How To Rescue Sazza In Baldur’s Gate 3

Sazza is a female war goblin in Baldur's Gate 3 who attacked the encampment at the Grove, but her party failed.

Sazza is a female war goblin who attacked the encampment at the Grove, but her party failed, and all the goblins were killed except her in Baldur’s Gate 3. The Tiefling, however, took her as a prisoner in their camp, so you will have to take the quest Save the Goblin Sazza in BG3 to save her and learn the whereabouts of the Priestess.

This is a fairly straightforward quest that will require you to bring along those party members who have deception, Intimidation, or Persuasion so that you can work your way through the passage and avoid fights. This way, you can escort Sazza safely through the back of the Grove encampment in BG3.

After that, you can venture to Baldur’s Gate 3 goblin camp next to meet with the Priestess, who seems to be commanding a war band to attack the Grove. So read on, as we have prepared all the details to help you complete this quest to Free and Rescue Sazza in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Sazza location in BG3

To find the whereabouts of the female goblin Sazza, you need to make your way through the encampment set in Emerald Grove. So once you reach the place marked on the map, you will find a body there. It turns out it will be the gatekeeper who got killed during the goblin attack, and you will also find the gatekeeper’s sister, Arka, who will go into a frenzy.

She will then run towards the exact location where they are keeping Sazza, so follow her to reach the goblin in Baldurs Gate 3. As it turns out, you will see a prison cell ahead with Sazza in it. After this, a cutscene will play in which another NPC will try to persuade Arka to kill Sazza. 

Baldur’s Gate 3 Save The Goblin Sazza walkthrough

So you can select the second option and step in between them to prevent her from killing Sazza. Then you can go with the first option (Persuasion DC 10) to stop her from killing Sazza. Once you can do that, Arka will leave you with Sazza so you can now communicate with her.


If you aren’t successful, you will have to fight Arka and the guard there and kill them both, after which you can go to Sazza’s cage in BG3. Interact with this specific goblin prisoner; this way, you will learn her tribe is coming and bringing war for the Goddess Absolute.

So you can learn from her tribe about this Priestess (healer), but you need to free Sazza and then take her safely back to her camp. So you can open the lock on her cage using the Knock Spell or try to lockpick it in BG3.

Escort Sazza through the secret passage

After successfully freeing Sazza, tell her to follow you as you escape through the backside. There will be a way present at the back side of the cage, so jump towards it.

Your perception will reveal a hidden door so one of your party members can pass the Perception Check in BG3. This way, you would gain access to an obscure Stone Door there. So go through this door, and in doing so, you will leave the encampment safely with Sazza and enter the Underground passage.

Keep Sazza safe from enemies

Along the way, you with encounter traps there, in the form of guardian statues. These will shoot ranged attacks like fireballs at you, so avoid these and keep Sazza safe, as she will already be low on health.

You must because if Sazza dies, you will lose your association with her in BG3. Bring those party members who have Deception, Intimidation, or Persuasion so that you can work your way through the passage and avoid fights.

Moreover, it would be best to be wary of the goblins lurking in that area so you can persuade or fight them. As they can also attack you, kill them all in Baldur’s Gate 3 and proceed. You can also use the Prayer of Healing to heal everyone in the group, including Sazza.

Follow the path north and then turn right towards the opening. You will also encounter an unconscious NPC along the way named Findal. So heal him to communicate with him.

Finally, you can exit the Underground passage, and then you can inquire about the Priestess. Sazza will say she will put up a good word for us and meet us back at her goblin camp in BG3.

Go to the Goblin camp

At the Goblin camp, Sazza will inform the gatekeep about how you free her, and then you can follow Sazza through the camp and make your way to Large Door.

So after entering the Shattered Sanctum, you can enter the other door and find another angry female goblin there. There will be some conversation, and then you can go straight and take the stair on the right side in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Then go right and turn left until you all finally reach Mistress. Sazza will introduce you to her, to which she will identify you as one of the Absolute’s favorites and a True Soul in BG3.

She will state her displeasure to Sazza and threaten her with her life. So now the Mistress will offer you to aid them in slaughtering the Grove. So you can choose to help her and then select the option to take care of another matter.

This way, you will have completed the quest Save the Goblin Sazza in Baldur’s Gate 3. You will receive the Assassin’s Touch (Dagger) as a reward for completing this quest.

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