How To Free The Artist In Baldur’s Gate 3

Free The Artist in Baldur's Gate 3 is a unique quest depending on your choices. In this you will be helping Oskar in the Act 1 and 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has an intricate storyline, reflected in the quests you will encounter. Each dialogue decision will change the outcome of the pursuit. This is especially true for the Free The Artist quest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Free The Artist is a unique quest depending on your choices. You will find this in the first Act. If everything goes right, you will also encounter this quest in the Third Act. It takes a lot of money to complete the first Act of the Free the Artist quest in BG3. That’s why we have gone through the reason behind buying the Oskar Fevras.

Other than that, your rewards also differ depending on your dialogue choices. We will now see how to find this quest and complete it in BG3.

Free the Artist quest location in BG3

Free the Artist quest can be found in Zhentarim Basement. To get to the Zhentarim Basement, you must find the Waukeen’s Rest waypoint. From here, you must move north by taking the path to the right and dragging into the town’s square.

Here, you will need to move to the path to the left of the square and move to the small house at the end of the path. The house is indicated on the map above. This house will be blocked by boxes you must remove to move in.

Here you will find a crouched man who will get startled when he sees you. You have to run a Dextrity check of 10, then either a persuasion check or an intimidation check to get the key from him. This key will open the hatch at the end of the house to Zhentarim’s basement in Baldur’s Gate 3.


It would be best if you moved to the northwestern end of the hall towards a wardrobe. You can interact with it with the key to open a set of hidden stairs to move toward the Zhentarim Hideout.

You will find a soldier in the hideout on the gates next to the Zhentarim Hideout waypoint. She will ask you to go back. You can use another persuasion check to persuade her to let you enter.

In the hideout, you will find the artist and his master in BG3. Here is where the quest starts.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Free the Artist walkthrough

When you have located the Zhentarim hideout, you can move through the main gate and towards the main hall of the hideout. Here you will find a few people you can interact with.

Free Oskar

There are many ways you can free Oskar. One way is through diplomacy. Amongst the people moving about, you will find a person named Oskar. He will quickly recognize you as not related to the Zhentarims. Oskar will ask you to set him free by talking to his patron named Brem in BG3. He adds that his real patron will cover all your dues and troubles if you help him.

Now you can go and talk to Brem. When you ask about Oskar, he will ask for 1000 coins for his freedom. You can give him the 1000 coins or haggle by using either persuasion or intimidation to bring the price down to 600 coins.

This is, however, a lot of money, even if you give this money to free the Artist, Oskar, in Baldur’s Gate 3. You will find out that you will not get this money back quickly. Therefore, you should use the second or third option to free him.

You can also directly talk to Brem without meeting with Oskar and choose the first option about a pet artist. Depending on your intimidation or persuasion stats, you can select the second or third option in the next dialogue. This will enable Brem to hand Oskar to you without charging any money in BG3.

Finally, if you want to take the violent approach of freeing Oskar, you can kill all the Zhents in the hideout, including Brem. This will automatically set Oskar free, and you can later talk to him.

Talk to Oskar

When you have paid Brem, you can talk to Oskar. He will tell you why he was captured and how to repay you. He says he was engaged to Lady Jannath but fell in love with another woman. This enraged Lady Jannath, and after a few quarrels, he ran to the countryside to clear his head.

Now he plans to go back and marry Lady Jannath at Baldur’s Gate and settle all the differences. He asks that when we meet again, he will repay his debt to you. Finally, he will ask you to spare a few coins for the road. You can either hand him 200 coins or tell him you have none.

You can also assert your dominance and tell him that you own him. This will enrage him, and he will run off. In each case, he will return to Baldur’s gate, and you can look for him there. This is where the Free the Artist quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 is completed for Act 1.

Look for Oskar in Baldur’s Gate

Look for Oskar in Baldur’s Gate when you have this final quest. He can be found in Lady Jannath’s mansion, but before you go there, you must complete the Find Mystic Carrion’s Servant side quest or kill him.

When the quest is completed, you will be rewarded with the Torch of Revocation, which will be helpful later in the Free the Artist quest in BG3.

Now you must move toward Lady Jannath’s mansion to find Oskar there. You will find her butler at the door, asking you to return later because she will not see any visitors. You can insist by choosing the option “I need to enter. I have business with Oskar.” You will now be granted access to enter the mansion.

Look for Lady Jannath in the mansion

When you enter the mansion, you will find that everything is floating in the air, and things are fastly moving towards you to deal damage to you. You will need to find Lady Jannath in Baldur’s Gate 3. She will be on the second floor in her room. There will also be a lot of Poltergeists here who will deal damage and become invisible. You can use the See invisible potion or your perception to uncover them.

To get there, take the right stairs up and open the door to the right. Move through the hall and up the stairs. Open the entrance to the left and then the north, where she will be in the large room with Oskar.

Here, Oskar is possessed and cursing his wife, Lady Jannath. She will ask you to subdue him so that he can be cured. Here you will need to use BG3 non-lethal attacks on him. There will also be some Poltergeists around here, which you must defeat.

Talk to Lady Jannath

After the fight, Lady Jannath will thank you and tell you that after the marriage, he had lost his appetite and was obsessed with painting. It was like he was possessed by something. The house, too, was kept, and things started to move around.

Finally, she tells you that he spent a lot of time in the Atelier on the top floor of the mansion, and the Atelier had a strong energy that bars anyone from going in there. You will need to go and find what is in there which has caused such a problem.

Find the Torch of Revocation

The next objective is to find the Torch of Revocation in Baldur’s Gate 3. This is because you have found Oskar on the list of Mystic Carrion’s clients. He might possess him, and you must find the Torch of Revocation by completing his side quest.

If you already have it, you only need to throw it out of your inventory and pick it up again. This will complete the objective.

Destroy the portrait in the Jannath Estate

When you have the Torch of Revocation in possession, you will now be tasked to destroy the portrait that Oskar was making. This portrait will be in the Atelier on the topmost floor of the house. You will now have to make your way up.

On your way, you will find a lot of Poltergeist in Baldur’s Gate 3, which will attack you. Like before, they will become invisible, but they don’t have much health, and a few hits are enough to defeat them. Here AoE attacks will significantly help because their invisibility spells can easily be tackled.

When you have made your way up the mansion’s top floor, you will find a wooden wall that will be enchanted to be more challenging than usual. You will need to destroy it to see the portrait. When the wall is destroyed, you can find and destroy the portrait. There will be another painting before the wall, but the enchanted one is behind it.

Confront the Spirit of Kerri Evenfield

After destroying the portrait, the spirit trapped in it will be freed. This spirit’s name is Kerri Evenfield. She will go and find Oskar. You must go back to Lady Jannath’s room and speak to her.

When you reach the room, the spirit will be furious at Oskar, and she wants him to die and join her in the spirit world. You will have to persuade her to stop this and let him go and leave this plane. This will make Oskar return to his Atelier and reward you in Baldur’s Gate 3.

You can also defeat Kerri Evenfield, but Lady Jannath will not forgive Oskar for his action. Nonetheless, you can still ask Oskar about the reward, as promised. Finally, after you have defeated Kerri Evenfield, you can persuade Lady Jannath to forgive Oskar. Later you can ask him for the reward.

Meet with Oskar and ask about the reward

You can return to the Atelier when he is freed from the spirit. He will be there as well. He will tell you that the portrait is nearly ready and needs a few final touches.

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