How To Get Adamantine Scale Mail In Baldur’s Gate 3

Adamantine Scale Mail in Baldur's Gate 3 stands true to its name and hurts any enemy who tries to get up close and personal with the players.

Adamantine Scale Mail Armor is one of the best medium armors available in BG3. However, acquiring this beautiful mail is not that easy. You can’t loot or get chain mail as a reward. The only to get your hands on this mail is by crafting it using its mould and one piece of Mithril Ore during the Adamantine Forge Quest in the game.

How to Craft Adamantine Scale Mail in Baldur’s Gate 3

Like the rest of the Adamantine items in the game, this chest gear needs one mithril ore in addition to its unique mould, scale mail mould. As BG3 offers only 2 Mithril Ores per playthrough, and there are 6 Adamantine items to craft, be very careful with your selection.

How to get Scale Mail mould in BG3

To get the  Scale Mail Mould, just walk straight down to the Ancient Forge-Underdark waypoint and then move right. The Mould is located at the Coordinates (X: -615, Y: 260). Once you reach the coordinates, you will notice three enemies patrolling the area. Either kill them or sneak your way to the mould and collect it.

How to get Mithril Ore mould in BG3

There are only two Mithril Ores in the Grymforge at the locations (X: -640, Y: 260) and (X: -555, Y: 280). They are a part of Mithril Veins. Make sure to hit the veins with a hammer to break it and collect the Mithril Ore.

Craft Scale Mail

The way to forge the Adamantine Scale Mail in BG3 is simple. You need to reach the forge, place the mould in the mould chamber, place Mithral ore in the center chamber, and then pull the lever. Once you pull the lever, the forging will start. A hammer will smash the ore to get it into pieces and forge the armor. During this stage, the forge will also move down. 

When you reach the bottom, you need to rotate the lave valve, but beware; a boss will spawn along with rising lava. An easy way to defeat the boss is to use the misty step spell to get to the opposite side of the boss and then end your turns a couple of times. 

Once the Boss reaches the center, pull the lever again using the Misty Step spell or just shoot it with a bow. Do it a few times until it gets stunned, and then rotate the valve again. This will kill the boss with the lava, and you will be able to obtain the armor from the Mould Chamber. 

Adamantine Scale Mail stats

Armor Type: Medium Armor 

Rarity: Very Rare 

Armor Class: 16 


  • Magical Plate: Adamantine Scale Mail armor can reduce all kinds of incoming attack damages by 1. 
  • Adamantine Backlash: This armor puts the attacker in a Reeling State for at least 2 turns upon trying to hit you. The attacker can’t do critical hits on you. 
  • Adamantine Scale Mail Armor has one disadvantage. It gives you the disadvantage on stealth. 
  • For each +2 Dexterity ability, Adamantine Scale Mail armor gets +1 AC.
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