Baldur’s Gate 3: Soul Coin Locations And Uses 

The hellish currency of Baldur's Gate 3 can empower our favorite devil from Avernus.

Soul Coin is a misc item you can find across Acts 1 to 3 in Baldur’s Gate 3. Round and pointy across the edges, this strange coin is used as currency in Avernus, and a few pieces have made their way to Baldur’s Gate. While Karlach can use this item to gain an additional powerful buff, the game does a very poor job of explaining its uses.

You will most likely encounter your first few soul coins before recruiting Karlach and much longer before you realize she has an Infernal engine for a heart. Many players will be inclined to sell it. However, hold on to this precious item while we help you locate the rest and explain how to use it.

Soul Coin Locations in Baldur’s Gate 3

At least 19 soul coins are available in Baldur’s Gate 3. While we will not cover them by Act, we will mention their detailed locations for your convenience.

Soul coin from Nadira (Act 1)

The first soul coin can be obtained from a Tiefling NPC named Nadira. She is located on a cliff’s edge in Silvanus Grove (X: 244, Y: 447), in the eastern part of Druid Grove. Upon approaching her, a bugbear assassin attacks her. There are multiple ways to obtain Nadira’s soul coin: Let the assassin kill her and then loot her body, or simply pickpocket her.

However, if you want to save Nadira and continue her storyline, kill the bugbear assassin and save her. She won’t be willing to part with her precious soul coin, so roll deception to rob her of it. You can obtain Nadira’s soul coin by intimidation or persuasion if everything else fails.

Soul Coin from Toll House on Risen Road (Act 1)

The second soul coin can be obtained from the Toll House, where you first met Anders and his band of fake Harpers. This is also where you get the Hunt the Devil side quest, leading you to Karlach.

Go to the balcony on the top floor, and you will find the soul coin lying there.

Three Soul Coins from the Dank Crypt (Act 1)

The third soul coin can be found inside the Dank Crypt. From the area where you meet Shadowheart for the first time, go through the ancient door to enter the Dank Crypt. To obtain the next soul coin, interact with the object on the floor near a sarcophagus to the room’s left (X: -303, Y: -331).

The fourth soul coin is also available in Dank Crypt. In the room with the Book of the Dead Gods (west area of Jergal statue), search for another sarcophagus (X: -322, Y: -272) to obtain the next soul coin of the game.

The fifth and final soul coin of Act 1 can be looted from Withers’s sarcophagus. Once you wake up Withers and he leaves the area to join your camp, interact with his resting place to obtain the fifth soul coin. 

Three Soul Coins from the Moonrise Towers (Act 2) 

If you enter the Moonrise Towers posing as a true Soul and don’t turn the whole area violent, you can trade with Lann Tarv. He is a bugbear merchant who you can find on the ground floor. He has three soul coins that you can purchase.

If you have Karlach with you, you can get soul coins from Lann Tarv for free after listening to his stories about those coins.

 Soul Coin from Reithwin Tollhouse (Act 2)

The next and final soul coin of Act 2 can be obtained from the basement of the Tollhouse. Here, you meet and defeat Gerringothe Thorm to gain access to the Moonrise Towers. The soul coin is on a table behind a secret wall (X: 300, Y: -715).

However, finding this coin is not that simple. First, you must find locked heavy oak doors south of the Tollhouse entrance. Once you enter the room, pass a perception check to find a button. This will remove a bookshelf and give you access to a hidden basement. You can’t reach this area directly from the Tollhouse.

Three Soul Coins from Peartree House (Act 3)

During the Investigate the Murders quest, you will encounter a victim’s house, Peartree, in the Lower City. You can loot one soul coin from the mailbox (X: 30, Y: -95) outside his house and two from the strongbox in his basement by finding and going through a locked hatch.

Five Soul Coins from House of Hope (Act 3) 

Once you reach Sharess Caress and meet Raphael, you will have the opportunity to enter his home. Meet Helsik and solve her ritual puzzle to enter the House of Hope.

Deal with Harleep inside Raphael’s chamber to obtain a key to Raphael’s safe. It is hidden behind his huge portrait. Unlock it to obtain five more soul coins. You can’t expect anything less from the king of devils.

Soul Coin from Philgrave’s Mansion (Act 3) 

The next soul coin can be obtained from the ground floor of Philgrave’s Mansion. Mystic Carrion’s quest to find his servant Thrumbo will take you to this location.

There is a stone door on the west side of the house that you can find and lockpick to enter as there is no other entrance. There is a room on the east from where you can loot the soul coin from a pile of viscera.

Soul Coin from Nortale’s Hostel (Act 3)

The final soul coin can be obtained from a rustic chest (X: 90, Y: -55) on the first floor of Nortale’s Hostel in the Lower City, west of the Basilisk Gate waypoint.

How to use Soul Coins in Baldur’s Gate 3

Soul Coins can only be used by Karlach, once you have recruited her. According to their in-game description, soul coins power infernal engines. Karlach’s heart is an infernal engine; she can use these items to gain some good passive buffs. Transfer soul coins to Karlach’s inventory, right-click on them, and select the “Consume (Karlach)” option.


Karlach is the only person who can use Soul Coins. If you fail to recruit her, the only option left is to sell them to a merchant.

Consuming a Soul Coin once in Baldur’s Gate 3 grants Infernal Fury to Karlach. This passive buff allows Karlach to deal with additional 1d4 fire damage with melee attacks when she is raging, or her health drops below 25%. This buff remains active until the next long rest.

Soul Coins are always handy because they can enhance your party member’s strength. For this reason alone, we recommend finding Soul Coins in Baldur’s Gate 3 as early as possible and using them cautiously due to their limited availability.


You can always purchase more soul coins from merchants by using the “More Soul Coins” mod from NexusMods.

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