How To Save Barcus Wroot In Baldur’s Gate 3

In order to save Barcus Wroot in BG3, you need to let Zanner Toobin explain his case there and side with him. Wulbren would decide to....

Barcus Wroot is one of the allies that can be recruited in the quest “Gather Your Allies”. He appears in several quests and this Gnome is most of the time trapped and needs rescuing. This guide will help you work out how to save Barcus Wroot in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Barcus Wroot appears in a side quest called “Rescue the Gnome” in Act 1 when you reach the Blighted Village. You’ll discover that he has been captured by the Goblins and is tied to a windmill and even if you force all the Goblins to leave, you’re stuck there to make him free.

How to save Barcus Wroot in BG3

When you approach Barcus Wroot, the first thing you need to do is deal with the Goblins surrounding him and for that, you would need to talk to Frezzerk their leader. There are three approaches that you can take here: Persuasion, Intimidation, and Deception or there’s a fourth choice to just flat-out fight with them and kill Frezzerk which would cause the other Goblins to flee. Either way, the main objective here is to remove the Goblins from the premises and save Barcus Wroot in BG3.  

Once you’ve dealt with the Goblins and they’re all gone, the next step to secure Barcus Wroot is to release him from the windmill.

A side of the Windmill is crushed so if you move around it, you’ll find an opening, and you’ll discover that there are two levers there. If you use the brake lever, the windmill will stop (There is also a lever that would speed it up and instead kill Barcus Wroot). Once you’re done, you’ll free Barcus Wroot in BG3.

However – if you manage to save Barcus Wroot here, he’ll get stuck in another story quest called Grymforge Gnomes in Act 1.


Grymforge Gnomes

Players need to keep in mind that this quest has a time limit which may cause complications. The quest is bound to fail if you don’t save the Gnomes in Gymforge. First, you need to initiate the quest. To do that you need you need to return Sergeant Thrinn’s boots which lead you to Grymforge.

You’ll meet our friend Barcus Wroot there – though as much as he’d love to talk to you, he and other Gnomes have become enslaved. Thus, you would need to save him here once again. Play through the quest within time limit and save all the Gnomes and you’ll once again save Barcus Wroot in BG3.

Save the Gondians

In Act 3 when you visit the Angleiron’s Cellar, if you have followed all our steps, you can save Barcus Wroot here once again. He shares that Wulbrin Bongle is planning something and requests your help. When you talk to Wulbrin, he’ll explain that he has a plan to defeat the Steel Watch. He devises the plan to hit the foundry with a bomb and gives you runepowder bomb. The quest would be initiated, and you’ll have to go to the Iron Throne. Barcus however asks you to give them a chance, to plead their case. It’s best to side with Barcus in this case.

Once you reach the Iron Throne, Gortash recognizes and finds out that you plan to attack it. He gives you a warning, but you should attack the throne anyway. You must save all the Gondians from the prison during the attack since the region is bound to explode.

One of the Gnomes would explain that they were held as hostages there and turned into slaves. That’s when you help the foundry workers rebel and begin a mutiny. Once you’ve blown up the Foundry, you’ll meet with Wulbren outside.

In order to save Barcus Wroot in BG3, you need to let Zanner Toobin explain his case there. Wulbren would decide to attack the Gondians however Barcus would show up to defend them. You’ll have to choose once again to side with the Gondians and protect them from Wulbren. You could also use the Persuasion skill check to overthrow Wulbren and make Barcus the leader of the Ironhand Gnomes.

And that’s it. You’ve gained a great friend and an ally who’ll stand up for you when you need it.

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