Baldur’s Gate 3: True Soul Nere Boss Guide

True Soul Nere is a leader in the Cult of the Absolute in Baldur's Gate 3. You'll face him towards the end of Act 1.

True Soul Nere is a tyrant in Baldur’s Gate 3, and all the roads from the Underdark lead to him. He is the major roadblock if you want to reach the Moonrise Towers through the Grymforge.

Nere is a follower of the absolute and holds an important position in the cult. He can be dealt with in many ways. In this guide, our primary focus is defeating him in combat, which is not an easy task. Finding and fighting Nere is a time-sensitive event in Baldur’s Gate 3. We recommend that you don’t long rest multiple times once you reach Grymforge.

True Soul Nere location in Baldur’s Gate 3

True Soul is in charge of operations at Grymforge. Once you reach Grymforge, a quest-free Nere will be added to your quest log. Talking to the Gnomes and Duergar in the region, you will learn that Nere is trapped in a cave and will die of poisonous gas if he is not freed.

To find Nere, travel to the end of Grymforge to find the cave-in site. You will meet Sergeant Thrinn, who will force the slaved gnomes to free Nere. If you don’t have any explosives on your hands, find Philommen and acquire Runepowder Bomb.

Use the explosives to clear the rubble and free True Soul Nere. He will be furious with his slaves and try to kill them. You can intervene and stop him. If you decide to side with the gnomes, even passing some checks will result in a fight against Nere.


As we are here to defeat Nere, we recommend angering him to start the fight.

How to prepare for Nere fight

This is a very brutal fight because Nere’s followers are present in the area. We recommend that you find Elder Brithvar and make a deal with him. If you persuade him, Brithvar will use his followers to attack Nere. Otherwise, you will have to deal with him too.

Make sure that your party is at least level 5 to have access to some level 3 spells. Wyll with Eldritch Blast and Karlach with Barbarian Rage are must-have members. Keep a healer in your party like Shadowheart. If your main character is a sorcerer, you can swap her out with Lae’zel.

If you failed to recruit Brithvar and his goons, start the fight before freeing Nere from the cave-in. Place your team on the walkway above to avoid getting crowded by enemies. Once you clear the area of enemies, rest briefly to recover your health.

How to Kill True Soul Nere 

There are a couple of ways to kill Nere effectively. The first method is simple and an offering from the game itself. Once you talk to the Gnomes digging at the cave-in site, Baldur’s Gate 3 will start a timer. If you take two long rests, the rubble will be cleared with Nere dead.

He will die of poison gas, and you can easily loot his body to obtain the rewards. If you want to battle Nere, place your party so they are scattered away from the lava.

Place Wyll near the rubble so he can push enemies towards lava with Eldritch Blast. Before freeing the rubble, cast buffs like Haste on your party members and heal, as you won’t get a chance afterward without using action.

Our main character was an Evocation Wizard with a Fireball spell available. This spell can clear a massive area of enemies. Avoid hitting Nere with Illithid Powers, as he is immune to their reactions.


We recommend killing all the enemies first in Honor Mode. This fight is near impossible if you decide to take on everyone, including Nere, in greater difficulties. 

This is a battle of attrition. The enemies in the area hit hard and move fast. They use multiple offensive spells that can tear through your party. Use karlach and Wyll to focus on Nere. Your main task is to kill him as fast as you can.

If you killed all the enemies before, killing Nere is easy. Just aggro him with your strongest attacks, and he will be gone in one turn. Like the rest of the game, this is your playground; you can approach it however you want.

True Soul Nere rewards and loot

After you have defeated Nere in Baldur’s Gate 3, you will be rewarded with the following items:

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