Baldur’s Gate 3 Soul Coins Locations And Uses

There are only 4 soul coins available in BG3. Soul Coin is an important story item in Baldur’s Gate 3 that can only be consumed by Karlach.

Soul Coin is an important story item in Baldur’s Gate 3 that can be consumed by Karlach. Out of all the mystery items in the game, there used to be the most confusion regarding these elusive coins. Soul Coins are extremely rare and can only be obtained via careful exploration. This item of legend is supposed to be crafted in Avernus and can only be used to power infernal engines. This all seems a bit confusing for now. But worry not, you will learn all about those coins with embedded human souls in our guide below.

Where to find Soul Coins in Baldur’s Gate 3

There are only 4 soul coins available in BG3, at least as far as we have discovered. 3 out of 4 can only be found as a loot from two specific places, while the fourth can be obtained by saving a particular NPC and then deceiving them into handing over their precious possession.

Soul Coin # 1 – Nadira

The first soul coin in BG3 can be obtained from a Tiefling NPC called Nadira. She is present on a cliff’s edge in Silvanus Grove (X: 244, Y: 447), which is in the eastern part of Druid Grove. Upon approaching her, she is attacked by a bugbear assassin. There are multiple ways to obtain Nadira’s soul coin. Let the assassin kill her and then loot her body or simply pickpocket her. 

However, if you want to save Nadira and continue her storyline, kill the bugbear assassin and save her. She won’t be willing to part with her precious treasure, the soul coin. Simply roll deception to rob her of the coin. Or you can obtain Nadira’s soul coin in BG3 by rolling intimidation or persuasion if everything else fails.

Soul Coin # 2 – Blighted Village

The next soul coin in BG3 can be looted from a treasure box inside the Blighted Village. This is also the place where you can find and recruit Karlach for your party. There are two treasure chests in Blighted Village. Check the one to the west of the fast travel point to find the second soul coin.

Soul Coin # 3 – Dank Crypt

The third soul coin of BG3 can be found inside Dank Crypt. From the area where you meet Shadowheart for the first time, go through the door. Interact with the object on the floor, near a sarcophagus to the left of the room (X: -303, Y: -331) to obtain the next soul coin.


Soul Coin # 4 – Dank Crypt

The final soul coin in BG3 is also available in Dank Crypt. This area is extremely dark, and we recommend that you keep items handy to light it up. In the room with Book of the Dead Gods, search another sarcophagus (X: -322, Y: -272) to obtain the final soul coin of the game.

How to use Soul Coins in Baldur’s Gate 3

Soul Coins in BG3 can only be used by Karlach, once you have recruited her. According to their in-game description, soul coins power infernal engines. Apparently, Karlach’s heart is an infernal engine, and she can use these items to gain some good passive buffs. 

Transfer soul coins to Karlach’s inventory, right-click on them, and select “Consume (Karlach)” option. Each coin can be used a maximum of three times before it disappears completely.

Consuming a Soul Coin once in BG3 grants Infernal Fury to Karlach. This is a passive buff that increases her attack power and grants her fire damage with melee attacks once her Hp drops below 25%. However, this buff disappears if you select to rest. 

Being an item that can enhance your party member’s strength always comes in handy. For this reason alone, we recommend finding Soul Coins in BG3 as early as possible.

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