Baldur’s Gate 3: Cure The Poisoned Gnome Quest Guide

There is a poisoned Gnome in Myconid colony waiting for her messiah. Will you be the one?

Cure the Poisoned Gnome is a side quest you can acquire during Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3. During this quest, you will need to save Thulla from her untimely demise by removing the Duergar poison inside her body. As this quest intertwines with other quests, completing it will earn you a special reward essential to completing another one.

How to find Thulla and start the quest

Thulla can be found in the center of the Myconid Colony. Once you enter the Underdark from the Goblin Camp by solving the Defiled Temple Moon Puzzle, Myconid Colony is the first place you will come across. Upon exploring the encampment, you will see Thulla lying in her pool of blood with a poisoned dagger in her stomach.

Once you pass an intelligence check to find Thulla is poisoned, talk to her. She will ask for your help. This will automatically the Save the Poisoned Gnome quest to your journal.

Cure the Poisoned Gnome quest walkthrough

This is a relatively easy quest to complete. There are various ways to save Thulla from poison, all of which are mentioned below in detail.

  • If you have an antidote or antitoxins on your hands, you can give it to Thulla to save her. 
  • The other method involves using a spell that can cure ailments, including poison. The Lesser Restoration spell is a good choice so early into the game. Shadowheart or any cleric in your party can use this spell by default and cure the poisoned gnome in Baldur’s Gate 3.
  • If you don’t have any curing spells or antidotes, you can travel to the Southwest region of the Underdark and find a Duergar intruder, Gekh Coal. We recommend that you kill him as he has an antidote for Duergar poison in his possession.

Thulla won’t die fast, so we recommend taking the third option even if you already have an antitoxin or a curing spell. However, if you come here after completing Grymforge, Thulla will be turned into a Spore Servant, and you can no longer cure her.


Once Thulla is saved, she will offer you Boots of Speed as a reward. These boots are extremely important to complete the Find the Missing Boots side quests and earn the favor of a future ally.


You can steal the boots from Thulla while she is being poisoned and can leave her to die. But this will fail her quest and further story interactions.

Thulla will leave to save her family and ask you to join her. You can accept her offer to continue her questline later in the game.

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