Baldur’s Gate 3 Whispering Depths Walkthrough

Whispering Depths in BG3 will be your first introduction to Underdark and true despair once you come across the strongest boss battle of the game.

The Whispering Depths is one of the many secret locations and is located below the Blighted Village in Baldur’s Gate 3. Whispering Depths is a dungeon with multiple fierce spiders but is also home to some of the Best loot in BG3.

Whether by choice or by accident while exploring the Blighted Village, you are definitely going to end up in Whispering Depths during Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3. We have prepared this handy guide to help you navigate this extremely challenging area. Before you proceed to whispering depths, we recommend at least Level 4 of the party.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Whispering Depths location

The Whispering Depths dungeon is hidden beneath the Blighted village in BG3 and can be accessed in multiple ways. All of the ways to enter the dungeon are mentioned below for your convenience.

The best route leading to Whispering Depths in BG3 is the well in Blighted Village. The said well is present in the central square of Blighted Village. Once you reach the well, you have to pass a perception check, so you can go inside the well to make your way to enter the Whispering Depths area.

Another location to enter the Whispering Depths dungeon is through the house of the Blacksmith. It is located on the northeast side of the Blighted Village at the coordinates (X: 31, Y: 438). Once you are inside the house, you need to find a room there with some cobwebs on the floor. Once you remove those webs, a hole will appear that leads to the basement.

Go inside the basement and look for the forge room in the southwest. Inside the room, there is a cracked wall that will allow you to enter the Whispering Depths dungeon in BG3. You can break this wall by using a character with high strength and equipping them with a blunt weapon. One more way to enter the dungeon is by going to the upper floor of the same forge room in the southwest. You can jump on the crates at the west to go up and then break the cracked wall by jumping down, which will lead you to the Whispering Depths dungeon.


BG3 Whispering Depths walkthrough

Whispering Depths in BG3 has a lot of phase spiders which are scattered across this dungeon. This dungeon is littered with cobwebs in every corner of the cave. Keep in mind to use saving throws that will help you to bring out your party from the cobwebs. You can also check BG3 Whispering Depths map before venturing further into the area.

Once you are webbed, you will be unable to move. If you want to escape the Enwebbed status, you need to find Spiderstep Boots at the coordinates (X: -510, Y: -400) in the large chamber of the Whispering Depths. Once you reach this location, you will find a chest that you need to open to get these boots.

You will also encounter the boss of this dungeon who is The Phase Spider Matriarch. You need to defeat it and you will get an item in return.

Whispering Depths Phase Spider Matriarch boss fight

You can find Phase Spider Matriarch boss in the center of the Whispering Depths in BG3 on the upper level, but you must prepare yourself first to initiate the battle with her. The preparation is to destroy the eggs of the Phase Spider Matriarch. This boss has the ability to teleport from one place to another during the fight and bring all those eggs along with her to attack you.

If you destroy all the eggs in the dungeon and then start the fight with the boss, she cannot hatch and bring these eggs. It will be easier for you to fight her this way. You can use the fire spell which will let you burn the eggs.

If you find her on the web bridge, you can shoot at the web bridge which will do some intense damage to her. Repeating this activity 4 to 5 times will eventually result in killing her. Once she is dead, you will get Poisoner’s Robe as a drop. Along with that, every member of the party will get 20 experience.

How to find the Dark Amethyst

Dark Amethyst is available in the Whispering Depths dungeon of BG3. The Dark Amethyst and Spiderstep Boots are the most important loot items in Whispering Depths so make sure you collect them both. You can find the exact location of the Dark Amethyst at the coordinates (X: -564, Y: -355), right beneath the area where you see the boss patrolling.

The Dark Amethyst found in Whispering Depths allows you to open the book, The Necromancy of Thay, and complete the Search the Cellar quest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Whispering Depths Underdark entrance

One of the fascinating facts about Whispering Depths is that it also acts as a portal to Underdark in BG3. You can find this path close to where you fight the boss, so make your way to the chasm area from Whispering Depths fast travel point. The chasm area is located at the coordinates (X: -550, Y: -351).

You will find a gaping hole in the surface to reach the Underdark. Jump through this chasm in Whispering Depths to reach the Underdark. Keep in mind that in order to land safely, you need to have the Feather Fall spell, or you will die upon impact.

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