How To Get Adamantine Shield In Baldur’s Gate 3

If you are looking for the AC Boost, then Adamantine Shield is the item you should get.

The Adamantine Shield in BG3 is an ideal choice for classes like Cleric, Fighter, etc. You can only craft this shield at the Adamantine Forge if you have the required items. With this shield, you can easily knock your enemies prone and dominate your fights.

If you are interested in crafting this unique Adamantine item, then I have provided all the details in this guide.

How to Craft Adamantine Shield in BG3

In order to craft the Adamantine Shield, you will need only two things. The first item will be the Adamantine Shield Mould, and the second item will be the Mithral Ore. The first item will require some exploration on your behalf.

1. Get Adamantine Shield Mould

You will need to explore the east side of the Underdark, Grymforge area, to find the Adamantine Shield Mould. Head over to these specific coordinates (X:-566, Y:408) if you want to get that item.

You can start using the moving platform first and use the right lever to operate it. Then, you can simply head over to the other side and follow the passage. This way, you will come across a large steel door that will be locked.

You can unlock it by using the Thieves tools. It will also have a difficulty class 12 for you to unlock in Baldur’s Gate 3. Once you are able to unlock this door, you can take the stairs on your right side.

Then, you will have to make your way to the hanging skeleton, and you will notice some stairs with a lot of rumble on the right side. After you climb these stairs, you will find another dead body. You can loot this skeleton body and finally get the Adamantine Shield Mould in BG3.

2. Get Mithral Ore

There are a total of 2 Mithral Ores that can be discovered during the Adamantine Forge quest. You can find these near the Forge area by demolishing the large vein (rocks).

If you are having trouble finding them, then visit these coordinates (X: -555, Y: 280) and the second one at (X: -640, Y: 260). This way, you will discover the large rocks containing the Mithral Ores with relative ease in Baldur’s Gate 3.

3. Craft the Adamantine Shield

Once you have the Adamantine Shield Mould and one Mithril Ore, head to the Adamantine Forge to craft the shield. Inside the Adamantine Forge, you can place the Adamantine Shield Mould in the Mould Chamber and then add the Mithral ore at the center chamber.

After that, all that’s left is to operate the lever for the big hammer to strike down on the Mithral Ore and shape it according to the Mould to create the Adamantine Shield.

Keep in mind that after your character interacts with the lever, the Adamantine Forge will start to move, and it will descend to a lower level. This way, lava will start to pour near the center area.

You will also have to engage an enemy boss in a boss fight at the Adamantine Forge. The easiest way to deal with this enemy boss will be to use the Misty Step.

You can reach the opposite side and then use the arrow to activate the lever, allowing lava to do the hard work for you and deplete the enemy boss’s health. Then, you can land the finishing blow. Once you have dealt with the enemy boss, you can collect the Adamantine Shield from the forge in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Adamantine Shield stats

  • Armor Type: Shield
  • Rarity: VeryRare
  • Armor Class: +2


  • Adamantine Shield: You can inflict a status effect called Reeling on that particular enemy who misses hitting your character with a melee strike.
  • Shield Bash: You can hit the enemy with your shield and knock the enemy prone, giving you the upper hand to dominate your fights and strike back.
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