Kill Dream Visitor Or Turn Against Vlaakith In Baldur’s Gate 3

In BG3 you come across a very difficult choice, whether to side with the dream visitor or kill them on the orders of Vlaakith.

Upon recruiting Shadowheart, you will notice she is carrying a unique item. That item allows you to communicate with the dream visitor in your camp. To find the truth about the artifact and the dream visitor, travel to the Githyanki stronghold and talk to their queen, Vlaakith, in BG3. 

Like the other scenarios, Baldur’s Gate 3 will test you again by giving you options with each step you take. During the sequence, you will encounter a very difficult choice, whether to side with the dream visitor or kill them. We will tell you the consequences of your choices, but the final decision is yours, as always.

Side with dream visitor or Vlaakith in BG3

Upon discovering the strange artifact, Lae’zel offers to take the party to her hometown. Make your way to Creche to meet Githyanki queen, Vlaakith, as she can help you solve the mystery of Shadowheart’s artifact.

Upon reaching Creche, you can either stay or leave the area. However, if you decide to turn back at this point, all Githyanki turns against you, including Lae’zel. She becomes hostile towards the whole party and sides with her people. The only way to survive this encounter is by killing her and losing Lae’zel for good. We recommend staying and listening to the queen. 

Follow Lae’zel and bow before the queen to earn her approval. If you refuse to do that, it will make Lae’zel think negatively of you, hurting your chances to romance her.

Should you enter the astral world or not?

Vlaakith will ask you to enter a portal where you can meet the Dream Visitor in BG3. She will ask you to kill the dream visitor in the astral plane. At this point, you can back out of entering the astral plain with a simple rejection. However, this all comes at the cost of you angering the Githyanki tribe and Lae’zel. They will attack and kill you on the spot. 

In the end, it is not worth it, as you will miss out on some special revelations and lose Lae’zel for good. We recommend jumping into the portal to reach the astral plane and meet with the dream visitor.

Kill or spare the dream visitor in BG3?

We have a very definite answer to this question. Spare the dream visitor as they are the guardian you created earlier in the game. Unlike the rest of our guides, where we implore players to make their own decisions, we want you to trust us. Killing the dream visitor has no advantage, and Vlaakith will betray you. Dream Visitor doesn’t stay dead, as they are magical creature, and expresses their disappointment in your actions.

In this way, you will also lose your guardian’s trust, becoming a mind flayer and achieving a bad ending. However, if you spare the dream visitor, they will tell you more about illithid parasite and Vlaakith’s plans. Spare their life and return to Creche. Communicate telepathically with Lae’zel and let her know everything. 

When Queen Vlaakith attacks you for betraying her, Lae’zel will play an important role in your escape. She remains loyal to the party and kills many of her people to pave the way for your escape. This is not an easy fight, and we recommend you prepare aptly before starting this sequence. However, following our guide will result in a win-win situation for you.

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