Baldur’s Gate 3 Blighted Village Walkthrough

There are a lot of activities and quests available inside Blighted Village area of BG3. Some of these quests have a direct impact on ho.....

Blighted Village is one of the early game hostile areas in Baldur’s Gate 3. This goblin stronghold is located to the west of Emerald Grove and to the east of Goblin camp. Under the guidance of their ruthless leaders, goblins have extended their control to the east with the help of ogres.  

There are a lot of activities and quests available inside Blighted Village. Some of these quests have a direct impact on your character progression. As it is one of the very first area of the Wilderness you will come across, we don’t want you to miss out on anything. In this guide we will cover every major activity that you can do in the Blighted Village.

Blighted Village location in BG3

Blighted Village is located to the West of Druid Grove and its entrance is at (X: 125, Y: 445). It is an extremely hostile area teeming with goblins. If you want to enter the Blighted Village peacefully, we recommend that you create a Drow character. As one of the goblin leaders, Minthara, is a Drow this gives you free access pass. 

Otherwise, simply avoid confrontation and try to roll a successful persuasion whenever confronted. If you are confident in your fighting prowess, you can go ahead and kill some nasty goblins to earn some precious XP and items.

List of activities in Baldur’s Gate 3 Blighted Village

Below is a list of all the activities you can do in the Blighted Village. 

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Search the cellar

Search the cellar is a quest in BG3 that you can obtain from a broken house inside the Blighted Village. What makes this quest really enticing is the end reward. Once you find the Dark Journal inside the basement by pulling the lever, this quest will trigger automatically. Follow the instructions to open the path to the ornate mirror. 

Beat the mirror at its own game and go further down into a laboratory. Find the rusted key and use it to open a trapped locked room containing the book of Necromancy of Thay. This book can be opened by using Dark amethyst. Opening it allows you to learn a spell that helps you communicate with the dead and learn their secrets.

Solve Ornate Mirror Puzzle

Ornate Mirror puzzle is part of a large quest known as Search the Cellar. The ornate mirror is a sentient being in BG3 and is hidden below the cellar of Apothecary house in the Blighted village. Once you reach the mirror after obtaining the Dark Journal, it will ask you some questions. 

Upon asking, tell it your name and concur that you serve its master. Declare Szass Tam as a villain and part it with your medicinal knowledge by saying balsam can clean wounds. Make sure to show a disdain for the worm in your head and this will make the mirror disappear, allowing you to move one step closer to your goal.

Free the Gnome

Rescue the Gnome quest takes place in the northern part of the Blighted Village, near the windmill. There is a gnome chained to the door of the windmill and is being guarded by the goblins. You can either make friends with the goblin leader Frezzer there or kill them all. 

Once you have dealt with the goblins in one way or another, simply find a way into the windmill. Stop the windmill by either stopping or destroying its gears. Now you are all set to free the gnome of its shackles.

Deal with Auntie Ethel

Deal with Auntie Ethel quest basically starts outside of Blighted Village in BG3, but ultimately leads you to her Teahouse inside the village. Auntie Ethel is basically a hag who is manipulating a lot of people including Mayrina. It is up to you now to save Mayrina from her clutches and give her the power to revive her dead husband. 

Auntie Ethel is a very powerful early-game boss, and we strongly recommend that you follow our guide to defeat her. Her house in the Blighted Village also leads to Underdark.

Underdark Entrance location

Once you manage to defeat Auntie Ethel at her teahouse, use perception check at the fireplace. It is a fake wall and allows you to go down until you reach a waterfall. Keep going down with the help of jump ability until you see a green portal. This portal will lead you to the Underdark area of the game.

Alternatively, the well within the Blighted Village can also lead you to the Underdark if you are ready to fight the Phase Spider Matriarch.

Acquire Lump’s horn

Lump is an ogre who resides inside the Blighted Village area of BG 3 (X: 15, Y: 375). Lump can be found with two other Ogres having a feast. Once you interact with him, he will demand that you produce the mark of the Absolute. 

Roll a successful deception and then either pay him 500 gold or use persuasion to earn Lump’s horn. This item allows you to call Lump to your aid during any battle sequence. Lump and his gang do a lot of damage to enemies; however, you will need to pay an additional 500 gold to use the horn again. Lump is a true extortionist in BG3.

Finish the Masterwork weapon

Finish the Masterwork weapon quest can be obtained inside the Blighted Village. However, you can’t complete it here. To acquire this quest, get Highcliff’s Journal from a house in the Blighted Village. Once you read the journal, either use a torch or any fire spell to burn the cobweb inside the house. 

This will open a new path leading you to the Blueprint. After acquiring the blueprint, you need to obtain Sussur bark from the Underdark area of the game. You can forge one of the three following weapons after completing this quest. Sussur dagger, Sussur sickle or Sussur greatsword.

Kill or spare Buthir

There is something very embarrassing going on in a barn to the North of Blighted Village. If you decide to peek inside, you will notice Buthir (an ogress) making love to an Owlbear. They will attack you instantly leading to a bloody confrontation. 

There are only two ways to avoid this battle. Either use a Bard (make them feel okay) or a Barbarian (shame them) to avoid the confrontation. However, if any roll ends up in a failed check, be ready for the battle and take down both. 

These are all the major activities you can do in the Blighted Village area of BG3.

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