How To Find And Save The Mushroom Picker In Baldur’s Gate 3

Will you save the innocent Mushroom Picker or make him go kaboom in Baldur's Gate 3? Well, this depends on whether you follow our guide or not.

Find the Mushroom Picker is a side quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 that you can obtain in the Myconid colony. You can find this colony in the Northern area of the Underdark. Once there, you will notice a dwarf merchant, Derryth Bonecloak, setting up her shop. She will refuse to sell you any goods unless you do her a favor. Her husband, Belen Bonecloak, has gone missing while trying to find Noblestalk mushrooms.

Once you agree to find him, the quest will be added to your log. However, Derryth will refuse to offer any rewards and she doesn’t care for her husband if she can have some Noblestalk.

Baelen location in Baldur’s Gate 3

Once you talk to Mushroom Picker’s wife, leave the Ebonlake Grotto from the Southwest exit and keep going East. Keep following this path until you come across a root bridge where you will observe a patch of Bibberbang mushrooms. Keep going North to find some knotted roots leading down. Use these roots to reach the lower level, where the Mushroom Picker, Baelen Bonecloak, is. Continue going on this path until you notice a cave to the North. This cave is full of Bibberbang Mushrooms, and Baelen is trapped between them.

How to Save the Mushroom Picker in Baldur’s Gate 3

To save Baelen, you need to get him out of the cave safely. However, this is easier said than done. If you try to enter the cave in any way, it will make all the Bibberbang Mushrooms explode, potentially killing you and the Mushroom Picker. However, there are a couple of ways you can save Baelen and get some juicy rewards.

  • If you have a Misty step scroll, toss it over to Baelen. You will need to pass a DC10 strength check to make the throw successfully.
  • When you see Baelen for the first time, he will ask you to find his bag and toss it over to him. Use the Mage Hand action to pick up the bag and pass it to Baelen. It will take 4-5 throws for the bag to finally reach him. Make sure the bag falls away from Bibberbang mushrooms so Baelen can pick it up easily. The bag contains two Misty Step scrolls and one Feather Fall scroll.

Doing either thing will make Baelen use the misty step spell to get out of the cave safely. Once you are done talking to him, the only thing left is to report back to his wife, Derryth, to complete the quest.

Find the Mushroom Picker quest rewards

Baelen, the mushroom picker, will give you a scroll of Invisibility as a reward. If you manage to save him without tossing his bag, you can loot it to obtain a scroll of Feather Fall and two scrolls of Misty Step. Clear the cave of Bibberbang mushrooms afterward and check its farthest corner. There is a mound which you can clear to obtain gold and an Arrow of Lightning.

Once you return to Derryth Bonecloak, she will give you Gloves of Uninhabited Kushigo despite promising no reward. This way, you will end up collecting a lot of rare items from a simple yet dangerous quest.

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