How To Find Missing Boots in Baldur’s Gate 3

To find and start the missing boots quest in BG3, first travel to beach area of the underdark and talk to an NPC called Gekh Coal.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is full of bizarre NPCs with some extra bizarre requests. One such request is to find the missing boots for a Deurgar in Baldur’s Gate 3, who simply refuses to wear any other shoes. Maybe she has some sort of attachment to the shoes which we can’t understand until we put ourselves in her shoes. Right? 

Like the rest of the side quests, this one is no different. There are no pointers and the only way to find and finish this quest is by pure chance. But don’t worry, with us and a little bit of lady luck on your side, you will be able to finish “Find the missing boots” quest in no time.

How to find Thrinn’s Missing Boots in Baldur’s Gate 3

To find and start the missing boots quest, you must first travel to beach area of the Underdark. The exact location is marked on the map, and you can use the waypoint to fast travel there. Once at the beach, talk to an NPC named Gekh Coal. Apparently, he is tasked with finding the missing boots for a deurgar sergeant in BG3 if he wants to live. 

Avoid confrontation with Gekh Coal and listen to his plea. He will tell you that the shoes were stolen by a slave named Thulla. She apparently ran away with the boots and is now missing. If you agree to help Gekh Coal, it will automatically start “Find the missing boots” quests in BG3.

How to find boot thief Thulla

Thulla is available in the Myconid Colony of the Underdark. If you have the waypoint, fast travel there or go to the map location marked below. Convince the Myconids to let you win and make your way to Sovereign Spaw. Turn left and climb a few mushrooms to find Thulla lying on the floor in an injured state.

Roll the dice to investigate and ask Thulla to return the boots. She will gladly give up the boots. Take the boots and move away. There is no need to create a commotion. It is the same area where you can fight Spaw to side with Glut.


Now that you have found the missing boots in BG3, it is time to return them to their rightful owner. Return to Gekh Coal and he will guide you with the rest. He will request you to go to the Deurgar camp and hand over the boots to Sergeant Thrinn. Take the ship in the harbor to reach the camp (select “Travel into Darkness” option).

Deliver the missing boots to Thrinn in BG3

On the ship, NPC Greymon will inquire about Gekh Coal. Tell him that you are here to deliver the boots on his behalf. Once you reach the camp, you will be confronted by another NPC Morghal

She will threaten you and ask for a donation. This is extremely important that you refuse her by saying “I am not paying a single penny”. She will tell you about the location of Sergeant Thrinn and walk away peacefully. 

Go to Sergeant Thrinn and talk to her. She is a burly female Deurgar, working some Gnome slaves to death near a cave-in where True Soul Nere is trapped. Give her the boots to get your reward and progress ahead with the game, saving gnomes and killing Nere.

Rewards for completing the Missing Boots quest

Upon delivering the boots, Thrinn will offer you a choice to select from one of the rewards. These rewards are Robust chain shirt and Bracing brand ring. Accepting any of the rewards will finish the “find the missing boots” quest in BG3.

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