How To Save The Emerald Grove In Baldur’s Gate 3

You can side with Halsin in Baldur's Gate 3 to save the Emerald Grove.

Halsin is the First Druid of the Emerald Grove in Baldur’s Gate 3. Upon reaching Druid Grove for the first time, you will be tasked with finding and saving Halsin by Rath. Halsin plays an extremely important role in saving both Druids and Tieflings of the grove. To save the Emerald Grove in BG3, you must find and save Halsin.

The problem is that Halsin is nowhere to be found, and you must seek him out. He will be abducted when you find him, and you would need to find him, rescue him, and then work with him to save the Emerald Grove. Here is how to do it.

Find Halsin in Baldur’s Gate 3

You will find Halsin at the Goblin camp in Baldur’s Gate 3. You can reach the location by heading to the road west of the Blighted Village.

Goblin camp baldur's gate 3

This Village is located southwest of Emerald Grove, therefore, you will not face much difficulty reaching it. Furthermore, you must make your way across the bridge to reach your destination and find Halsin in Baldur’s Gate 3 (coordinates X:-106 Y:372.).

How to rescue Druid Halsin in BG3

You can enter goblin camp by either rolling a successful persuasion on the guards or using a Drow character. Another way is to destroy a crumbling wall and sneak past the guards. 

Once inside the camp, you can locate Halsin by either listening to other guards or by killing Priestess Gut and forcing her corpse to reveal the secrets. Halsin is kept inside the Worg Pens, an area in the Northern part of the goblin camp. 

However, to reach the Worg Pens, you must go through Shattered Sanctum. You will find a bear in a cell (X: 393, Y: 45) and some goblin children will be torturing it. Use “Talk to Animals” spell to learn that he is Halsin. If you can’t talk to the bear, free the bear and side with him by using the options below:

  • “What the hells are you doing?” 
  • “How about a taste of your own medicine?” 

This will start a fight between goblins and your party. The bear will assist you in decimating the goblins. Upon success, he will turn into a human and reveal himself as the Druid Halsin.

How to help Halsin save the Emerald Grove in Baldur’s Gate 3

Halsin only agrees to help you if you help him with his endeavors in BG3. Apparently, Halsin knows what Goblins are planning, and he wants to stop them in their tracks. This is good news because we are doing this to save the Emerald Grove in BG3. Without the goblin threat, the grove will be saved. You must kill all three leaders of the goblin camp and then finish off the rest. 

Kill True Soul Gut

The first boss that can be killed with ease during Halsin’s quest in BG3 is Priestess Gut. Before reaching Halsin, you will meet her in the yard patrolling with her guards. As a True Soul, Gut will invite you to her abode. Before she can read your mind and call for reinforcements, attack and kill her. This will result in two outcomes that favor you—getting rid of one goblin leader.

Kill Minthara 

Minthara resides in the Shattered Sanctum. She can destroy you and your party in straight combat if you take her lightly. The good news is that she is one enemy and there are 4 of you (5 if Halsin joins you in defeating the goblin leaders). So have your head about you in this fight and you can kill Minthara with ease. If all else fails, position her close to the edge and shove her off.

Now you must find Dror Ragzlin in the northern area of the Shattered Sanctum. Make sure to take him down fast and then talk to his dead body to gain some knowledge. Once all three leaders are dead, Halsin will thank you and invite you to visit him at the grove. You can go right away or finish off the camp.

Return to Emerald Grove and find Halsin there. Talk to him, and he will let you know that the hostilities between Druids and Tieflings have ended. This will also finish the “Save the Refugees” quest.

Can you recruit Druid Halsin in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Once you’ve completed all of the quests above and successfully taken out the goblin forces, Halsin will arrive at your camp and occasionally offer advice but won’t join your party outright. You can recruit Druid Halsin, but it will happen later on, in Act 2 of the game. Continue with the game until you reach the shadow-cursed lands.

Should you side with Minthara or Halsin in BG3?

During your quest to side with Halsin, you encounter Minthara, whom you can betray or choose to side with instead. There is a clear morality component involved with this decision, and siding with Minthara means you won’t be able to recruit Druid Halsin later on.

If you side with Minthara, she’ll ask you to kill all the Tieflings. Once you do, you can recruit and romance her immediately by following a persuasion check. Minthara is a Paladin, which means she’ll be an invaluable part of your party regarding healing and dealing damage. In the process, however, you kill innocent Tieflings that did not deserve to die.

If you side with Halsin and kill Minthara and all the other goblin leaders, all the Tieflings will live, and you’ll be able to recruit him later on in Act 2. The Tieflings will hail you as a hero and organize a big celebration in Emerald Grove.

Siding with Minthara being the “evil” choice as it results in the needless deaths of many innocent Tieflings. However, if you want a stronger party member this choice may be the better one. If you want to help people and be the hero, kill Minthara instead.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Halsin won’t join party

After freeing Halsin from the Goblin camp, you will find the Druid at your camp. However, despite your efforts, he only possesses a few dialogue options and doesn’t seem to join your party. If you are facing an issue with recruiting Halsin to your party, then the best option here is to complete the Lift the Shadow Curse quest in Act 2.

Additionally, if you are facing an issue where Halsin is not in the worg pens, then you can simply head back to the Grove after killing all the leaders at the Goblin camp. Do note that Halsin will not show up if you killed all leaders without talking to him.

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