How To Find And Save The Mushroom Picker In Baldur’s Gate 3

While in the Myconid Colony in Baldur's Gate 3's Underdark area, you will find a Dwarven vendor, Derryth Bonecloak, setting...

While in the Myconid Colony in Baldur’s Gate 3’s Underdark area, you will find a Dwarven vendor, Derryth Bonecloak, setting up her shop. Unfortunately, her husband has gone missing. She doesn’t care much about him but asks you to find him nonetheless and if not at least get her the mushrooms he went to pick. Thus saving this Mushroom Picker in Baldur’s Gate 3 becomes a new quest for you.

Derryth will tell you that she came with her husband, Baelen, to this area to find some Noblestalk, a mushroom of high value in Baldur’s Gate. So there are basically two objectives to this quest, find the mushrooms and/or find Baelen in BG3.

Where to find Baelen in Baldur’s Gate 3

In order to find Baelen in Baldur’s Gate 3, you need to make your way out of the Ebonlake Grotto location from the exit of the southwest area and make your way in the right direction. Keep following this path until you come across a root bridge where you will be able to observe various plants of Bibberbang mushrooms.

You need to be careful as you come near these plants of mushrooms as they tend to automatically lead to an explosion. Here, you need to use any of your ranged gear, so you can easily stand far and destroy these plants with your ranged gear.

Once you clear these plants and you have to reach the end side of these plants where in the north bibberbang plants can be seen. Make your way there and you will see knotted roots giving you a path to move forward.

Continue on this path which will take you to the lower level and you will again come across another bridge directing the reach the cave which is the place completely occupied with plants of Bibberbang mushrooms. You can find Baelen behind these mushrooms trapped in there.


How to save Baelen the Mushroom Picker in Baldur’s Gate 3

To save Baelen, you need to go inside the Bibberbang cave. But the problem is that once you step inside the cave, the mushrooms will start exploding and you can put Balaen’s life at risk as well as yours. So, the solution to this problem can be solved if you have Misty step scroll in your inventory, so you can help Baelen get out of this cave.

You need to do DC 10 Strength check and you will be able to throw Misty’s step scroll directly over to Baelen. He will use this spell and will be able to teleport himself outside of the Bibberbang cave.

There is also another way from which you will be able to help Baelen to come out of the cave but this way is quite difficult than throwing the Misty step scroll. Baelen went there with his backpack which has two misty step scrolls in it, you need to pass his backpack to him, he cannot get by himself as there are mushrooms in his way and if he gets close to the mushrooms they will explode.

Baldur's Gate 3 Get Past Bibberbang mushrooms

You need to use the spell of Mage Hand which helps to throw things farther, so you need to use Mage hand to throw his backpack near to his foot, it can happen that pack will not reach Belaen, so you have to repeat and keep throwing until you succeed.

This is an alternative method if you failed to win a Strength check of DC10. Once it gets close to him, so he can bring out the misty step to teleport.

Once you have successfully rescued Baelen from the bibberbang cave, you will get the reward from him in the form of a scroll of Invisibility.

As of now, there is no one inside the cave and you can destroy the mushrooms to explore the cave. You need to use Survival check once you see a dirt mound on the surface to the right side of the cave, to find out any loot to get it from here.

After you are done with the survival check, you will bring out the chest which contains an arrow of lighting, some gold, and an acid vial.

Now, make your way back to Myconid Colony and talk with Derryth to tell her that you rescued him and he is safe. She will give the reward for the efforts you have done to find out his husband, the reward she will give is a rare item which is the Gloves of the Uninhibited Kushigo.

How to reach the backpack

baldur's gate 3 mushroom picker

In order to reach the backpack, you can use the Misty step scroll to teleport to a spot where you do not see any mushrooms nearby the backpack. Once you get there, be careful not to set off the mushrooms and throw the backpack near him. He will use a scroll of Misty Step and teleport out of there.

How to get the Misty Step scroll

There are two ways from which you can get the Misty Step scroll in BG3 which are mentioned below for your convenience to find them easily.

Misty Step scroll can be bought from a merchant whose name is Roah Moonglow. You can make your way to Shattered Sanctum to find his shop.

Another way to acquire the Misty step scroll from the Blighted Village at the location of Doctor’s Cellar in BG3.

How to get the Noblestalk in Baldur’s Gate 3

Once you have rescued Baelen, you can find Noblestalk in the same area where he was trapped. We would recommend using Lae’zel for this as she can jump higher thanks to her Githyanki abilities.

This way you can cross the toxic mushrooms without dying. Make sure not to blow them up as it will also destroy the Noblestalk. Once you have the Noblestalk, fast travel to Myconid Colony and talk to Derryth. She will tell you that they are packing up and returning to Baldur’s Gate soon and you should visit their shop in the city.

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