Baldur’s Gate 3 Help Omeluum Investigate the Parasite Quest Guide

During the side quest in BG3, a disengaged Mind Flyer Omeluum will try to help you out by preparing a potion for you. This Underdark creat...

Once you have the Mind Flayer Tadpole inside your head in Baldur’s Gate 3, it’s difficult to get rid of it. While going through the Find a Cure questline to remove the tadpole from your head, you will come across Help Omeluum Investigate the Parasite side quest in BG3.

During the side quest, a disengaged Mind Flyer Omeluum will try to help you out by preparing a potion for you. Once he prepares it, you can either drink it or not but adopting a specific condition will also reward you with a special ring.

Where to find Omeluum in BG3

To find out the Omeluum in BG3, first, you have to visit the Myconid Colony in the Ebonlake Grotto. These areas are located in the Underdark region. Once you are there, you need to find Blurg. He belongs to the Society of Brilliance and is a friend of Omeluum NPC.

Omeluum is a Mind Flayer that has been disengaged from his family. Upon telling your Mind Flayer Tadpole problem to the Blurg, he will summon his friend Omeluum there as well.

One important thing to mention here is the behavior of the Myconids. If they are friendly only then Blurg will talk and summon Omeluum otherwise he will turn hostile.

After having a short conversation with Omeluum in BG3, he will try to help you out by establishing a connection with the parasite. However, this doesn’t come free of cost. First, he asks you to find the Tongue of Madness and Timmask Spores for him so he can prepare a potion.


How to get to Mysterious Tower in BG3

Once you have talked to Omeluum in BG3, Blurg will guide you about the location where you can find the items required. Well, he will hint to you about a Cleric Lenore, and her Tower. According to Blurg, it is located in the Southwestern part of the Underdark. Once you are there, be vigilant because the entrance of the tower is guarded by the Arcane Turrets.

You can use the potion of invisibility to pass the first turret on your way. It’s better to carry on with a single member from here. Just after climbing up a couple of stairs, turn right on a path leading downside. From here start jumping on the big mushroom ledges. On your right side ahead, you will find a blue glowing tree in an area like a backyard. These are the Sussur bloom. Just approach the tree and collect them.

Once done with the collection part, turn back and enter the door on your left side in the backyard. Move straight until you find a big cylindrical structure in the middle. It’s the Power Generator. You need to power up the Arcane Tower using the Sussur Bloom and it will light up the whole building and disable the turrets.

Right above the Power Generator, you will find a lift. To reach here you have to climb up the stairs beside the generator. Just ascend using the lift and it will take you to a new floor.

Where to find Timmask mushroom spores for Omeluum in BG3

Once you have ascended using the lift, get out of it and turn to the right side. Here you will find a shelf beside a big mushroom just before a door. From the shelf, you can collect the Timmask Mushroom spores for Omeluum in BG3.

Where to find Tongue of Madness

The next item on our agenda, the Tongue of Madness, is also available on the same floor. After getting out of the lift, you need to turn to the left side. After a few steps ahead, you will find the Tongue of Madness in the dark corner.

Return to Omeluum

After collecting all the required items, you need to travel back to the Myconid Colony to meet Omeluum. Here he will prepare a potion for you and ask you to drink the entire draft without leaving a single drop. It will also involve many Wisdom and Intelligence saving throws.

Well, both conditions have their own consequences. Drinking the potion will result in growing up the parasite instead of getting cured. But to counter it, Omeluum will reward you with the Ring of Mind Shielding to limit the influence of the parasite in BG3. One thing to remember is that this will limit both the positive and negative influences of the parasite.

However, rejecting the potion made by Omeluum will not let the parasite grow. He will also release his mistake and will offer the ring for sale. In short, you can only get the ring as a reward if you go on with drinking the Omeluum potion in BG3.

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