversation with Roche. Soon after, Ves commands her team to attack the Nilfagaardian soldiers at the village, and the battle begins.

Ves’ health bar will appear on the screen and you have to rescue her before it depletes. You need to get close to Ves and engage the enemies yourself, providing her cover.

The Nilfgaardians are not very tough enemies, but you cannot leave Ves alone in the fight. There isn’t much of a strategy required to defeat them, just ensure that you don’t get hit and do all of the hittings.

If you do not, they will gang up on her and attack her repeatedly, whittling away at her health bar. Start by eliminating the enemies near Ves and then move outwards, taking care of the rest of the soldiers.


Coat your weapon with the Hanged Man’s Venom oil to take out the enemy guards more effectively and quickly.

There should be about a dozen enemies in total, so they should go down in a few minutes. Of course, Roche will lend a hand as well, so you will have some help. Furthermore, saving Ves also doesn’t mean that you will be able to romance her, as you will have a brief interaction with her during your playthrough and will be interacting with other major NPC characters such as Yennifer, Triss, etc.

Kill or spare the Nilfgaardian soldier?

Roche will start arguing with Ves right after the fight is over. They will exchange heated words, and Roche will teach Ves how her actions showed carelessness.

As they exchange words, one Nilfgaardian soldier struggles back to life, but barely. They notice that the soldier is alive, and both Ves and Roche give opposing suggestions. Ves asks to eliminate the soldier, whereas Roche thinks letting him go is the better option.

Geralt will have to make a decision here to either kill or spare the Nilfgaardian soldier. If you decide to kill him, select “Kill him, Roche. I don’t want any trouble” and Roche will do the deed for you. Geralt explains how he occasionally works with Nilfgaard and that leaving a witness of today’s massacre could create trouble for him.

On the other hand, if you select “Hard to Argue With That”, then the life of the soldier will be spared, making Ves angry. However, there are no consequences for any of the decisions made at this point, and you can conduct business with the Nilfgaardians in the game normally.

So this means that both of these choices can be considered equally as best choices for An Eye for an Eye Quest in The Witcher 3. Whether you kill or spare the soldier, there are no consequences.


Keep in mind that one major consequence of ignoring Vernon Roche’s questline and An Eye for an Eye is that you will be unable to recruit Roche and Ves for the Battle of Kaer Morhen.

After deciding the soldier’s fate, Roche will give his thanks to you for helping him, bringing the quest to an end.

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