Baldur’s Gate 3 Help The Cursed Monk Guide

Help the Cursed Monk quest can be done quickly, provided you follow the mentioned procedure.

Sometimes, you will get a quest while progressing through another, and this is the case with the Help the Cursed Monk quest in BG3. To initiate this quest, you must be on the premises of Underdark Ancient Forge.

To meet the cursed monk, the first thing that you need to do is grab the Sentient Amulet. Don’t worry; I will guide you on how you can complete this quest.

Find the Sentient Amulet

If you observe the map, you may opt to leave your party members and proceed to the left side of Underdark Ancient Forge. You will find an area surrounded by lava, and you must make your way by jumping on the spaced rocks.

Proceed further until you find a partial staircase on your way, jump on it, and keep advancing and ascending the stairs.

As you reach the end of the staircase, look around and find an Adamantine Chest resting on a dark platform. To access it, you must Lockpick it and then do the specific dice rolls in Baldur’s Gate 3.

After you have done this, you will then be able to unlock the chest and see items, including one specific item named “Sentient Amulet.” As soon as you obtain it, you will trigger the quest and a cutscene in BG3.

Upon taking it in hand, your character will smile and will laugh. And you will hear the voice of another person. You will have to perform certain wisdom, religious, and other sorts of checks via the dice rolls to know more about the situation you are presented with.

Soon, a character will appear in front of you that will glow in shades of cyan. The character will brief you about his history and that of her granddaughter, Shirra Clarwen. He will instruct you to return the amulet to her granddaughter at Wyrm’s Crossing.

Finding Shirra Clarwen in Wyrm’s Crossing

To complete the second objective of the Help the Cursed Monk quest in BG3, you must make your way to the Wyrm’s Crossing.

As you follow along in the Wyrm’s Crossing, you will soon find a place called Open Hand Temple. Proceed inside the location.

After this, you have to ask the people residing in the temple about Shirra Clarwen. You will ultimately find out that she is not around anymore and that she has died.

You have to ask further about where she is buried, and you will soon find out that she lies beneath the temple. Make your way beneath the temple, and soon, you will find yourself a crypt.

Inside the crypt, you will find a couple of sarcophagi, and on the floor, you will find a large circular patch of design. You will have to examine each of the sarcophaguses.

When you have located her sarcophagus. It would be best if you then opened the lid of the sarcophagus. After you open it, you will find a body therein. However, your next task will be to insert the Sentient Amulet that you saw in the ancient dark forge.

Accepting the laughing curse or not

After you have put the amulet inside the sarcophagus, it will spawn a ghost type with the likes of the voice that you previously heard when acquiring the sentient amulet.

The ghost is named the cursed monk, and he will instruct you to bear him free of his curse in BG3. However, here, you are offered two choices: either you can agree to the cursed monk and take the curse, or refuse. The choices will lead to different possibilities that we’re going to explain now.


If you choose to accept the curse from him, this is a risky task as it will deplete your wisdom and might cause permanent repercussions, so we advise you to save first.

After saving, carry on by taking the dialogue that offers the choice to take on the curse. This cursed monk will then be freed and will latch onto you to take control of you. Here, you will have to make it past the two checkpoints to get rid of the curse successfully. Failing to resist the curse will, however, end up with the curse taking over your body.

Non Acceptance

If you wish not to take up the curse and you feel the need to challenge the cursed monk as he says he won’t let you leave until you take the curse, then you must unsheathe your sword and prepare yourself.

When you choose the dialogue that tells him that you won’t accept the curse, the cursed monk will not be in a laughing and joyful mood. He will emerge the corpses from the sarcophaguses in the crypt and will confiscate them to attack you. It would be best if you defeated the living corpses.


Whether you accept the curse or not, upon the completion of your choice, you will have completed the “Help the Cursed Monk” quest in BG3. As your reward for the quest, you will unlock Tasha’s Hideous Laughter spell.

The spell is commonly known as the laughter spell. When it is cast on your opponents, it turns them laughing and retires them to the floor.

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