Baldur’s Gate 3: Steal A Githyanki Egg Quest Guide

Will you help Lady Esther raise a Githyanki in Baldur's Gate 3?

Steal a Githyanki Egg is a side quest that you can obtain from an NPC, Lady Esther, in Baldur’s Gate 3. As you head towards Rosymorn Monastery through the Mountain Pass in Act 1, you will meet her near Trielta Crags’ waypoint.

Stealing the egg is not that easy as it will put you in hot waters with Lae’zel and can turn the whole Githyanki Creche against you. This guide will tell you how to tackle this situation and what other options are available.

How to start Steal a Githyanki Egg quest in BG3

Lady Esther is found (X: -42, Y: -127) running around north of the Trielta Crags waypoint. Talk to her, and she will reveal she wants a Githyanki Egg. However, the Githyanki in Rosymorn Monastery chased her away.

She works for The Society of Brilliance, who believe that Githyanki is brutes and backward, and they want to incubate one of the eggs to raise the Githyanki as their own. They want to perform this experiment to teach the new spawn their traditions.

However, the Githyankis are not so cooperative, and Lady Esther needs your help to get an egg from the Githyanki in the Rosymorn Monastery. She will tell you that you must enter Githyanki Creche and retrieve an egg for her in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Here, you will get multiple options.

  • Agree to her request to start the quest.
  • Make her pay 250 gold upfront as the payment with a little persuasion.
  • She is a merchant so buy some items from her. As soon as you complete the quest, she will stop selling items.
  • If you have an Owlbear egg, give it to her and deceive her into believing it is the Githyanki Egg. This will also complete the quest. 
  • Attack and kill her, or walk away.

This also coincides with Lae’zel’s companion quest, The Githyanki Warrior.

How to Steal the Githyanki Egg in Baldur’s Gate 3

If you accept the quest, you must find and enter Githyanki Creche Y’llek. The Creche is in the basement of the Rosymorn Monastery. To get to the basement, start from the Monastery Door. From here, turn right and at the first turn. Here, you can find the door to the monastery basement, which will take you to Creche Y’llek.

If you don’t have Lae’zel with you, all Githyanki inside Creche will turn hostile. Inside the Creche, you must head straight and turn right at the giant pillar. From the next fork in the road, head right, and the door will lead you to the Hatchery (X: 1317, Y: -780)

There are two ways to get the Githyanki egg from the hatchery in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Asking for the Egg

Yes, the quest says to “Steal” the egg, but you can avoid the confrontation to keep Lae’zel happy. In the hatchery, you can talk to Varsh Ko’kuu, the hatchery guard. During the dialogue, you can pass the persuasion check (DC14) to see the desperation in Varsh’s voice. This allows the player to persuade Varsh (DC16) to give you a Githyanki egg instead of stealing it and fighting for it. 

He will give you his boots to save you from the acidic pool. Reach the pool’s center (X: 1275, Y: -761) and collect the Githyanki egg. Make sure that you don’t crush it with your feet. This will make Varsh Ko’kuu angry, and he will turn hostile. 

Steal the Egg from the Hatchery

To steal the Githyanki egg, players need to cross the acid lake and get to the single egg in the entire hatchery. Jump across the cliff and get to the egg. You can then interact with the egg and put it in your bag.

Remember that a small rock is near the egg, which is a trap. If you jump on it, you will be automatically transported to a cage, so avoid it.

Of course, the Githyanki in the hatchery won’t just let you walk out with the egg, so get ready for a fight. You will have to fight and kill all the Githyanki in the hatchery. Head back to Lady Esther, hand over the egg to Lady Esther, and complete the entire quest. She will reward you with 280 gold.

Should you steal the Githyanki Egg in BG3?

Stealing the egg in BG3 has no direct consequences. As far as our gameplay went, all Githyanki outside the Creche Y’llek had no idea of what we did inside the Creche, even if we killed everyone. All other Githyanki will be oblivious.

The only reason to choose whether to steal the egg or persuade the guard to give you the egg depends on roleplaying. There are no long-lasting consequences to your actions inside the Creche.

The main choice difference you can make in the quest is whether you decide to steal the egg for Lady Esther. If you refuse to bring back the Githyanki egg or destroy the egg, Lady Esther will turn against you. Lady Esther is a level 5 enemy, and you need to defeat her in battle to get the rewards she was supposed to give you for the egg. You can also take the egg directly to the Society of Brilliance to get the complete reward directly from them.

Another major drawback of giving the Githyanki Egg to Lady Esther or the Society of Brilliance is that the egg will hatch during Act 2. The baby that will come out of it will kill everyone, including Omeluum and Blurg. You won’t be able to find Omeluum in the Iron Throne Prison during Act 3.

Another alternate is to give her the Owlbear Egg if you picked it up earlier. You can tell her it is an owlbear egg or hide that information.

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