Baldur’s Gate 3: Avenge Glut’s Circle Quest Guide

Avenge Glut's Circle is an optional quest in Baldur's Gate 3 that will make you choose a sovereign for the people of Myconid Colony.

Avenge Glut’s Circle is a side quest in the Underdark region of Baldur’s Gate 3. You need to help a Myconid named Glut avenge his circle members murdered by some Duergar. Glut was a Myconid Sovereign whose circle was destroyed, and now he is just a lonely creature.

Glut wants you to kill Duergar for what they have done to him. This small quest has no major consequences, but you can earn some cool rewards by making the correct decisions.

Glut location in Baldur’s Gate 3 

To start this quest, head to the Northern region of the Underdark to reach the Myconid Colony. You can also take the Myconid Colony waypoint if you have unlocked it. After reaching the Colony, you need to find Glut. You can highlight him to make it easy to find him.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Avenge Glut’s Circle walkthrough

Avenge Glut’s Circle is a quest with few objectives, starting with speaking to Glut. It does not matter whether you speak with Glut before or after you have spoken to Sovereign Spaw. Glut will ask for your help in getting his revenge on the Duergar, who has killed his brethren and destroyed his circle. The Sovereign Spaw also says the same for his reason, so both objectives align.

Find and kill the Duergar

The Duergar are at the beach to the South of the Myconid Colony waypoint. They will attack you on sight, so be prepared. 

There are 4 Duergar in the area, and each has different capabilities. Thus, it can be hard to defeat them. To defeat Duergar easily, you need to approach them strategically. Before heading into the fight, you must know about their position in the area and their abilities. 

3 of them will give you the most trouble. Up north, one Duergar in the broken house is invisible and shoots explosive arrows at you. These arrows explode on contact, simultaneously damaging several of your allies. 

Another one is by the docks; he isn’t as troubling as the one with arrows. However, this Duergar uses invisibility, which can be troubling because you never know when he will show up and attack. The best way to detect his position is to use the camera. The camera usually points at the invisible Duergar whenever he starts his turn. 

The last one is the most troubling than anyone. He is a necromancer who frequently uses the Animate Dead spell. Using this spell, he can resurrect his allies making the fight unnecessarily difficult. We recommend that you take him out first.

Approach him from the northern side and try to defeat him fast. You do not want to give him a turn, or he will use Animate Dead immediately and raise any corpse present on the beach.

After the necromancer is taken care of, you can go to the one with the bow and then to the remaining two.

Show the dead Duergar to Glut 

Fast travel to Myconid colony and talk to Glut. Return to the beach where you killed the Duergar to find Glut again. In some cases, Glut also joins as a companion in your journey to defeat Duergar. 

Wherever he is, talk to him. Glut will mention that his revenge will not be complete until Sovereign Spaw dies. He will ask your help to go to Myconid Colony and kill Sovereign Spaw. You can either refuse him or say yes.

Helping Glut

If you say yes, you must defeat Sovereign Spaw quickly. Arrange your party around him and take him out in one turn. Ignore his minions because as soon as Spaw dies, Glut will take control and stop Myconid from attacking you. The quest ends afterward, and you will receive Featherlight Boots and Winter’s Clutches as a reward from the new Myconid sovereign, Glut.

Killing Glut

Glut will turn hostile and attack you if you refuse to kill Sovereign Spaw. He is not difficult, and you can kill him easily. You can also attack and kill him before talking to him to avoid any damage in the combat later. Report this to Sovereign Spaw, who will reward you for taking down his mortal enemy.

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