How To Protect The Myconid Circle In Baldur’s Gate 3

The Protect the Myconid Circle quest in Baldur's Gate 3 is one of the first few quests you can complete in the Underdark. Here's how.

Protect the Myconid Circle is a quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 that takes place soon after you enter the Underdark. The Myconid colony is a group of mushroom people whose Sovereign needs your help. Duergar, also known as deep dwarves, have attacked their area. The Myconid’s Sovereign, Spaw, wants your assistance in eliminating the Duergar.

Completing the quest will award you with a very rare helmet, which comes with an action that will help you greatly. It will allow you to become invisible for two turns. It has applications both in combat and out of it, so it is worth getting.

Myconid Circle Location in BG3 

Myconid Colony location in Baldur's Gate 3

The Myconid Circle can be found in the Myconid Colony area in the Underdark. You will enter this area in the last few stages of Act 1. You can enter through the Defiled Temple; you must complete the Goblin Camp quest because this temple is in this camp.  

Another way is through Whispering Depths in Blighted Village. You must use a feather spell in the spider’s pit to enter the Underdark. The final entrance is through the lift in the Zhentarim Hideout. Reaching the Underdark is the primary goal, as the quest only begins there. You can choose any given path to get there.

After reaching Underdark, you will have to move north. Myconid Colony is in the northern area of the Underdark map, as shown on the map above. Massive mushrooms in the area indicate that you are on the right track.  

Protect the Myconid Circle Walkthrough in Baldur’s Gate 3 

Myconid Colony is a separate colony of mushroom people that resides in the Underdark. Their leader, Sovereign Spaw, needs your help to deal with the Duergar. These deep dwarves previously attacked the Myconid circle and planning to launch another attack. He needs your help taking out the opposition before they can do so.


There are many objectives in the Protect the Myconid Circle quest. Approach them one by one, and you will complete this quest.

Reach the Myconid Circle 

Your first objective in the quest is to reach the location, which is Myconid Circle. After you have entered the Underdark, proceed north, and you will find it. You will find an area surrounded by massive mushrooms and spot a few of the mushroom people too.

This place does not need to be unlocked; you can enter and go whenever you want. There are a few other side quests here, such as the Avenge Glut’s Circle quest, where you help another Myconid leader get revenge for his fallen people.

Talk to Sovereign Spaw

Now the next thing you want to do is to talk to Sovereign Spaw. Upon entering, you can speak to the Myconid warden on your left. He will ask you about the purpose of your visit. You can choose any persuasion option. Since the target number is lower, you can easily roll a higher number.  

After the conversation, follow the warden, and you will see mushroom steps on your left. Climb up, and you will see the Sovereign Spaw standing by the corpses. Approach him to start the conversation.  

He will tell you about the Duergar (dark dwarves), who chopped Myconid people. He will also mention that they have killed most of the Duergar. But some of them remain by the beach area. Now, he wants you to kill the reaming Duergar.  

You can ask him for further info or directly accept the quest to move on. Upon accepting the Protect the Myconid Circle quest, Sovereign Spaw will gift you Bibberbang Spore Pouch and Pacifying Spore Pouch in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

Find the Duergar 

duergar ambush location in BG3

Now you need to locate the remaining two Duergar. Sovereign Spaw has given you a rough location to find them. They are in the beach area, so you can use the Underdark Beach waypoint if you have already unlocked the area.  

If not, then you have to go on foot. You can also talk to Glut to join him in Duergar’s encounter. These Duergar are not difficult to defeat; even without Glut’s help, you can easily take them down.  

Move straight from Ebonlake Grotto and turn right to enter an undisclosed location (Decrepit Village). After walking, turn left and climb down using rope netting. Move straight and cross the wooden bridge to reach Duergar’s area.  

Turn left and take another rope netting; you will see Gekh Coal (Duergar Slave-Hunter) standing.  

Deal with the Duergar 

You can talk to him or directly attack him. He is a level 5 enemy, so he should not be too hard to kill. Try to maintain high ground for its bonus and use skills and spells to deal heavy damage in your turn. Another Duergar (Lurgan) will be nearby.  

After both Duergar is killed, you will move on to your final Protect the Myconid Circle quest objective in Baldur’s Gate 3. You must now report back to Sovereign Spaw.  

Report back to Sovereign Spaw. 

After the Duergar is killed, you must return to Myconid Colony and report to Sovereign Spaw. Tell him that you have killed the Duergar as he requested.  

Use the Waypoint to save time and make your way to Sovereign Spaw, who will be in the same spot. Approach and talk to him. After hearing about the dead Duergar, the Myconid Sovereign Spaw will be pleased and reward you.  

Protect the Myconid Circle Rewards 

As you have completed the quest and pleased the Sovereign of Myconids, Spaw will ask you to follow Brew. Brew is a green Myconid who is standing behind you. Approach him, and he will start leading to the treasure.  

He will lead you to a place covered with vines. After the vines have disappeared, enter the room to get the Shadow of Menzoberranzan and Arcane Circlet. Both of these are headgear items. Arcane Circlet is an uncommon helmet that gives you +1 Nature if you wear it.  

Shadow of Menzoberranzan is a lightweight rare helmet that you a give an action (Shrouded in Shadow). By wearing the helmet, you can become invisible, but if you use a spell, action, attack someone, or get attacked, the invisibility spell will break. 

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