How To Avenge Glut’s Circle In Baldur’s Gate 3 

As you pass through the Underdark, you'll pick up the Avenge Glut's Circle quest in Baldur's Gate 3. Here's how to do it.

You will have many opportunities in BG3 where you can help an NPC get some justice. One such quest is Avenge Glut’s Circle which takes place in the Underdark in Baldur’s Gate 3. As the name suggests, you need to help a character named Glut, who is a Myconid, avenge his circle members. Glut was a Myconid Sovereign whose circle was destroyed, and he is no longer a Sovereign.

The people responsible for this act were Duergar. These are dwarves that live in the Underdark. Glut wants you to kill Duergar for what they have done to him. He resides in Myconid Colony. You can talk to him as soon as you arrive or after you meet with the Sovereign of this colony.

Glut location in BG3 

myconid colony location in BG3

To start this quest, head to Myconid Colony in Underdark. After entering Underdark, travel north. You can also take the Myconid Colony waypoint if you have unlocked it. After reaching Myconid Colony, you need to find Glut. You can highlight him to make it easy to find him.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Avenge Glut’s Circle walkthrough

Avenge Glut’s Circle is a quest with few objectives, starting with speaking to Glut. It does not matter whether you speak with Glut before or after you have spoken to Sovereign Spaw. Glut will ask for your help in getting his revenge on the Duergar, who has destroyed his circle. The Sovereign Spaw also says the same thing for his own reason, so both objectives align.

Find the Duergar 

Duergar location in BG3

Use the Beach waypoint a little ways south of the Myconid Colony waypoint. The Duergar are at the beach; move forward to find them there. They will aggro you, and combat will begin as soon as you do.

Defeat the Duergar 

There are 4 Duergar in the area, and each has different capabilities. Thus, it can be hard to defeat them. So, to defeat Duergar easily, you need to approach them strategically. Before heading into the fight, you must know about their position in the area and their abilities.  


Out of 4, 3 of them give you the most trouble. Up north, one Duergar in the broken house is invisible and shoots explosive arrows at you. These arrows explode after coming into contact with anything, simultaneously damaging several of your allies.  

Another one is by the docks; it isn’t as troubling as the one with arrows. However, it uses invisibility which can be troubling because you never know when it will show up and attacks. The best way to detect its position is to use the camera. The camera usually points at it whenever a turn starts.  

The last one is the most troubling than anyone. It uses the necromancer ability Animate Dead. Using this ability, it can resurrect corpses from the ground which attack you. These corpses are not hard to beat, but what will trouble you the most is their number. Using Animate Dead, it can resurrect more than one corpse at a time which causes problems for you.  

It is best to go for the last one who appears in Gekh Coal scenes. Approach it from the northern side and try to defeat it in one turn. You do not want to give it even a turn, or it will use Animate Dead. It can be hard to defeat it in one turn, but it is not impossible.  

After it is taken care of, you can go to the one with the bow and then to the remaining two. 

Show the dead Duergar to Glut 

The next thing you want to do is to show Glut the dead Duergar. You can save some time and use the Myconid Colony waypoint. Fast-travel there and talk to him. In some cases, Glut also joins as a companion in your journey to defeat Duergar.  

Wherever he is, talk to him. Glut will mention that his revenge will not be complete until the Sovereign Spaw dies. He will ask your help to go to Myconid Colony and kill Sovereign Spaw. You can either refuse or say yes.  

If you say yes, you must fight all of the mushroom people of the Myconid Colony. You will lose many side quests and interactions because nobody wants Glut to become the new Sovereign of Myconid Colony.  

Glut will turn hostile and attack you if you refuse, so you need to kill him. He is not terribly difficult; you can kill him calmly.

You can also attack and kill him before talking to him to avoid any damage in later combat. The quest ends afterward, and you will receive Featherlight Boots and Ring of Fire. With that, the Avenge Glut’s Circle quest will end in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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